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May 8, 2006

Volume 7, #39

YOUR MOVE: Beautiful By Any Name; Wonderful Joey; Where In The World Is Mission San Jose?
ATTACHED GAME: 2006.05.08 Lee-Gu CSK Cup.sgf

YI ZHANG WINS HARTFORD TOURNEY: Yi Zhang 5d took first place in the April 29 CCC 2006 Spring Go Tournament in Hartford, CT, with 19 players participating. Winner's Report: Section A: 1st: Yi Zhang 5d; 2nd (tie): Charles Robbins 4d & John Stephenson 4d; Section B: 1st: Charles Sutton 6k; 2nd: Matt Bengtson 3k; 3rd: Earl Schulz 7k; Section C: 1st: Terri Schurtz 12k; 2nd (tie): Jon Hilt 12k & Charles Merlis 12k; Junior section: 1st: Allen Haugh 40k; 2nd: Daniel Haugh 19k; 3rd: YuYu Tian 17k

LEPINSKIE TOPS EMBRY-RIDDLE: Drew Lepinskie 6k (KGS) took top honors in the April 20 Embry-Riddle Go Tournament, winning first place in Division A. Daniel Sosnoski 1d came in second; Daniel Carata 13k won Division B and Bart Lipofsky 14k took second. Andrew Kreshock directed, with 15 players participating.

RUI XIE BEST IN HOUSTON: Rui Xie won first place in the April 22-23 Houston Spring Go Tournament. John Eckelkamp directed. Winner's Report: Adult Section: 1st: Xie, Rui; 2nd: Gai, Hongwei; 3rd: Eisenbarth, Marc. Youth Section: 1st: Lee, Florian; 2nd: Stewert, Clayton; 3rd: Beck, Gregory; 4th: Beck, Steven; 5th: Deavers, Andrew.
SECOND GO CLUB OPENS IN ANCHORAGE: The new Anchorage Baduk Club (ABC) officially opened last Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska. The club will be open seven days a week and features resident professional Tong-kyu Yi, 8 Dan. Located at 404 East Fireweed Lane, Suite 105, the club's phone has not yet been installed but inquiries may be directed to ABC President Jong Ok Han at 907-274-2136. "The Anchorage Baduk Club is an initiative sponsored jointly by the Korean community of Anchorage and the Anchorage Go Club," reports local organizer Robert E. Stoller. The Anchorage Go Club, a chapter of the American Go Association, continues to meet on Thursday evenings at 7P at the Anchorage Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

THIRD IWAMOTO TOURNAMENT ON KGS: The third annual Iwamoto Tournament will take place on KGS during the months of May - July and starts May 14. Register for free at  "The KGS Iwamoto Tournament brings together players from all over the world in a celebration of the work and legacy of the great sensei Iwamoto Kaoru," say organizers. More than 300 players participated last year.

GO CONGRESS ANNOUNCES SPONSOR, CARPOOL CONTEST: The Kuroki Goishi Company has signed on as a sponsor of the 2006 United States Open Go Tournament, reports tournament organizer Paul Celmer. Celmer also announced a carpool contest in which Congress participants can ride together to the Congress and get a chance to win valuable coupons for free meal plans - which include 21 meals, including the Saturday banquet -- at the Congress.
       "The Kuroki Goishi Company is providing two sets of traditional slate and clamshell go stones and 100 go stone keyholders, which will be awarded to Congress participants as awards," Celmer tells the EJ. Kuroki Goishi, of Hyuga City, Miyazaki Perfecture, Japan, has been manufacturing high-quality traditional and contemporary Japanese style go equipment since 1917; their on-line shop features manufacturer-direct whole sale prices, monthly "best buys", and rare items for collectors at  
       To enter the carpool contest, one person from the carpool must send an email of intent to enter the contest by June 10th. The email should include the names of at least two adult registered players (age 18 and over) and the place of origin, and "Congress Carpool Contest" in the subject line. Winners will be picked at random from the pool of entrant emails. Only one coupon for a free meal plan will be awarded per car (the organizer of the ride will be responsible for dividing the winnings). Winners will be announced June 15th and must attend the Congress to be awarded the coupon. North Carolina residents are not eligible; total distance traveled must be over 100 miles. "Carpool" is defined as traveling via private wheeled vehicle with at least two adult registered players from your home to the congress. If air travel is part of your trip, the trip can not be considered a carpool. A total of three coupons for complete free meal plans will be awarded. "People are already looking for rides!" says Celmer. Check the Congress ride board at:  Send emails to The 2006 U.S. Go Congress from August 12-20, 2006 at Black Mountain, North Carolina. For more information on the U.S. Open and the 2006 U.S. Go Congress, visit the American Go Association's website at and click on the link to the 2006 U.S. Go Congress.

T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST AT EAST COAT GO CAMP: The designer of the winning t-shirt design for this year's East Coast Go Camp will receive an additional $50 off this year's Go Camp and a copy of Michael Redmond's book, "Attack and Defense," reports organizer David Dinhofer. The design must be go-related; size is 8"x8"; please submit in jpeg format by May 31 to All designs become the property of the East Coast Go Camp and will not be returned; by submitting designs, you agree to allow the East Coast Go Camp to use them for promotional purposes.

CHINESE AGAIN UPSET KOREANS IN CSK ASIAN CUP: In the latest sign of a historic shift in international go, the Chinese team has won the CSK Asian Cup for the second time, besting the once dominant Koreans. Thus far in 2006, Korean players have not won a single international tournament. Yoda Norimoto 9P of Japan ended Korean dominance of the Nongshim Cup team event by defeating Lee Changho 9P in February, and Chinese players have won all the rest, including the LG Cup (Gu Li 9P), the Samsung Cup (Luo Xihe 9P), the Jeongganjang Cup (a women's team event) and now the CSK Asian Cup. This event involves teams of five members each from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (called Chinese Taipei in this context). The Taiwanese can compete in such a tournament because of the inclusion of native Taiwanese who are members of the Nihon Kiin, including Cho U 9P, O Meien 9P, O Rissei 9P, and Han Zenki 7P. The fifth member of the Taiwan team was Chen Seuyen 5P, who resides in Korea. The Koreans won the CSK last year and went all out this year, sending their top players: Lee Changho 9P, Lee Sedol 9P, Choi Cheolhan 9P, Park Yeonghun 9P, and Ko Keuntai 5P. The first four are the top four players in Korea currently and Ko recently won the Korean Chunwon Cup. In the first round, although Yoda beat Lee Changho again, the Koreans dominated the Japanese 4-1, while the Chinese squeaked by Taiwan 3-2. In the second round, the Koreans dominated the Taiwanese, 4-1, with only Cho U winning for Taiwan, while the Chinese trounced the Japanese 4-1. The Chinese then defeated the Koreans 3-2 in round three to win the title for the second consecutive year. Gu Li's victory in his third round game against Lee Sedol involved a complicated capturing race. We have attached an SGF file of that game for your enjoyment, courtesy of the site.

CHO SEOK-BIN WINS TOYOTA-IGS-PANDANET EURO GO TOUR: Cho Seok-Bin 7d has won the Toyota-IGS-Pandanet Euro Go Tour. A Korean living in Germany, Cho Seok-Bin took top honors in the sixth annual tour, which involves twelve tournaments around Europe during a twelve month period, concluding with the Paris Open each Spring. Top players gain points in each of the tournaments; full details can be found at  Sponsors Toyota and IGS-Pandanet contribute a prize fund of about $25,000 US, with the overall winner receiving 1500 Euros (about $1800 US), in addition to prizes won in the individual tournaments. Ondrej Silt 6d of Czechia was second for the second year in a row. Others top winners were Radek Nechanicky 6d of Russia, Hwang In-Seong 7d, another Korean living in Germany, Cornel Burzo 6d of Romania, Vladimir Danek 6d of Czechia, Jan Hora 5d of Czechia, Catalin Taranu 5P of Romania, Csaba Mero 6d of Hungary, and Fan Hui, a Chinese player living in France. The first event of the 7th Tour was the tournament in Bled, Slovenia, at the end of April that was topped by two Hungarian 6-dans, Csaba Mero and Pal Balogh.

SMARTGO 2.1 RELEASED: The latest release of SmartGo "doesn't just give you more professional games (now 37,628), it gives you easy ways to benefit and learn from those games," reports Anders Kierulf. For example, "Just type 'seigen kitani 1933', and SmartGo instantly shows you 11 games that Go Seigen played against Kitani Minoru in 1933. Finding a particular game is a snap." Also in SmartGo 2.1: arbitrary pattern matching in which you can match any pattern along the edge or in the center of the board. "Use it to explore professional responses to monkey jumps, crosscuts, or invasions," Kierulf suggests. "or learn how to handle a particular pattern from your own game." Download SmartGo today from and try it free for 15 days.

YOUR MOVE: Readers Write

BEAUTIFUL BY ANY NAME: "I am not sure where Mount Rainer is (Discounts & Volcanos At Youth Camps, 4/28 EJ)," writes Sal Gionfriddo, "but Mount Rainier is beautiful." Good catch, Sal: find out more about both youth go camps (including the one within sight of Mount Rainier) at

WONDERFUL JOEY: "Just a little more feedback about Joey Hung's game commentaries," writes Richard Moseson, "they're wonderful!"

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MISSION SAN JOSE? "In the report that 'Mission San Jose defended its CA HS title' (4/24 EJ), the author never identified which school that is," writes Aaron Cammarata. "Is it the one in Fremont? Is more information about that tournament or article available online somewhere?" Mission San Jose HS, which won 1st place in the California High School Goe Tournament is both 2005 and 2006, is indeed in Fremont, CA; get more details on the tournament at


May 20: Arlington, VA
May Madness Tournament
Allan Abramson 703-684-7676

May 20: Des Moines, IA
All-Iowa (and Beyond) Go Tournament
Duncan H. Brown 641-919-9616

May 26-29: Round Top, NY
2006 Memorial Day workshop with Guo Juan
Jean-Claude Chetrit 718-638-2266 (h)

May 27-28: Baltimore MD
33rd Maryland Open
Keith Arnold 410-788-3520

June 4: Seattle, WA
Ratings Tournament
Jon Boley 206-545-1424

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