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July 14, 2006
Volume 7, #58 (Member's Edition)

Kalamazoo, MI & Somerville, MA
GAME COMMENTARY: Chinese Teen Phenom Chen Yaoye 5P
KERWIN'S CONGRESS PREP GUIDE: Time Management & The Kids Are Alright
ATTACHED FILE(S): 2006.07.14 Chen-Kim, LG Cup, Dinerchtein

CHO U TAKES FIRST GAME IN GOSEI TITLE MATCH: Challenger Cho U 9P beat the current Japanese Gosei, Yoda Norimoto 9P, in the first game of their title match by a half point. Details on Monday.

TAKAO HOLDS ONTO JAPANESE HONINBO TITLE: Takao Shinji 9P held onto his Honinbo title, defeating challenger Yamada Kimio 9P 4-2. Details on Monday.

IN SEARCH OF GO OUTREACH: American Go Association Community Outreach Coordinator John Goon is preparing a summary article on go community outreach programs and activities across the USA. "If anyone has any regional outreach accomplishments and initiatives from the past 12 months that they'd like to share with the rest of the go community, please contact me as soon as possible," says Goon. Reach him at Photos are welcome.

PLANNING VP WANTED: The Vice President of Planning is responsible for creating plans to accomplish long term goals set by the AGA Board and President. "Primarily, this VP takes concepts and issues from the President and Board and turns them into strategies for implementation thru program and project managers," says AGA President Mike Lash. Interested? Email AGA President Mike Lash at To find out more about other opportunities available at the AGA click here:

NO GU LI AFTER ALL: Contrary to our 6/26 report, Gu Li, the winner of the LG Cup last year, will not be at the US Go Congress this year. For the latest list - and bios - of the professional go players scheduled to attend -- 12 at latest count -- go to  We apologize for the confusion.

WEEKEND GO ACTION: Kalamazoo, MI & Somerville, MA
- July 15: Kalamazoo, MI
United States Kalamazoo's 5th tournament
Benjamin Schooley 269-672-7466
- July 16: Somerville, MA
United States MGA Summer Handicap Tournament
Zack Grossbart 617-497-1232

GAME COMMENTARY: Chinese Teen Phenom Chen Yaoye 5P
      Chinese teen phenom Chen Yaoye 5P takes on Kim Donghee 2P of Korea in today's game from the 11th International LG Cup, played on May 17. The commentary is by Alexandre Dinerchtein 1P. The LG Cup is one of the major international tournaments, with players invited from China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In the past one representative from Europe and one from North America were also included. It is sponsored by the LG Group in Korea; this game is from the second round of the current event.
      To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

KERWIN'S CONGRESS PREP GUIDE: Time Management & The Kids Are Alright
By James Kerwin 1P
       As you're practicing the contest management skills I've outlined in previous articles, you may have already found that it is easy to get caught up in the game and start playing at the opponent's pace. This is especially easy if they're playing quickly. You must not get sucked in. Play your own game, play your own pace. Also, if your opponent is a slow player you may get impatient. Don't. They're entitled to play as fast or slow as they wish. When you start play you should have the attitude that you're prepared to play all day. Forget the passage of time but be aware of your use of time.
        The Congress is now an excellent event for young players. This happy state is due to a program started by None Redmond. There is a room for young players where they can gather and play. While the room is not a babysitting service, it is always supervised and children can be left there, of course depending on the age and maturity of the child. There is a daily schedule of events in the room with many teaching events. This program has resulted in a large increase in the number of young players at the Congress. It has also contributed to the rapid advancement of young players.
        If you haven't decided to attend the Congress yet and have children who play, give it some extra consideration. It's encouraging for them to meet and play others their own age. They will make go friends that they can play on line for the whole year.
        If you meet a young player in the main tournament or a side tournament, be aware that they are often stronger than their official rank. The official rank is a kind of average based on recent rated games. Young players can improve so quickly that their rank can't keep up. If you play them in a casual game or self paired game, check with them on their playing strength. Don't just read the rank on their badge.
        None Redmond is Michael Redmond, 9P's mother. She was not a go player, but Michael's desire to help American children learn go moved her to work with the AGA to develop the Congress Youth Program and also to establish the Redmond Cup tournament for young players. I've met her a number of times at Congresses, and she is an intelligent and charming lady. American go players all owe her a vote of thanks.
        Readers with any questions about the Go Congress or who would like a particular topic discussed can email me directly at


CONGRESS NON-PLAYERS WANTED: Seeking non-players at this summer's Congress in Black Mountain who are looking for an active week: exploring local (historical) sites, white water rafting, golf, moderate to strenuous hiking, anything outdoors and away from Go boards. Please contact Laura Champagne at: or use the Go Congress message board at:  (6/30)

VETTERS WANTED for new book "Improve Fast In Go", designed for players in the 15K-5K range desiring to reach Dan status. At least one vetter is sought in each of 3 categories: 5 Dan and Stronger, 4 Kyu - 4 Dan, 5 Kyu - 15 Kyu. If interested in participating, email Milton Bradley at with a brief description of your qualifications. (6/30)

GO LIBRARY FOR SALE: 360 Japanese Go Magazines from 1960 through 2006. Most in good to excellent condition. Classic magazines include Takagawa's 9th defense of 15th Honinbo Title (1960), Hashimoto wins 1st 10 Dan (1962), Sakata takes 2nd Meijin (1963), Rin Kaiho takes 4th Meijin (1965), Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Koichi's first titles, etc. $15 apiece OBO. 400 other items available, including books signed personally by Go Seigen, Sakata, etc. Contact: (6/16)

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