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August 25, 2006

Volume 7, #73 (Member's Edition)






ATTACHED GAMES: 2006.08.25USOpenRd6Bd1ALiu-ShongCommented; 2006.08.25USOpenRd6Bd2MJiang-JLiCommented

CONGRESS WRAP-UP: The AGA website now has archives so you can check out Congress photos, news and games online at (click on the little arrows); we'll have more photos and games uploaded soon. Also, the complete final standings in 2006 US Go Congress Tournament, as well as the 2006 ING Invitational Results Grid are now posted online at  Plus, Phil Straus and Bob Felice have made their Congress photo albums available online; see them at where you'll also find info on next year's Congress in Millersville, PA. "As part of Horst Sudhof's farewell after attending 20 straight Congresses," reports Allan Abramson, "we agreed on a goal of 100 games between the two of us, before the end of the Congress. We finished the last game, making an even 100, at about 7 pm on Saturday. All of great quality, of course." Sudhoff has made the trip over every year from Germany. We welcome other 2006 Congress tales and tidbits: send them to us at

"The East Coast Go Camp would like to thank the following people and organizations for their generous support!" East Coast Go Camp Director Karen Jordan.  AGF and its donors; generous monetary support allowed any campers to attend and helped bring in wonderful teachers. Michael Redmond, XianXian Niu, and family: "Thank you for traveling so far to share your knowledge with us and for the gifts that you brought." Days Inn, Steve Wu, Patricia Wu, Jessica Wu, Elena and Alex; "When our original site was flooded, Steve took us in.  Steve and his family put in a lot of hard work and made this camp very special." Slate and Shell:  donated go books, including copies of Michael Redmond's ABC's of Attack and Defense. Staff/volunteers: David Dinhofer, Rob Muldowney, David Weiss, Richard Liang, Dexter Brown, and Karen Jordan. Judy Burton: "An attending mom, she thought of many ways to make the camp more fun, including driving half an hour to pick up more Hikaru no Go DVDs." 2001 Go Congress and Ulo Tamm, who created beautiful memory boards for the campers, financed by a generous donation from the 2001 (Rochester) Go Congress. Shonen Jump: in addition to providing a great deal on a camp ad, Shonen Jump also sent free gifts for campers, including manga, stickers, iron-ons, and a Hikaru no Go DVD. Ben Alpert wrote the tournament software used for the camp.

KO GUENTAE WINS CHINA-KOREA TENGEN: Ko Guentae 5P of Korea has defeated Gu Li 9P of China 3-2 in the match between the Chinese Tianyuan and the Korean Chunwon title holders. Details on Monday.

This popular event winds up this Saturday. Details about the results on Monday.


           One game would determine the 2006 US Open Championship, the other was a dramatic - if anticlimactic -- clash of the two titans who had been expected to joust for the Championship. We're very pleased to bring you the Board 1 & 2 games from last Saturday's final US Open Round 6 in Black Mountain, NC. On Board 1, Seung Hyun Hong 8d  had a chance to win the Open if he could beat Andy Liu 7d, the 15-year-old giant-killer who had defeated Ming Jiu Jiang 7P in the previous round. On Board 2, an unbowed Jie Li 9d, who'd already lost as many games in just one week as in the previous three years, battled Ming Jiu Jiang 7P, a tough professional who was determined not to lose again. Despite a grueling week of top-level competition, all four players were prepared fo r the final battles and we think that - like the observers in Black Mountain and online watching on IGS and KGS - you'll be thrilled by these games, which are well-commented by pros, players and even some of the strong online kibitzers.

           To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

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