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October 28, 2006

Volume 7, #92 Cotsen Open Special Edition

ATTACHED FILE(S): 2006.10.28 Cotsen Open Rd3Bd1 JJeong-JieLiKGS

JIE LI 3-0 IN COTSEN DEFENSE: Defending Cotsen champion Jie Li 9d swept all three rounds in the first day of the 2006 Cotsen Open in Los Angeles, CA. He defeated Anthony Chen 6d by 5 points, Yixian Zhou 6d by 9 and forced a resignation by Jong In Jeong 8d in a terrifically exciting game. All three top board games were broadcast live on both IGS and KGS, with combined viewerships of over 400 worldwide. Live online commentary was provided by Cornel Burzo 8d of Romania and Phil Waldron 6d of Canada. Photos are posted online at
       Yilun Yang 7P will play a Chinese professional online beginning at 8A PST Sunday; Round 4 of the Cotsen starts at 12 noon and Round 5 at 2:30. Board 1 games will be broadcast live again on IGS and KGS; Cornel Burzo 8d and Thomas Hsiang 7d will provide commentary.
       The Round 3, Board 1 game between Jie Li 9d and Jong In Jeong 8d is attached; all the Board 1 games (both IGS and KGS versions) are posted online now at
       3-0 Winners: Li, Jie 9d; Ha, Soo Ihl 6d; Sun, Calvin 5d; Zhou, Haibo 2d; Downing, Ryan 1d; Brown, Jonathan 1d; Char, Wai-to 1k; Burg, Chris 4k; Slater, Charles 5k; Terpstra, Theodore 7k; Hutchins, Preston 7k; Blue, Shawn 10k; Cram, Don 12k; Rogers, Tim 16k; Yi, Akasha 18k; Asynaps, Michael 24k; Yue, Vincent 24k; Bender, Alex 28k; Chen, Royce 30k.

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