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December 31, 2006
Volume 7, #111

A Beginner Studies the Pros

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TOURNEYS HEAT UP JANUARY SCHEDULE: After a quiet couple of holiday weekends, the tournament schedule is heating up in January, with seven tourneys already scheduled around the country, from Salem, OR and Tacoma, WA in the West to Evanston, IL in the Midwest, Rochester, NY in the Northeast, Somerville, MA, New York, NY and Piscataway, NJ on the East Coast and Richmond VA in the South. See Calendar, below, for the schedule or click on for latest updates.

WINTER REVIVAL SET FOR NYC: Registration is now open for The New York Go Center's Winter Revival Tournament, set for Sunday, January 7. "We are expecting more than fifty players -- last time we had 56 -- says organizer Roy Laird, "and we're cutting off registration at sixty, so don't miss out." Guarantee your place: pre-register now by sending a message to with your name and AGA rank or estimated strength. "And since Board One will be broadcast live on the Internet," Laird adds, "we expect some tough competition for the top seats." More at

DC HAPPENINGS: The Arlington, VA-based NOVA club will be closed on Monday, January 1, re-opening on January 8 "with our annual meeting and free dinner and dues collection night!" reports Allan Abramson. The Greater Washington Go Club will be open tonight and has several upcoming club events, including the next Yuan Zhou lesson on January 5, the next team match with Rockville on January 12 and the annual dues collection dinner on January 19. Got club news? Send it in to us now at

LATEST GOGOD BIGGER & BETTER: The latest edition of GoGoD - now heading into its 14th year - is now available. The "definitive database and encyclopaedia on CD" now has over 300 MB of data, reports T. Mark Hall, including "new gems such as all the games of the Best Ten Pro-Am Matches (which include two rare early games by Cho Chikun) and new games by Shusaku, Shusai and Jowa from Nagano." In addition to hundreds of items (including several books, commentaries and instructional articles) the new edition also features a report on the Two Manchurian Ki-ins Incident, caused by the man snubbed as Honinbo Shusai's successor. Plus articles on inseis, go among war criminals and Mongolian go. More at  

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SYRACUSE GOES FOR FIVE: The Syracuse Go Club - a chapter of the American Go Association -- recently celebrated four years of weekly meetings, reports organizer Anton Ninno. "Since our beginning in 2002 we have had well over 180 people attend one of our meetings," says Ninno. "Some people found us through our website. Others were simply customers eating dinner at Wegmans who wandered over to ask about the game we were playing. Often they stayed for a lesson." The club now has about 20 regular players, most of whom have become paying members of both the club and the AGA. In just four years, the club has held five tournaments, proceeds of which fund collections of go books at local public libraries, where the club has given presentations on go. The club has also helped create student go clubs in half a dozen area schools. "This fall, our club hosted a group of visiting Japanese go players," says Ninno, "We hope to do that again in the years ahead." Find out more about the club at

CAN'T STOP THE MONKEY JUMP: A Beginner Studies the Pros
by Motoko Arai
       While we're on the subject of going over master games, there's one thing I want to say. As we laid out these games, my beginner husband and I had a question that kept bothering us: "Hey, this white stone is in atari, right?"
      "Yeah. no matter how you look at it, if you leave it like that it can definitely be captured." "But White is just leaving it there." "Yeah but. Black isn't taking it either. He's playing in completely different places." "So what's the deal?"
       For a beginner, this is an absolute mystery. For a beginner, if you can capture a stone, you take it. And furthermore, there was another thing we didn't understand: "Hey, right now there's a lot happening in the bottom right area, right? But Black ignores it, and is playing in the top left instead."
      "He is, isn't he?" "And maybe I'm wrong, but. if he leaves this position alone and plays in the upper left instead. I'm thinking that White can capture the three black stones at the bottom." "You're right. If Black doesn't escape, those stones can definitely be caught." "Is that okay?" "I don't know. But it's a pro game. It must be right." "Well why is it right? And then, why doesn't White grab those three stones?"
      Okay sure, now, three years later, I understand why. It's more important for Black to surround the large area at the top than to save the three stones at the bottom. Similarly, rather than capture those three stones, White deals with more pressing issues. But three years ago, when we didn't understand that at all, the question lingered in our minds as we continued through the game.
      And then, there was another thing we didn't get: "Ahh! Black escaped!" Until that point, Black had been playing in completely different places. Then suddenly, Black hit the exact spot where White needed to play to capture those three stones. "Why does he escape now? If he was just going to escape, wouldn't it have been better to have done it all the way back at the beginning? And then, from the very beginning all the way up until now, White just left those stones sitting there."
       Yeah, again, now I know the reason for this. After calmly building his position elsewhere, Black returns to this part of the board. Of course, if we want to ponder this issue further, we really need to study such concepts as "big moves," "urgent moves," and "moyo." But as beginners, the two of us. well, let's just say we had to satisfy our doubts somehow. So we arrived at our own "conclusion."
       Yup. This conclusion was the direct result of following that often-recommended study method: "Even though you don't understand the movement of the stones, just keep going over masters' games." Our conclusion was. pro players are weird. This is what it means to be a beginner.
       Motoko Arai is an award-winning science fiction author in Japan. Translated from the Nihon Kiin's Go Weekly November 20, 2006 issue by Chris Donner, who teaches at an elementary school in northern Japan and hails from Rochester, NY.

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January 7: New York, NY
New York Go Center Winter Revival Tournament
Christopher Vu 212.233.0342

January 13-15: Evanston, IL
8th Annual Evanston Winter Workshop with Yilun Yang
Mark Rubenstein 847.869.6020

January 13: Rochester, NY
The Second Annual Greg Lefler Memorial Tournament
Nick Blake 339.364.0933

January 13: Salem, OR
Salem Winter Go Tournament
Cynthia Gaty 503.585.3380

January 14: Somerville, MA
MGA Winter Handicap Tournament
Zack Grossbart 617.497.1232

January 20-21: Piscataway, NJ
U.S. Youth Go Championship Qualifier at Feng Yun Go School
(open to all)
Paul Matthews 908.722.5748
Feng Yun 973.992.5675

January 27: Richmond, VA
Slate & Shell Open
William Cobb 804.740.2191

January 27: Tacoma, WA
Verna Castanza Memorial
Gordon Castanza 253.732.0874
Mike Malveaux 253.906.0095

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