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January 19, 2007
Volume 8, #5 (Member's Edition)

WEEKEND ACTION: San Francisco, CA; Piscataway, NJ
GO QUIZ: Last House On The Block
GAME COMMENTARY: Rare & Rarer at World Oza
ATTACHED GAME(S): 2007.01.19 LeeS-ChoU, Dinerchtein.sgf

GUOZHONG ZHUANG TOPS SALEM WINTER TOURNEY: Guozhong Zhuang 5d topped the January 13 Salem Winter Go Tournament. Held at Lefty's Pizza in Salem Oregon, the one-day 3-round tournament attracted 24 participants. Full report Monday.

SYRACUSE GO EXPOSED: "It is so simple, so logical in design, that all the rules can be written in a short paragraph," Manlius (NY) Pebble Hill School student Peter Day told the Syracuse Post Standard in the paper's January 16 story on Syracuse-area go. "But true mastery of the game, the ability to analyze the significance of every single stone on the board, and that of every stone that might be played next or the turn after, is nearly impossible to attain." Read the whole story online at  

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment to attend 2007 overseas events in the capacity of a non-player representative with AGA go players must submit a statement with the required information to Michael Lash at by Sunday, February 25, 2007. The AGA's official policy is to annually publish a call for those interested in attending overseas events as non-player AGA representatives with AGA go players. The policy statement and eligibility criteria area on the website at

SMARTGO 2.5 ENHANCED: The latest version of SmartGo features "significant enhancements that make your go-playing life easier," says SG's Anders Kierulf. Details Monday or see all the changes online now at

EJ ONLINE TOURNEY REPORTING DEBUTS: Now you can quickly and easily report your tournament results for publication in the E-Journal! Just click on and fill in the blanks and we'll take it from there! Report your event by 9A Monday morning and the results will be posted in the Monday EJ. NOTE: this is NOT FOR TOURNAMENT DATA, which still must be sent to

KOREA IN TROUBLE IN WOMEN'S TEAM MATCH: As the second stage of the international women's team match, the Jeongganjang Cup, draws to an end, the Koreans are down to a single player, while Japan and China have two each left. Details on Monday.

JUDAN CHALLENGER FINALS SET: It will be Yamashita Keigo 9P against Yoda Norimoto 9P to determine the challenger for the Japanese Judan title. Details on Monday.

QIU JUN WINS CHINESE NEC CUP: Qiu Jun 8P defeated Zhou Ruiyang 4P to win the 12th NEC Cup in China. Details on Monday.

WEEKEND ACTION: San Francisco, CA; Piscataway, NJ
- January 20-21, 2007: San Francisco, CA
15th Jujo Jiang Goe Tournament
January 20-21
Ernest Brown 415.641.1452
- January 20-21, 2007: Piscataway, NJ
Feng Yun Youth Go Tournament and USYGC Qualifier
(open to all AGA youth members)
Paul Matthews 908.722.5748
Feng Yun 973.992.5675

GO QUIZ: Last House On The Block
       In last week's quiz we asked which of the classical Japanese go houses was the last to survive. The first to go was Hayashi, which merged with the Honinbo house in 1884, when Shuei, head of the Hayashi house, became the Honinbo heir. Yasui bit the dust in 1903. The Honinbo house continued until 1924, when it ceased to exist as a house with the founding of the Nihon Kiin. Shusai held on to his title of Honinbo until his retirement in 1938. The Inoue house vanished in 1961, with the death of Egeta Inseki. (Source - 400 Years of Japanese Go) Ten out of 14 of you got the right answer, and Kim Salamony is this week's winner, chosen at random from those answering correctly. Bonus points for the explaining why Inoue lasted longest go to Salamony, though Daniel Denis and Steve Bretherick get Honorable Mentions. Denis suggests it was simply because the last Inoue lived the longest, and this certainly is true. Bretherick cited the answer I was looking for, referencing the house's relocation to Osaka, which insulated the house from competition from the more modern go organizations sprouting up in Tokyo. This, combined with Egeta's refusal to join the Nihon Kiin and his long life is the best explanation your quiz master can come up. But the bonus points (and a window into my sense of humor) goes to Kim Salamony for opining - "In no way" would they give up.
        THIS WEEK'S QUIZ: Still time to get in the race for annual quiz honors as we jump to modern times. Who has played in the most AGA-rated games since statistics have been kept (1990-2006)? Is it Horst Sudhoff, Charles Robbins, Steve Barberi, or Keith Arnold? Click here to
- Go Quiz Editor: Keith L. Arnold, hka

GAME COMMENTARY: Rare & Rarer at World Oza
       Alexander Dinerchtein 1P takes a look at the exciting January 9 third-round Toyota Denso World Oza Title Match between Cho U 9P of Japan and Lee Sedol 9P of Korea. Cho U's rare joseki move elicits an even rarer answer from Lee Sedol and Dinerchtein provides his usual insightful and well-researched analysis. The commentary is taken by permission from the www.go4go site, where Dinierchtein's commentaries on both pro and strong amateur games are available by subscription, along with a lot of free material about the world of go.
       To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

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