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January 26, 2007
Volume 8, #7 (Member's Edition)

WEEKEND ACTION: Des Moines (IA), Richmond (VA) & Tacoma (WA)
GO QUIZ: Top Chuck
GAME COMMENTARY: A Young French Challenger
ATTACHED GAME(S): 2007.01.26 French Open Sacailles-Fenech, Fan Hui.sgf; 2007.01.26 McGuigan Series #26.pdf

GUREVICH WINS MGS WINTER TOURNEY: David Gurevich 1d took first place in the January 14 Massachusetts Go Association Winter Handicap Tournament. Check out photos online at  Full report in Monday's EJ. Thanks to TD Zack Grossbart for reporting results online at

REGISTER NOW FOR FEB NOVA 3 EVENT: Pre-registration is required for the first Chinese New Year Go Tournament in the metropolitan Washington area, scheduled for Saturday, February 3. Email your name, rating, sign-up session (partner name if Au Pair Pair Go) and a brief description of your go experience to by Wednesday, January 31. The event features three events, a 4-round AGA-sanctioned tournament, Au Pair Pair Go and a Lightning Session for beginners. Organized by the NOVA Go Club, Great Falls Go/Chess Club, HAI HUA Community Center and sponsored by Yeena Liu (UBS), Financial Advisor. Directions & more at

The new crop of strong young go players will be well-represented in the upcoming 2007 North American Fujitsu Cup Qualifier. Organizer Chris Kirschner reports that 2006 US Open winner Zhi Yuan (Andy) Liu 8d will play in the Fujitsu, along with Eric Lui 8d, Guthrie Price 6d and Calvin Sun 6d. Also playing will be Huiren Yang 1P, Jung Hoon Lee 8d, Vincent Wang 7d, Thomas Hsiang 7d, Yuan Zhou 7d, I-Han Lui 7d, Wei-Yu Chen 8d, Steve Stringfellow 6d and Jon Boley 6d. The player is not yet complete; stay tuned for a final list. Mingjiu Jiang 9P is the defending titleholder and the games will be played on the IGS beginning February 3.

7TH USYGC VENUE ADDED: A seventh US Youth Go Championship Qualifier has just been added, reports Nicole Casanta. The Orange County (CA) Go Club will host a Youth Qualifier February 24-25, joining Tacoma, WA (3/16-17), San Francisco (3/24-3/25), Chicago, IL (4/7-4/8), Boulder, CO (4/14-4/15) and Philadelphia (date TBA). The first was held last weekend in Piscataway, NJ by the Feng Yun Go School (Lin & Gu Win Jersey Youth Qualifier 1/22 EJ). For details on rules, eligibility, etc, click on

CHANG HAO BLANKS LEE CHANGHO: Chang Hao 9P of China defeated Lee Changho 9P of Korea 2-0 to win the international Samsung Cup. Details on Monday.

KONG JIE TAKES CHANG-KI CUP: Kong Jie 7P defeated Gu Li 9P 2-1 to take the 3rd Chang-ki Cup in China. Details on Monday.

KATO KEIKO 5P IS NEW WOMEN'S MEIJIN: Kato Keiko 5P has won her first title, claiming the Japanese Women's Meijin. Details on Monday.

COMPUTERS CATCHING UP: "Ever since the stunning victory of Deep Blue, a program running on an IBM supercomputer, over Gary Kasparov, then world chess champion, in 1997, it has been clear that computers would dominate that particular game," reports the January 25 Economist magazine. "Today, though, they are pressing the attack on every front.There is one game, however, where humans still reign supreme: Go. Yet here too their grip is beginning to loosen." More in Monday's EJ or check out the original story (thanks to Anton Ninno for the tip) online at

WEEKEND ACTION: Des Moines (IA), Ricjmond (VA) & Tacoma (WA)
- January 27: Des Moines, IA
Ratings Tournament
Anthony Postert 314.497.9679
- January 27: Richmond, VA
Slate & Shell Open
William Cobb 804.740.2191
- January 27: Tacoma, WA
Verna Castanza Memorial
Gordon Castanza 253.732.0874

GO QUIZ: Top Chuck
       No surprises, most (22/26) knew that Chuck Robbins 4d tops the stats with 1,092 rated games since 1990. "He also played in the most...wearing a white button-down collared shirt" quips Christopher Vu. Steve Barberi is a close second with 943, then Horst Sudhoff with 843 and Keith Arnold has 833 (and yes, Shai, I WOULD have myself as an answer if I could come up with a question!). Chuck's total is all the more impressive since he only started in 1995. And given that Horst Sudhoff from Germany only attends one event a year, his tally is also noteworthy. For all-time most games, our best guess (we've only been keeping official stats since 1990) is that Chuck is probably still only third, behind Steve and Keith, but at his current rate of play it is only a matter of time. See the Top 50 stats (2006 and 1990-2006) in the forth-coming Yearbook, and congrats to winner Daniel Denis of Cambridge, MA, chosen at random from those answering correctly.
      More AGA trivia for this week's Quiz: give us the first and last AGA presidents, not in chronological order, but alphabetically by last name. Enter your two names at
- Go Quiz Editor: Keith L. Arnold, hka

GAME COMMENTARY: A Young French Challenger
       Antoine Fenech 5d is one of the young emerging players in France. He has been European Youth Champion and is now captain of the Youth Go French team. Jeff Sacailles 6d, a very well-known player in France, has been French Go Champion several times. Today's game commentary by new EJ contributor Fan Hui 2P is from the 2006 French Go Championships in Marseille. "This was a very important game since both players were leading the tournament at this point and could expect to win the title, depending on the result of this game," says Fan Hui, a 2 dan professional from China who now lives in France (although he is presently studying go in China); he is the strongest player in Europe. The commentary was translated and transcribed for the E-Journal by Benoit Roturier.
       Today's bonus file is the latest installment of Haruyama Isamu 9P's "Questions from Actual Play", translated by Robert McGuigan and used by permission of the Nihon Kiin which published the original text in 1979.
       To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

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