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February 12, 2007
Volume 8, #12


ATTACHED GAME(S): 2007.02.09 Challenge, HKL-Su, Hsiang.sgf; 2007.02.09
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JIE LI WINS FUJITSU QUALIFIER: Jie Li 9d won the North American Fujitsu Qualifier (NAFQ) tournament Sunday, defeating defending champion Mingjiu Jiang 7P on time. "It was an exciting match," reports TD Dennis Wheeler, "marked by tough fighting right from the start." Jiang, on the defensive early, got in time trouble and, reports Wheeler, wound up "with a mere 36 seconds to play 15 stones. After a couple of quick sequences he managed to gain back a little time with 23 seconds for 9 stones, but just as the fight was really intensifying the clock stopped with 2 stones left to play." The World Fujitsu Cup - which always includes several of the world's top players - is a 24 player knockout tournament with 8 additional players seeded into the second round and is sponsored by Fujitsu Limited, with a top prize of about $125,000. The participants for this tournament are taken from the Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese professional go scene joined by representatives of North and South America and Europe. The 2007 edition will run April 12-17 in Tokyo. Download all the NAFQ games at

WEEKEND TOURNEY REPORTS: Results from the New Jersey Open and Kalamazoo tournaments were not available at press-time. The Board 1 games at the NJO were broadcast live on KGS by the E-Journal; download the game records at

PLAY WITH - OR BE - TOMORROW'S SUPERSTARS: There's still room for young go players in the upcoming California event on February 24th and 25th in Irvine, CA. "Kids of all strengths are welcome to join the fun in both the qualifier section and the separate handicap section," says Tournament director Kevin Chao. Next week's E-Journal will feature profiles on some of the strongest kids who will be competing. "Register for the tournament now and get a chance to rub shoulders with tomorrow's go superstars," adds Chao. To register and for more information, download the USYGC flyer on their website at

NOBEL LAUREATE DR. ANDERSON AWARDED NIHON KI-IN DIPLOMA: Nobel Laureate Dr. Philip Anderson was awarded an honorary San Dan diploma by the Nihon Ki-in last Saturday at the New Jersey Open. The award was presented by Paul Anderson, President of Nihon Ki-in America. Dr. Anderson, a renowned physicist, first learned about the game in Japan in the early 1950s when he was teaching in Tokyo, and he took it up upon his return to the United States, playing at Bell Labs, where he both learned from and taught some of the seminal figures in American go. In presenting the award, Paul Anderson noted that "such an award has only been presented previously to Albert Einstein, International Grand Chess Master Edward Lasker and astronaut Daniel Barry, the first man to play go in space." In addition to recognizing Dr Anderson's professional accomplishments, Paul said that the Nihon Ki-in diploma was awarded "in honor of the cultural aspects and international friendships fostered by go." Dr. Anderson's friend Dr. Moto Saito, now Professor Emeritus of Physics at Osaka University, had recommended that the Nihon Ki-in make the award. Dr. Saito, a colleague and fellow go player, had been a student of Dr. Anderson in Tokyo and the two of them had continued their professional and go relationships at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University, in England. Although Dr. Anderson, in accepting the award, said that "I know an Honorary Dan never plays in public," he couldn't resist the lure of the ongoing New Jersey Open, and played one round Saturday afternoon (see for a photo). "Why not," he told the E-Journal, "it's the most fascinating game there is."

SNYDER ON JOSEKI: "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Joseki -- But Were Afraid To Ask" will be Ron Snyder 7d's topic when he returns to the New York Go Center this Sunday, February 18 at 3P. There's no charge for the lecture but the Center's usual day fee of $7 ($5 for students) is required. Space is limited; pre-register now to guarantee your seat.

ARGENTINIAN GO CONGRESS SET: the second Argentinean Go Congress will be held in Buenos Aires from March 30, to April 2. "All go players are welcome," reports Lucas Galfaso. For more information, visit or e-mail to

YAMASHITA LEADS 3-0 IN KISEI DEFENSE: Yamashita Keigo 9P has swept to a 3-0 lead in his defense of his Japanese Kisei title against Kobayashi Satoru 9P, winning all three games by resignation. The next round in the best-of-seven-game match is scheduled for the end of this month. Kobayashi became the challenger after winning a play-off game against Hane Naoki 9P at the end of the challenger's league. Kobayashi held this title once, in 1995 when he defeated Cho Chikun 9P only to lose to Cho the following year. Yamashita won the title in 2003, as well as last year.

LEE CHANGHO TRIUMPHS IN NONGSHIM FINAL: Lee Changho 9P has once again saved the day for the Korean team in the Nongshim Cup. Dispatching the last Japanese team member, Kong Jie 7P by resignation, Lee then defeated the final Chinese player, Gu Li 9P, by 1.5 points to bring home the cup for the Koreans for the seventh time in the international team tournament. Last year Yoda Norimoto 9P won this event for the Japanese, the only time the Koreans have not won it. Every other time in its eight editions, Lee Changho 9P has stood like an immovable object as the last man on the Korean team, his 16-1 record supporting his leading status on the international level. Park Yeonghun 9P paved for the way for Lee by winning four straight games earlier in the match, dispatching two Chinese and two Japanese players when the Koreans were at a disadvantage.

"MOST BEAUTIFUL" UMEZAWA YUKARI CHALLENGES FOR WOMEN'S KISEI: Umezawa Yukari 5P, considered the most beautiful woman go pro in the world (, will challenge Mannami Kana 3P for the Japanese Women's Kisei title. This is Umezawa's first challenge for a title. Mannami, who is in her twenties and ten years younger than Umezawa, won this title in 2004 as well as last year. Now in its 10th edition, the title has been dominated by Chinen Kaori 4P, who has won it five times and was the unsuccessful challenger two other times.

KOREAN MAXIM FINALS TIED UP: Lee Sedol 9P and Park Jungsang 9P are tied at one game each in the best-of-three-games finals of the Maxim Cup. The final game is scheduled for next week. Two players well-known to Western go fans won games in earlier rounds. Jiang Zhujiu "Jujo" 9P made it to the third round where he lost to Park Jungsang, who then defeated Yoo Changhyuk 9P to reach the finals. Rui Naiwei 9P was seeded into the second round, where she defeated O Kyuchul 9P, only to lose to Park Yeonghun 9P in the next round. Rui and Jujo set a record as the first husband and wife to meet in a title match by playing for the Maxim title in 2003; Jujo won.

MISSING FILES, LOCATION CORRECTION & PRIZE: Our apologies for neglecting to attach the game files to Friday's E-Journal; they are attached today. Feng Yun Go School's Chinese summer camp will be in Hangzhou (not Beijing, as previously reported. The camp runs June 23-July 20; details at: Also, thanks to Kuroki Goishi of Japan -- -- which donated the Nihon Kiin calendar won by Peter Schumer in last Friday's Go Quiz.

IN MEMORIAM: Longtime AGA volunteer Chuck Robbins' father passed away last week after a 3-year battle against a rare cancer. "Chuck - an indefatigable tournament director and volunteer - is well-known to many of us in the go community, and his loss is ours as well," said American Go Association President Mike Lash. "Our deepest condolences go out to Chuck and to his entire family."

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