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February 27, 2007
Volume 8, #17 (Member's Edition)

Jin Chen 6d of Riverview, Michigan, is this year's U.S. Representative to the World Student Oza, which is being held this week in Tokyo, Japan. The 4-round tournament features university or college students 30 years or younger from Japan, Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Europe, North, Central and South America and Thailand. We're pleased to provide this hot-off-the-presses report and the attached games -- played yesterday at the Nihon Kiin -- from the Student Oza as a special benefit to our Member's Edition subscribers.

By Jin Chen 6d
    In the first round, I played against Lin Kun-Te, a representative from Taiwan. I was a bit surprised during the middle of the match when I found out that there is only 1 period of 30 seconds of byoyomi instead of 5 periods, but I managed to pull out a win by 9.5 points. I was the only player not representing China, Japan, or Korea to win in the first round.
    In the second round, I played O Keii, representative from Japan who happened to be O Rissei's daughter. I found this out from the Taiwan representative after wondering why O Rissei was around for the start of the second round. I fell behind in this game but managed to kill one of her groups after she made a mistake in the fighting. However, I then suffered a brainfreeze and inexplicably overlooked a simple throw-in, losing my key stones and the game. My excuse is that O Rissei used his amazing telekenetic powers to make sure his daughter did not lose. (both games are attached)
    After two rounds, four players are still undefeated, Murakami Fukashi and O Keii of Japan, Wang Yu Qiao of China, and Lee Yeon Ho of Korea. Of note is that while a female player has never won this championship, two of the four undefeated players, O Keii and Wang Yu Qiao, are female. So far it has been very exciting for me to have the opportunity to participate in this tournament, and I'm looking forward to some more exciting matches tomorrow (the final two rounds will be held on Wednesday, 2/28).

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