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May 30, 2007; Volume 8, #43


CONGRESS WATCH: US Earlybird Deadline Extended!
YOUR MOVE: Miscount In Half-Pointer? Putting Li Li In The Picture; Love The Photos; Dreams Of Tokyo; Getting Past Appearances

CHINA TAKES LEAD IN WAGC: China’s 13-year-old Zi Teng Shan 8d (r) defeated Dong-Ha Woo 7d of Korea in Wednesday afternoon’s exciting 6th round showdown between the top two undefeated players. Joining Korea with 5-1 records are Canada, Japan, Romania, Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands and the Russian Federation. Click here for full WAGC results, photos, game records and more.

LIU DROPS 6TH ROUND: Andy Liu 6d lost his 6th-round WAGC game Wednesday afternoon to Andrey Kulkov 6d, a 24 year-old college student from the Russian Federation. Liu is now 4-2 overall and in 9th place, with two rounds to go. “I just made too many mistakes,” Liu told the E-Journal after the game, which involved a number of complicated life and death problems. In Wednesday morning’s 5th round, Liu had forced a resignation after just 122 moves from Denmark’s Kasper Hornbaek. Although Liu invaded a corner too early in the game, Hornbaek failed to capitalize on the opportunity to take a quick lead. Instead, mistakenly thinking he was behind, Hornbaek launched a more severe attack than necessary, leading to complications and a collapse of his position when Liu was able to counter-invade. Both game records, including comments and variations by Chen Ka-ei 9P on round 5, are attached
- reported by Chris Garlock; photo by John Pinkerton. Liu, on left, plays Kulkov, with
EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock recording and Zi Teng Shan (l) and Dong-Ha Woo on the next board.

FLYING STONES: With a grueling schedule of two rounds a day, you might think the WAGC competitors would take a break after playing their games, but the press/analysis room adjoining the main playing area on the second floor of the Nihon Kiin is always full of players reviewing their games -- or watching other player’s game reviews -- with one of the professional go players who are on hand to lend their expertise to these top amateurs from around the world. And with players from 68 countries, translation of the comments can be quite a challenge. Although English is by far the most widely spoken language, there are many players who don’t speak it, and often several translators are necessary to help explain things. Of course, everyone speaks the universal language of go, and even when the words are hard to find, the stones seem to get the message across just fine, as fingers fly and patterns and shapes appear and disappear with amazing speed.
- Report/photo by Chris Garlock

CONGRESS WATCH: US Earlybird Deadline Extended!
The deadline for saving $100 off the registration fee has just been extended to Monday June 4 at 11:59:59P, reports US Go Congress organizers. Attendance now stands at over 300, putting a 500+ Congress well within reach. Everyone who registers between May 28 and June 7 saves 10% off go supplies from Congress sponsor Yellow Mountain Imports. “In addition to go,” reports Congress Co-Director Petter Nassar, “ we will also be offering cultural events with an Asian flair: a class and hands-on demonstration in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), a demonstration of a Japanese Tea Ceremony, and more. Click here for more info.

PLUS: The US Youth Go Championship final game between William Zhou 6d and
Jimmy Guo 6d is attached; we neglected to include in our previous edition...For complete information on the upcoming AGA Board elections – candidate nominations due by June 15 – click here

KOREAN WOMEN DRUBBING SENIOR MEN: The GG Auction Cup is a new fast play tournament in Korea, pitting twelve women pros against twelve male pros over 50. It has turned out to be a rather one-sided contest, with most of the seniors unable to win a game, while none of the women have been defeated without winning at least once first. At this point the seniors are down to their last player, Cho Hunhyun 9P (r), who is also their strongest. But the women have used only five of their team and still have players like Rui Naiwei 9P, Park Jieun 7P, Cho Hyeyeon 7P, and Lee Minjin 5P in reserve. Teenager Kim Eunsun 3P (l) was holding the fort with a string of four victories until the last senior, Cho Hunhyun managed to win one for the seniors on Tuesday, May 29th. Now Cho faces the challenge of defeating the remaining seven women to win the Cup for the senior team. His next match is against Lee Minjin 5P on Monday, June 4th. Perhaps he can hold on for a rematch with Rui Naiwei. Rui took the Kuksu title from Cho back in 1999--the first time a woman won a title not restricted to women; he retook it the following year.
- Bill Cobb

YOUR MOVE: Readers Write

MISCOUNT IN HALF-POINTER? “I just reviewed Andy's 4th round game record,” writes Greg Rosenblatt, “and unless I somehow miscounted, or don't understand the rules in place, it looks like he actually should have won by 0.5... Did they miscount somehow?” A number of EJ readers caught this but unfortunately, no, according to Andy Liu. Game Recorder Chris Garlock must have made an recording error in the fast and furious endgame with multiple kos; we apologize for the error.

PUTTING LI LI IN THE PICTURE: “In between Go Seigen and Yuki Shigeno in the (5/27 EJ) photo was, I am willing to bet – Li Li Nui, Michael Redmond’s sister-in-law and attendee of the first Rochester Congress,” notes Keith Arnold.

LOVE THE PHOTOS: “Congratulations on the coverage of the WAGC, which has been excellent,” writes Rick Mott. “I've really fallen in love with the new format including lots of photos. It really gives the E-Journal some extra punch. Great job!”

DREAMS OF TOKYO: “Thank you so much for Chris Garlock’s reports on the Tokyo go scene,” writes Luana Alika. “I enjoyed them hugely. Having lived in Japan in the 60's it was like breathing the Tokyo scenes again. Alas, I've only been learning go for the past year and a half, having heard of it years after my three-year stay in Japan. I have a dream of traveling there again, perhaps even finding a go club and playing a game or three and getting some lessons, too. That’s what made these articles so enjoyable. I hope you do more traveling reports on different go clubs in the future.”

GETTING PAST APPEARANCES: “It's about time you stop referring to Yukari Umezawa's physical appearance,” suggests Richard Hayes. “You have never referred to a male professional player as ‘a real hottie’ or ‘the most lovely male professional in the world.’ (And) in no issue of the E-journal have male owners of go clubs been described as ‘strikingly beautiful,’ either. Maybe, in your universe, men are strong and smart and women are either beautiful or ugly -- but the rest of us have gotten past the mental state of an overly eager 12-year-old boy.”

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