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June 25, 2007; Volume 8, #48

US Congress Nears 500 Mark; Calvin Sun Takes Santa Monica Coffee Cup; Chalmers Wins Hanami-Ko In VT; ING Qualifier To Be Played On IGS This Weekend; In Memoriam
nternet Ing Championship Qualifier #1; Columbus, OH; Ortonville, MI
WORLD GO NEWS: Takao Takes 3-1 Lead In Honinbo; Yun Takes Lead In Korean Wangwi; Women Triumph In GG Auction Cup; Romanian Youth Championship Results
Old-Timers on TV
GO QUIZ: Hikaru Rules


US CONGRESS NEARS 500 MARK: With 437 registrants as of last Friday, the US Go Congress -- July 28-August 4 in Lancaster, PA -- has only 63 more people to go before breaking the 500 person mark. “Save $50 off the Congress registration by signing up by July 1,” says Co-Director Peter Nassar. In other Congress news, “We have confirmation that Feng Yun 9P will be appearing -- to play in the NAIC, primarily -- and the representative from the Nihon Ki-in will be Yasuhiro Nakano 9P,” adds Nassar. Congress Co-Director Chuck Robbins (l) and EJ Editor Chris Garlock try out one of the many go-playing locations at the 2007 US Go Congress site. photo by John Pinkerton.

CALVIN SUN TAKES SANTA MONICA COFFEE CUP: (6/20) Calvin Sun 6d won the June 16 Santa Monica Coffee Cup, taking first place in the top Espresso Division. The first annual Coffee Cup - which also featured Java, Mocha and Latte divisions -- was held at the UnUrban Coffeehouse in Santa Monica, CA. "The UnUrban, known in the area for poetry readings, art and a wide range of comfortable chairs, also plays host to the Santa Monica Go Club on Tuesday and Wednesday nights each week," reports organizer Andrew Okun. "The event was named in recognition of the venue --not to mention the salutory effects of coffee for players of mind games -- and the winner of each division received a custom-painted coffee cup as a trophy. Winners also received certificates, coffee beans and a drawing for a lesson with teacher Yilun Yang 7P." Twenty players, skills ranging from 19k to 6d, participated in the three-round tournament.
    WINNER'S REPORT: Espresso Division, eight players mostly 5d and 6d, played even games in a modified knock-out: 1st: Calvin Sun 6d; 2nd: Stefan Kaitschick 5d, a visitor from Hamburg, Germany; 3rd: Tony Emsenhuber 5d; 4th: Wenhua Tang 6d. The other three divisions, four players each, played handicap games round-robin. In the Java Division, 1d-4d, the order was 1st: Jonathan Brown 2d; 2nd: Yuliang Du 4d; 3rd: Ryan Downing 2d; 4th: Chris Hayashida 1d. Mocha Division, 1k-5k: 1st: Andrew Okun 2k; 2nd: Jeff McLellan 5k; 3rd: Ross Wolf 5k; 4th: Matt Greenberg 1k. Latte Division, 8k-19k: 1st: Terry McIntyre 8k; 2nd: Larry Gross 17k; 3rd: Sharif Elcott 9k; 4th: Dammy Osoba 19k. Jonathan Brown 2d won the drawing for the Yang lesson. Photos by Terry McIntyre.

CHALMERS WINS HANAMI-KO IN VT: Rich Chalmers 2d won the June 23 Hanami-ko tournament in Vermont, reports organizer Pete Schumer. "There were just nine players," says Schumer, "but everyone came hungry to win those hanami ko!" Schumer notes that all top three finishers will be at the US Go Congress this summer, "leading Vermont’s contingent of players, and the top state in the nation if you count per capita" and says that winner Rich Chalmers "graciously declined his first place gift certificate from Slate and Shell to add to our prizes for our next bigger tournament this fall – Last Dango in Vermont."
    WINNER’S REPORT: 1st: Rich Chalmers 2d, 3–0; 2nd: Lihu Ben-Ezri Ravin 9k, 3 – 1; 3rd: Jack Cary 9k 3–2.

ING QUALIFIER TO BE PLAYED ON IGS THIS WEEKEND: A dozen top players will face off online this weekend in the 7th Qualifier for this year's North American Ing Championship (NAIC), reports organizer Dennis Wheeler. The schedule for the 4-round swiss event on IGS includes two rounds on Saturday June 30th and two rounds on Sunday, July 1. The first round each day will begin at 9A Pacific time (12 noon Eastern), and the second round at 12:30P (3:30P Eastern). The players and their IGS handles are Mozheng Guan 8d (funkimunki); Eric Lui 8d (fry); Kevin Hong 7d (koram); Yuan Zhou 7d (yzhou); Xiliang Liu 7d (acmimc); Young Kwon 7d (young); I-Han Lui 7d (fudge); Jing Yang 7d (peiyan); Gus Price 6d (GasPrize); Ricky Zhao 6d (rzhao); Jon Boley 6d (airsjon); Lawrence Ku 6d (lawrencium). Results will be posted online

IN MEMORIAM: Longtime go organizer -- and EJ Go Quizmaster -- Keith Arnold's mother, Barbara, passed away last Thursday, June 21 after a brief illness. “Deepest condolences from all of his go friends and colleagues at the American Go Association go out to Keith and his entire family,” said AGA President Mike Lash. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, June 26 at 1:30P at Millian Memorial United Methodist Church, 13016 Parkland Drive, Rockville Maryland 20853, with internment at Parklawn Cemetery immediately following. Donations may be made in the name of Barbara Arnold to the Millian Memorial Methodist Church Sunday School Program.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Internet Ing Championship Qualifier #1; Columbus, OH; Ortonville, MI

June 30: Internet Ing Championship Qualifier #1
Registration is CLOSED; watch LIVE on IGS
Dennis Wheeler 206.375.6781

June 30: Columbus, OH: Tesuji Go Club Tournament

Self-Paired @ North Market 8AM-5PM
Nathan Reed 614.263.2572

July 1-7: Ortonville, MI: Go Summer Camp East
Weeklong Go Camp For Kids
Bill Phillips 248.398.3059


TAKAO TAKES 3-1 LEAD IN HONINBO: (6/20) Takao Shinji 9P defeated Yoda Norimoto 9P by 5.5 points in the fourth round of the Honinbo to gain a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven-game title. The game was played on Monday and Tuesday, June 18th and 19th. Takao is hoping for a threepeat in this prestigious Japanese tournament. He also holds the Meijin title and is only the sixth combination Honinbo-Meijin. Yoda, who holds no titles at the moment, still has a chance to be the challenger in the next Meijin title match as well. He and Sakai Hideyuki 7P have 4-2 records in the Meijin League, while Cho U 9P holds the lead with a 4-1. None of them is playing the other in their two or three remaining games, so it all depends on how well players who have no real chance of winning perform.

YUN TAKES LEAD IN KOREAN WANGWI: (6/22) Having taken the Kuksu title away from Lee Changho 9P back in March by a score of 3-1, Yun Junsang 6P is now threatening to take away Lee's Wangwi title as well. Yun, who won't be twenty until this November, defeated Lee by 3.5 points on Wednesday, June 20th, to make the score in their best-of-five-game match 2-1 in his favor. Lee managed to win the second game by a bare half point, while Yun won the first by resignation. The next game is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27th.

WOMEN TRIUMPH IN GG AUCTION CUP: Park Jieun 7P (l) defeated Cho Hunhyun 9P by the narrowest of margins on June 21 to win the GG Auction Cup for the women’s team. In the "win and continue" match between a dozen women and a dozen senior men in Korea, the women dispensed with the first eleven seniors fairly easily until just Cho Hunhyun 9P, the strongest member of the senior team was left against eight women. Cho put up a remarkable fight in his effort to bring about a win for the seniors, defeating six of the female players. With just two to go, Cho faced the two women with the strongest records: Park Jieun 7P and Rui Naiwei 9P and last Thursday Park defeated him by half a point to conclude this first-ever tournament.

ROMANIAN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS: More than three dozen young Romanian go players participated in that country's national championship for children last weekend. Forty-two players from Bistrita, Braila, Bucuresti, Giarmata and the Vatra Dornei go centers fought for the four national titles in divisions for 8, 10, 12 and 14-year-olds in the 14th edition of the National Championship at Singeorz spa. European champions Mihai Serban (2005 Croatia winner) and Teddy Toma (2007 Holland champion) were on hand to demonstrate that they are also very good in national tournaments, but the competition was full of surprises, with Flaviu Berbecariu 3k winning the under-12 final against Teddy Toma. The Berbecariu family did well in the championships, with little princess Crina – just 5 years old -- winning 3rd place in the under-8 finals. The event featured plenty of side events, including a marathon tournament (in photo at right) with more than 600 games, as well as baths in the spa's thermal waters, long walks in the forest, soccer games, an evening party and a special visit to the National Museum of Comparative Art.
    WINNER'S REPORT: Under 8 : 1st: Calin Buhai; 2nd: Emilian Gherasim; 3rd: Crina Berbecariu. Under 10: 1st: Alexandru Iacob; 2nd: Tudor Berende; 3rd: Diana Mastan. Under 12: 1st: Flaviu Berbecariu; 2nd: Theodor Toma; 3rd: Alexandru Iacob. Under 14: 1st: Mihai Serban; 2nd: Flaviu Berbecariu; 3rd: Theodor Toma.
- reported by Marilena Bara, EJ European Correspondent

In today’s game commentary, Alexandre Dinerchtein 1P takes a look at the June 10 Japanese NKH Cup game between Yamashiro Hiroshi 9P and Kobayashi Koichi 9P. The NHK Cup is a fast-play tournament broadcast on television. “These two players met each other in top titles many times at the end of 80's, but nowadays they are both out of form,” notes Dinerchtein. “Recently it's rare to see their names in important tournaments.” Dinerchtein commentary is taken by permission from his web site, which contains a wealth of information about the world of go as well as commentaries on both pro and strong amateur games that are available by subscription.

GO QUIZ: Hikaru Rules
    We got 121 responses to our poll question last week, and I was very impressed with the thoughtful comments about what would give American go the most publicity and biggest boost. Hikaru on CN won by a landslide – 67%. Most of the comments were about getting children interested – perhaps best expressed by Pong Yen, of Yellow Mountain Imports, who said that “I have many customers who have their kids getting into go through Hikaru. The story and entertainment really connects with youth.” Paris Hilton came in a distant but double-digit second with 21%, with many noting that it’s a sad commentary on our society that every little detail of her life gets so much publicity. “If Paris Hilton were to start playing go, I would quit,” said Ron Smith. In a creative but bizarre attempt to combine choices, Dennis Wheeler suggested having Paris host GoGoIgo. Old friend Zhiping You wondered whether Paris would have as much trouble understanding what a prisoner is in go as she does in her own life. Go in the Olympics came third with 11%, and might have done better if more folks realized that this is not really so far-fetched. Michael Redmond winning the Honinbo came in last at just 2%; we just don’t think the western press would cover it, although it’s certainly what we go players would personally like most to see happen. Perhaps the dream choice would be “Michael Redmond, Honinbo, talking about his recent gold medal for go at the Olympics, interviewed by Disney’s Hikaru No Go host Janice Kim and his biggest fan, Paris Hilton.” Thanks to everyone who responded and congrats to David Whitlock, this week’s winner, chosen at random from those participating. In a follow-up from last week’s Quiz, New Jersey has now passed Maryland for second place in Congress registrations.
    THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: OOPS I DID IT AGAIN! My editor was so delighted with the triple-digit response to last week’s poll that we’re going to do another, this time a Congress warm-up poll. Check out this board position from a U.S. Open game from last year’s Congress between two 5 dans. With move 195, Black has finally secured life for his running group in the center. What do you think was White’s next move? Click here to vote.
- Go Quiz Editor: Keith L. Arnold, hka


PLAYERS WANTED: Independence, MO: A new go club is opening in Independence, Missouri. Located on Highway 24, the club will open at 6P on Tuesday, July 3 and will be open every Tuesday thereafter. Details/more info: (6/25)

GA CLUB FORMING: Go club starting in the Fall '07 semester at Gordon College (Barnesville, Georgia). If interested, please contact the club main advisor at If wanting to come and visit to teach a class, please tell me which would be a good time for you, so I can plan the schedule in advance. The club will teach new players, and will have tournaments with other clubs. (6/11)

PLAYERS WANTED: Branford, CT. Looking for players in the area of all skill and age levels. Contact (6/4)

FOR SALE: 30-year collection of go material, including Go World #1 to #180 except for missing numbers Ishi #38 #48 #52 #53 #54 #55, also Kiseido #76. Issues #1 -#32 ,plus #39-#42 are in cardboard binders. Issues #16 and #51 are missing covers, all others are good or better condition; best offer for all issues. Also available are 35 various books from Ishi press, Yutopian publications, and other miscellaneous material. For further information, call 845-246-9621 or (5/21)

PLAYERS WANTED: PA: Looking for any players in Clifton heights,Aldan, Drexel Hill, Or Upper Darby Pennsylvania Contact (5/21)

PLAYERS WANTED: GA: Seeking go players or those interested in learning how to play in the Savannah, Georgia area. Contact (5/21)

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