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August 3, 2007; Volume 8, #59

5 MINUTES WITH: Peter Nassar, US Go Congress Co-Director
TODAY’S GAME COMMENTARIES: Yilun Yang 7P reviews Thursday’s Pair Go final between Shen-Lui and Shi-Burrall. Plus: Friday’s US Open Round 5 Board 1 game between Yongfei Ge and Zhaonian Chen.

LIVE ON KGS NOW! In an unprecedented broadcasting feat, the E-Journal staff is now broadcasting nine top U.S. Go Congress games live on KGS. The broadcast includes live commentary by Myung Wan Kim 8P on the Board 1 American Ing Masters Tournament final match between Feng Yun 9P and Minjiu Jiang 7P. Also being broadcast are Ing Masters boards 2-7, a pro-am game between Ping Yu 6P and Rui Wang 7 and the Redmond Youth Cup final (USGO9) between Landon Brownell and Cherry Shen.

YONGFEI GE ONE WIN FROM U.S. OPEN CHAMP: Yongfei Ge 8d (l) is now one win away from claiming the 2007 U.S. Open title, extending his sweep of wins to 5 with Thursday’s win over Zhaonian (Michael) Chen 8d in an exciting semeai involving three groups that stretched across the entire board (the game is posted online). The 6th and final round takes place Saturday, when top-board games will again be broadcast live on KGS. Other 5-game winners include Landon Brownell 6d, Enzhi Liu 3d, Bradley Jones 3d, Jonathan Hop 1d, Fernando Rivera Jr. 1k, Kei Kawabata 2k, John Greiner 7k, Geoff Boyer 10k, John Eckelcamp 12k, Garrett Smith 13k, Stanley Sun 15k, Chris Hlavka 15k and V. Cao 21k. photo by John Pinkerton

CONGRESS UPDATES: Watch for updated tournament results and news from the Go Congress on the AGA website tomorrow!

GOING SOUTH OF THE BORDER: Just 20 years old, Emil Garcia Bustamante 4d (r) has only been playing go for five years and is already one of the strongest players in his country. Garcia is representing Mexico in this year’s North American Ing Masters Tournament, the first time in many years that country has participated in the prestigious event, which also includes representatives from Canada (Yongfei Ge 8d, Jing Yang 7d and Xenos Khan 6d). Garcia first encountered the game in the movie Pi and then learned it from a friend who had a set. Soon afterwards, he played another friend, “who crushed me,” he told the EJ Thursday. “I thought ‘There must be a secret’ and started playing all the time.” Garcia made homemade boards with hand drawn lines “and buttons for stones” and taught a bunch of the kids in his neighborhood to play “and we played every day for a couple months, but the group broke up when I went away for a visit and I didn’t play again until I got to University” in Mexico City. A group of about 30 play regularly in the garden outside the Science School, where Garcia studies pure math. In 2005, he spent two months in Beijing studying with Bao Yun 2P, where he “learned good suji” and improved by three stones. Garcia also credits lessons with Vladimiro Gonzalez-Zelaya, who represented Mexico at this year’s World Amateur Go Championships. The Mexico City go club meets twice a month – 2nd and 4th Sundays – at a Buddhist center, where “the guys who brought go to Mexico play,” Garcia says. “The Go Congress has been one of the nicest experiences in my life,” Garcia told the EJ. “It’s been great to meet so many go players and to play such strong players.”
- reported by Chris Garlock, photo by John Pinkerton

BY THE NUMBERS: $680 was donated to the American Go Association Friday by Yoshiteru Ohari 5d of Japan, who provided personalized calligraphy to Congress participants all week in return for donations. “Many drops of water make a great ocean,” said Ohari. “This is a tremendous and generous gift that’s much appreciated, ” said AGA President Mike Lash…57 games have now been broadcast live on KGS from the U.S. Go Congress this week, including top-board games from the U.S. Open and the Ing Masters, as well as top Redmond Cup and Pair Go games. Photo: Yoshiteru Ohari (center) with AGA President Mike Lash (l) and 2007 Go Congress Director Chuck Robbins. Photo by John Pinkerton

5 MINUTES WITH: Peter Nassar, US Go Congress Co-Director
“My only regret is that I can’t do it again next year,” Congress Co-Director Peter Nassar (r) told the E-JournalK Thursday afternoon during a rare break in the busy organizer’s day while Co-Director Chuck Robbins was taking on ten kyu players in the second annual Chuck Robbins Challenge (Kyus Beat Shirts Off Robbins-Arnold 8/2 EJ). “Now that I’ve been through the planning experience – it’s like planning an 8-day wedding – it’d be a lot easier the next time around.” This year’s Congress not only set a new record for attendance with 488 registrants – though Nassar and Robbins had hope to break the 500 mark -- but introduced some new features. “Instead of the usual paper pairings, which can be hard to see when people crowd around, we’ve been scrolling the pairings on the video screen in the main playing area,” Nassar said, “this has worked really nicely.” In another innovation, morning announcements have been projected on the screen in PowerPoint, “helping everyone to get the message.” This year’s Congress organizers were also very pleased to recruit most of the U.S. professionals “as well as bringing back old favorites
from overseas like Noriyuki Nakayama and Guo Juan.” Nassar said he loves walking through the Congress each day and “seeing so many people playing go” and he was especially happy to overhear a Congress attendee say that “There’s so much to do!” With 16 pros conducting up to two events each day, there can be as many as 32 possible activities with the pros alone. Nassar’s advice to future Congress organizers? “Organize as much as possible as far in advance as possible…and then have contingency plans for when things don’t work out the way you planned.”
- CG; photo by John Pinkerton

Hundreds of Go Congress participants watch live commentary by Myung Wan Kim 8P (in white shirt at demo board) on the Board 1 championship match between Feng Yun 9P and Minjiu Jiang 7P. The commentary is being relayed to hundreds more (nearly 400 at presstime) who are watching live on KGS. Photos by Steve Colburn

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