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August 6, 2007; Volume 8, #60

2007 U.S. GO CONGRESS REPORT: Jiang & Ge Top Congress Tourneys; Shen-Lui Win Pair Go Championships; Self-Paired Results; Other Congress Tourney Winners; 2007 Shodan Challenge Wraps Up; Covering Go; Congress E-Journal Team
WORLD GO NEWS: Teen Reaches Tengen Final; British Sponsor Sunjang Baduk Tournament On KGS
TODAY’S GAME COMMENTARY: Ping Yu 6P reviews the July 31 US Open Round 3 game between Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Yongfei Ge 8d.  

JIANG & GE TOP CONGRESS TOURNEYS: Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Yongfei Ge 8d won the two major tournaments at the 2007 U.S. Go Congress, which wrapped up in Lancaster, PA on Saturday. Jiang won the 2007 Ing Masters Tournament Friday night in a widely-watched “Main Event” final round, defeating Feng Yun 9P by 3 points in an exciting 343-move 4th-round game broadcast live on KGS. On Saturday morning, Ge wrapped up his perfect 6-0 sweep in the U.S. Open, defeating Guangjiong Chen 7d in the final round to claim the 2007 Open title. Friday night’s historic event attracted nearly 400 observers online and several hundred Congress participants who watched a simulcast in the Congress bar with live commentary by Myung Wan Kim 8P. In a new record, 9 games were broadcast on KGS Friday night, including almost all the Ing Masters games, a pro-am game and the Redmond Cup final. A total of 63 top games were broadcast live during the course of the Congress and – along with the complete winner’s reports for all Congress tournaments – are posted online  For round-by-round results you can click here Top right photo: Jonathan Bresler and his daughter at the Go Congress; photo by Kim Salamony. Left: Champions Yongfei Ge 8d(l) and Minjiu Jiang 7P (r); photo by Phil Straus.

SHEN-LUI WIN PAIR GO CHAMPIONSHIPS: Cherry Shen 5d and Eric Lui 8d won this year’s Pair Go Championship Thursday night, defeating Jasmine Yan 4d and Yuan Zhou 7d in the first round and Gina Shi 5d and Matthew Burrall 7d in the final round. Shi and Burrall took second. Shen and Lui will represent the US at the International Amateur Pair Go Championship in Japanin November. Sixty pairs competed. “I had at least three tables – all involving double-digit kyu players -- report jigo results,” TD Todd Heidenreich told the EJ.

SELF-PAIRED RESULTS: Chris Cameron won the Champion (most wins over losses) and the Hurricane (greatest number of wins); Wing Chuilai won the Giant Killer (most wins against a dan player by a kyu player); Solomon Choe won the Keith Arnold (dan player with most wins against kyu players); Nicole Casanta won the Straight Shooter (most wins against consecutive ranks); Martin Lebl won the Sensei (most wins against weaker players) and the Philanthropist (most losses); Leonard Baum won the Dedicated (most games). Special 007 Prizes: Dave Warzinski won the Live & Let Die prize (player with the largest kill; see diagram at left) and Joe Maia & Nicholas Blake won the Dr. Ko (most dramatic ko). TD: Jon Hilt. 

OTHER CONGRESS TOURNEY WINNERS: Gina Shi 4d won the Women’s Tournament; Max Peterson took top honors in the Midnight Madness, Ricky Zhao won the Hard Core, the Penn Go Society won the Club Team Tournament, Will Zhou 7d won the 13x13, Saul Lapidus 1d won the 9x9, Cherry Shen & Eric Lui won the Youth Pair Go, Jason Gu won the Youth Handicap. The East Coast team won 2nd Annual East – West (Youth All-Stars), and in the Redmond Cup, Calvin Sun won the Junior section while Landon Brownell won the Senior division. Curtis Tang won the Ing Redmond. Click here for the complete Winner’s Reports for all Congress tournaments. photo: Adult-Youth Pair Go: photo by Jian Zhang

2007 SHODAN CHALLENGE WRAPS UP: Fourteen Shodan Challengers achieved their goals in the 2007 edition of the Shodan Challenge, which wrapped up at this year's Go Congress, report organizers Lee Huynh and Laura Kolb. “Designed to help motivate players to strive forward in their go career, this year's activities included a study buddy program, book review contests, simuls, and more,” says Huynh. “A record 54 players took on the third annual Challenge,” added Kolb. “Congratulations to everyone for challenging themselves, and kudos to those who made it. We hope that next year the program will be even more helpful to the Challengers.” This year's successful Challengers are: 10k Goal: Anthony Postert 10k; Joe Jordan 10k; Matt Inwood 10k; Nathan Schmitz 2k; Ramon Mercado 9k. 5k Goal: Bob Nugmanov 5k; Jason Preuss 5k; Justin Urban 3k. 1d Goal: Daniel Poore 1d; Jaime Kaszynski 1d; Jason Allen 1d; John Moore 2d; Jonathan Sobieski 2d; Sudhir Vel 1d. photo: kids review a game; photo by Jian Zhang

COVERING GO: “I wandered, much like an Eskimo at a nude beach, into a Go tournament this week,” wrote Jeff Hawkes in Saturday’s Lancaster Intelligencer Journal. "It's the aesthetics that draw me to it," Barry Pasicznyk, 45, of Philadelphia told Hawkes. “The patterns are very beautiful." Sixteen-year-old Jack Yang of Bloomfield, N.J., said "When I lose, I want to play again. I want to keep trying." Click here to read the whole story.

2007 US GO CONGRESS E-JOURNAL TEAM: A 10-member E-Journal team – augmented with another 9 volunteers -- worked long hours every day to create a “virtual Congress” with live game broadcasts, as well as constant updates of photos, news and game records on the AGA website and reports in the E-Journal to nearly 11,000 readers worldwide. The team included CHRIS GARLOCK, Managing Editor; JOHN PINKERTON, Lead Game Recorder/photographer; STEVE COLBURN, Lead Game Recorder/photographer, tech support; AKANE NEGISHI, KGS administrative support & Lead Game Recorder; TODD HEIDENREICH, Lead Game Recorder, reporter & graphic design; DENNIS WHEELER; Lead Game Recorder & online crosstab reports for the US Open and Ing Masters; LEE HUYNH: Reporter; LAURA KOLB, Reporter; PAUL BARCHILON: Youth Editor; LAWRENCE KU: Youth Reporter; Game Recorders: Mike Malveaux, Eric Lee, Calvin Lee, Saul & Carrie Lapidus, Myron Souris, Huck Bennett, Todd Blatt & Solomon Cho. Special thanks to Assistant Editor Bill Cobb and Congress Co-Directors Peter Nassar and Chuck Robbins and a shout-out to EJ photographer PHIL STRAUS, who missed the Congress due to a family emergency but drove out just for the banquet Saturday night. EJ staff portrait by Jian Zhang: standing, l-r: Heidenreich, Cobb, Pinkerton, Garlock, Malveaux & Ku; seated, l-r: Colburn, Huynh, Negishi, Barchilon & Wheeler.

TEEN REACHES TENGEN FINAL: Iyama Yuta 7P (r) will play Yamashita Keigo 9P in the finals of the tournament to decide the challenger for Kono Rin 8P's Japanese Tengen title. Iyama is now nineteen, but won the Japanese Agon Cup in 1995 when he was sixteen, setting a record for youngest title winner. He has been doing well since, but this is the closest he has come to one of the top seven national Japanese titles. Yamashita is the current Kisei and also holds the Oza, another of the top seven.

BRITISH SPONSOR SUNJANG BADUK TOURNAMENT ON KGS: The British Go Association sponsored an internet tournament using the ancient Korean version of go (baduk) that uses a complex starting position. The starting position is shown here; click here for the rules and results. With twenty players competing, Roy-Andre Kirkebo 2d of Norway was the winner with a perfect 5-0 score. Mark Nubbert 4k of Oxford was second.


NEW CLUB FORMING: Barnesville, Georgia: Go club starting in the Fall '07 semester at Gordon College. If interested, please contact the club main advisor at The club will teach new and old players, and will have tournaments with other clubs either online or in person. Also, Gordon College Club will be appearing at Anime Weekend Atlanta for free go lessons on September 21-23 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Calleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: Syracuse, NY: The Syracuse Go Club has set up a second weekly go group on Thursday nights in a new location - the Recess Coffee House at 110 Harvard Place in the Syracuse University neighborhood. 7-10pm. This new alternate location is more convenient for SU students and city residents. The Monday night meetings at Dewitt Wegmans will continue as our home base. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: New Port Richey, Florida:  Looking for someone to play with or maybe a go club I'm not aware of. I'm AGA 5k. Email (8/1)

NEW GO WEBSITE: Relatively new website Ichi Ni San Go! is up, please post feedback or suggestions on forums or e-mail  (8/1)

PLAYERS WANTED: Detroit, MI: Players of all strengths & ages and/or willing to do teaching games and teach others how to play. (8/1)

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PLAYERS WANTED: Charleston, SC: beginning player looking for players in the area. Nels Lindberg; (7/16)

PLAYERS WANTED: Northern Illinois, Lake County.  Player from Antioch, IL would like to find players in the Lake County area interested in starting a go club, or anyone who would just like to play! If interested, contact Dave at (7/9)

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