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August 13, 2007; Volume 8, #61

GO CONGRESS UPDATES: More Ing Games Posted Online; Congress Scrapbook
WORLD GO NEWS: Koreans Dominate Zhonghuan Cup; Xie & Izumi Battle To Challenge For Japanese Women's Honinbo; Serbia’s Rising Young Star
GO QUIZ: Stuck On Congress Time
CAN'T STOP THE MONKEY JUMP: A Beginner Studies Life and Death
MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: Park Yeonghun 9P’s 1.5-point win over Lee Changho 9P in last month’s Fujitsu Cup final; the latest installment of Haruyama Isamu 9P’s Questions from Actual Play; an “easy” endgame problem from Yilun Yang 7P and an excerpt from Richard Hunter’s brand-new “Key Concepts in Life and Death: Inside Moves and Under the Stones Techniques.” Non-members: all this great content is just a click away!

KOREA SWEEPS WORLD YOUTH: Korea swept both the Senior and Junior Divisions of last week’s World Youth Go Championships, held in Waltham, MA. U.S. reps Will Zhou 6d (top right) and Calvin Sun 6d (l) wound up with 2-3 and 3-2 records, respectively. "The opponents were very strong," said 10-year-old Calvin Sun, who, like Zhou, missed the cut for the semi-finals round Saturday, defeating Saitou Masaki of Japan in the 4th round and losing to ultimate Juniors champion Seung-Joo Han of Korea in the 5th on Friday . “Anyway I enjoyed the whole tournament and had fun,” Sun told the EJ. In other WYGC news, see below for Lawrence Ku’s profile of Dusan Mitic 4d, “Serbia’s Rising Young Star.” Senior Division winners: 1st: Ming, Sang-Yeon (Korea); 2nd: Liao, Xing Wen (China); 3rd: Lo, Sheng-Chieh (Taiwan); 4th: Dugin, Artem (Russia). Junior Division: 1st: Han, Seung-Joo (Korea); 2nd: Cao Cong (China); 3rd: Wang, Yuan-Jyun (Taiwan); 4th:Saitou, Masaki (Japan).
- Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor, with additional reporting/photos by Gordon Castanza, team leader for the US Youth Team.

EAST COAST CLUBS HOST PROS: The New York Go Center (NYGC) and the Massachusetts Go Association (MGA) both hosted appearances by visiting pros last week. On Sunday, August 5, Myungwan Kim 8P of the Korean Go Association and Ruan Yungsheng 8P of the China Weiqi Association visited the NYGC, where Kim played an 8-on-1 and Ruan did a game analysis. On Thursday, August 9, Zhao-Yi Wu 9P and Yu-Chia Yang 6P visited the MGA, where Wu played a 12-on-1. photos: Myungwan Kim (l) courtesy Roy Laird; Zhao-Yi Wu (r) courtesy Su Co Chon Duc

FENG YUN 9P & YU PING 6P OFFER SPECIAL YOUTH WORKSHOP: Young go players have a chance to boost their skills and connect with other players later this month at a special workshop with Feng Yun 9P and Yu Ping 6P. The youth go workshop runs August 27-31 in Somerset, NJ. “A variety of intensive training will be provided,” says Feng Yun, “including tournament games, lectures, teaching games and game review, we would also like to hold a pair-go event if we have enough girls to join.” Other activities like sports will be also be included. Click here for details.

MORE ING GAMES POSTED ONLINE: Fifty-nine top-board games from major U.S. Go Congress tournaments are now posted online (use the first left-facing arrow to go back one page). In addition to top-board US Open and Ing Masters game records that were broadcast live on KGS during the Congress, other Ing Masters game records have also now been posted, including the Round 2 games between Garcia-Yu and Zhou-Khan, and B League games including Ku-Burrall (Rd 1), Kwon-Liang, Burrall-Rosenblatt & Zhao-Ku (all Round 2), Burrall-Liang (Round 3) and Liang-Zhang (Round 4). This is part of an E-Journal project to transcribe and post all the 2007 Ing Masters game records, coordinated by Dennis Wheeler. Additional games will be posted as they’re transcribed.

Four-color go (r) at Crazy Go night at the recent U.S. Go Congress. Photo by
Richard Moseson

KOREANS DOMINATE ZHONGHUAN CUP: It’s Park, Park, Lee and Cho in the Zhonghuan Cup semis. Held in Taiwan, the Zhonghuan is sponsored by the Zhonghuan Corporation of Taiwan and JP Morgan Chase & Co. The players this year included four from Japan, and six each from Korea and Taiwan (China refuses to participate). Although three of the Japanese and one from Taiwan survived the first round, at the end of the second round, only Korean players remained standing for the semis. Park Jungsang 9P will face Park Yeonghun 9P and Lee Changho 9P will play Cho Hanseung 9P this Wednesday, August 15th in Taipei, guaranteeing the Koreans a lock on this international cup, now in its third edition. Choi Cheolhan 9P won last year, with Lee Sedol 9P as runner-up, and the first winner was Park Yeonghun with O Rissei 9P of Japan coming in second.

XIE & IZUMI BATTLE TO CHALLENGE FOR JAPANESE WOMEN'S HONINBO: Xie Yimin 3P (l) and current holder of the Strongest Woman title will meet Kobayashi Izumi 6P (r) in the finals of the tournament to determine the challenger for the Women's Honinbo title in Japan, now held by Yashiro Kumiko 5P. Kobayashi held this title for three years in 2001 through 2003 and recently won the 1st Daiwa Women's Cup. Xie, who is a still teenager, won the Strongest Woman title at the age of 17 years and one month, setting a record as the youngest woman title winner in Japan. Her name is also written as Shei Imin. These two are also scheduled to meet in the semifinals of the Women's Meijin tournament.

SERBIA’S RISING YOUNG STAR: Sixteen-year-old Dusan Mitic 4d (KGS 6d), is still basking in the glory after taking second place in the European version of the US Youth Go Championship, held March 8-11 in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Dusan earned the opportunity to represent his native Serbia as one of four players from Europe who competed in the World Youth Go Championship in Waltham, MA. Through playing go, Dusan tells the E-Journal that he “hopes to make new friends and explore the world while having fun.” Mitic’s lifelong journey in the world of go began when he was six, watching his father play, though he didn’t take the game seriously for some time. Now he studies go for about two hours every day, with occasional help from Hungarian Mero Csaba 6d, although Mijodrag Stankovic 5d has been his teacher since he was 9 kyu. As to advice for beginners, he thinks that “it's best to play as much as possible.” Although Dusan thinks it would be nice to turn professional, his goal is to become 6 to 7 dan in the EGF because “becoming pro would be nice but it looks impossible.” Mitic notes that go in Europe has developed at a hectic pace over the last few years because many Europeans who traveled to Japan and Korea to study as inseis have now returned with vast amounts of new knowledge to share with European go players. Although there are only 70 active go players in Serbia, Dusan believes that go will continue to thrive and expand over the next few years.
- reported by Lawrence Ku, EJ West Coast & Youth Correspondent

GO QUIZ: Stuck On Congress Time
I enjoyed meeting various quiz responders in Lancaster at the Go Congress, particularly Karen Jordan and Ramon Mercado, as well as spending time with leaders Phil Waldron and Kim Salamony who I’ve met previously. Meant to get a photo of our two leaders...oh well. The answer to the last just-for-fun Congress Quiz question, btw -- how many times did US Open tournament director Chris Sira, using a new pairing system, have to pair the first round of the US Open? – was just once. THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: After 23 U.S. Go Congresses, how many different states have hosted at least one? 13, 14, 15 or 16? Click here to let us know.
- Quizmaster Keith Arnold, HKA

CAN'T STOP THE MONKEY JUMP: A Beginner Studies Life and Death
by Motoko Arai
"Hey Motoko - I think I've got it!"
The late night phone call. I was also someone who called people at any time of day or night (which is to say, I often worked right into the middle of the night), so to get a call at this time didn't seem all that crazy. Still, my husband was a businessman, and furthermore it seemed like common sense that you generally didn't go about calling people after 10:00 or so. But in this case, common sense was out the window, so to speak.
"What? Do you mean that life and death problem? It's been three hours, have you really been thinking about that since you went home?"
"Yup, the whole time."
This was hardcore. And here I had just been cleaning around the house for the past three hours.
"Anyway, we're going to need our go boards..."
"Just a second, I'm on the main line, not the cordless. I'll transfer to the extension and get the board set up. Then I'll get right back to you, all right?"
"Roger. I'll prep my own board and be waiting for you."
Ah, what is this—some kind of big disaster and I'm the emergency room getting set up or something? We're going to need our boards..., Prep my board...—it sounds kind of like that when I put it down on paper.
I went over to my own board and set up the problem, then called him back.
"All right, I'm all set up."
"Okay. So now, remember the answer that you thought was right? That was on the first line of the board, right? So count up three points from there. Now, forget about the lines on the board and just count over three white stones from the left—that's where you played next, right? And then White's response—from that stone count over..."
Wow, this reminds me of when I was trying to write about going over masters' games.
Doubtless someone out there is thinking to themselves, if this is supposed to be a go story, wouldn't it be better to use go terminology? Of course "third line" and "fourth line" are ways to pinpoint specific places, but beyond that there are other ways to locate the stones. Not "go diagonally one to the right and then jump one space," but keima (knight’s move). There are proper go terms, you know.
But at this time none of use knew any of this go vocabulary—guzumi (a bad looking shape that is good in context) and throw-in and so on. Without knowing these words and often miscounting a line or a stone or something, still we were trying to talk about life and death problems on the phone. It was just a mess.
"Um... okay, I've played that stone."
"Okay, up till now we've always captured that stone, right? But now if we don't take it... from the left side of the board count over...."
Back to this impossible way of talking. When I recall it now, I think it was kind of cute—trying so hard and still just beginners. With all my heart and soul I am jealous of those who've reached the pro dan levels in go, but when I recall this little episode I don't feel quite as jealous anymore. I mean, not to remember ever having so desperately wanted to understand, or perhaps not to have had such a time when you just didn't understand—in a way, that's a terrible thing.
These memories are things we amateurs can cherish.
Motoko Arai is an award-winning science fiction author in Japan. Translated by Chris Donner from the Nihon Kiin’s Go Weekly, January 15, 2007 issue.


NEW THIS WEEK! PLAYERS WANTED: Hunter College: Members wanted to start go club in Hunter College NY; please contact Boris Bernadsky; 646-821-5588 (8/13)

NEW CLUB FORMING: Barnesville, Georgia: Go club starting in the Fall '07 semester at Gordon College. If interested, please contact the club main advisor at The club will teach new and old players, and will have tournaments with other clubs either online or in person. Also, Gordon College Club will be appearing at Anime Weekend Atlanta for free go lessons on September 21-23 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Calleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: Syracuse, NY: The Syracuse Go Club has set up a second weekly go group on Thursday nights in a new location - the Recess Coffee House at 110 Harvard Place in the Syracuse University neighborhood. 7-10pm. This new alternate location is more convenient for SU students and city residents. The Monday night meetings at Dewitt Wegmans will continue as our home base. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: New Port Richey, Florida: Looking for someone to play with or maybe a go club I'm not aware of. I'm AGA 5k. Email (8/1)

NEW GO WEBSITE: Relatively new website Ichi Ni San Go! is up, please post feedback or suggestions on forums or e-mail (8/1)

PLAYERS WANTED: Detroit, MI: Players of all strengths & ages and/or willing to do teaching games and teach others how to play. (8/1)

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PLAYERS WANTED: Charleston, SC: beginning player looking for players in the area. Nels Lindberg; (7/16)

PLAYERS WANTED: Northern Illinois, Lake County. Player from Antioch, IL would like to find players in the Lake County area interested in starting a go club, or anyone who would just like to play! If interested, contact Dave at (7/9)

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