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August 20, 2007; Volume 8, #62

GO ONLINE: Go Videos & Latest Pandanet Cup
WORLD GO NEWS: Cho U To Challenge For Meijin; Lee Changho Wins Zhonghuan Cup
GO PHOTOS: Go Camp East
GO QUIZ: He Should Know
MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: The always-popular Kaz Furuyama is back this week with a teaching game in which he shows how to take advantage of mistakes. And the inimitable Yilun Yang returns with Part 2 of this month’s endgame problems, this time the hard one. Non-members: all this great content is just a click away!

COAST TO COAST WITH YUNSHEN RUAN 7P: “One of the nicest by-products of having a well organized, exciting and large U.S. Go Congress is that many of the foreign visitors stay and enjoy our country,” reports American Go Association President Mike Lash. “This year is no exception. Mr. Yunsheng Ruan, the 7 Dan professional sent by the Chinese Weichi Association, began a national tour immediately after this year’s Congress.” After a visit to the New York Go Center organized by AGA Board Chairman Roy Laird (East Coast Clubs Host Pros, 8/13 EJ), Mr. Ruan traveled by train to Rochester, NY, at the invitation of Thomas Hsiang and the Empty Sky Go Club, where club members like David Boyer found “something beautiful in the purity of Ruan Yunsheng's teaching… the Chinese truly love, know and care about this ancient board game.” Next, Mr Ruan flew to Chicago where the Evanston Chapter took him in, and, Lash reports, “he was shown the Windy City’s best spots by a team including Tania Kadakia, John Harriman, Jason Allen and others for several days. No storms or winds limited this stop and he thoroughly enjoyed the Miracle Mile and a great Chinese banquet organized by his hosts.” After the East and the Midwest, the next stop was the West Coast, where the Seattle Go Center’s Jon Boley and crew hosted Mr. Ruan for a few more days as “he experienced one of the strongest American go communities plus a city environment very different from any other he had seen in the U.S.,” Lash reports. “All in all, the AGA chapters and members who supported Mr. Ruan’s excellent adventure deserve a national round of applause for being outstanding Go Ambassadors for the AGA and for American go. This should make the selection process for next year’s China representative a lot more interesting for them. Thanks to all of you for a job well done!” Photos: top right: Yunsheng Ruan in Rochester, NY (photo by David Boyer); left: Ruan in Chicago (photo by John Harriman) Click here for more photos of the Empty Sky visit.

PHILLY TOURNEY OFFERS $1,000 TOP PRIZE: First prize in next month’s tournament in Philadelphia will be $1,000, reports organizer Peter Nassar. Organizers are hoping to attract a strong field, Nassar tells the EJ, and “Beginners are especially welcome, as we will also have a Handicap Division and lots of beginner prizes!” The 3rd Annual Philadelphia Fall Open is set for September 22-23, at the University of Pennsylvania, and is organized by the Penn Go Society. Click here for more information.

NY GO CENTER PLANS ACTIVE FALL SCHEDULE: The New York Go Center is planning a busy fall calendar of events, reports Center President Roy Laird. “The Master Player lecture series is shaping up as an especially valuable resource for players who want to get stronger,” says Laird. Highlights of the schedule include the New York Go Center September Rating Tournament on September 9, Master Class with Dae-yol Kim 7D on September 23, and Young Kwon 7D’s Master Class on October 14. Effective September 1, there are also daily specials, including Tuesday’s Discount Night ( everyone pays $5/$3 student), Wednesday’s Dan night (dan players pay $5/$3 student), Thursday’s Kyu night (kyu players pay 5/$3 student), Friday’s Ladies' Night (Women play for free), Saturday’s Beginners' Day (double-digit kyu players pay 5/$3 student) and Sunday’s Ratings Day (AGA members who play at least one rated pay game 5/$3 student). Check the Center’s website for latest news. photo of NYGC patio playing area courtesy Roy Laird

WOODLANDS TO HOST YU PING 6P LABOR DAY WORKSHOP: The Brooklyn Go Club will mark its 19th annual Labor Day go weekend with a visit by Yu Ping 6P of China. Guo Juan returns for another workshop at the Woodlands on Columbus Day. Labor Day activities begin on Friday, August 31 and run through Wednesday, September 5. Click here for details. Photo of playing go in the pool at The Woodlands by Marilyn Stern

GO ONLINE: Go Videos & Latest Pandanet Cup
This just in: there's a new introductory video on, which bills itself as "the world's leading videoblogging and podcasting service." Two videos actually, a two-part series by "Goshawk Heron," a founder of the "Go Center for Second Life" a go club in the Second Life virtual world. Click here to view Part I; click here to view Part II. Let us know what you think! PLUS: the 12th edition of the Worldwide Internet Amateur Go Tournament, the "PANDANET Cup" is now open. This year you can participate in either the Main Championship or in smaller groups open to players within a specific rank range (eg. 10 kyu - 5 kyu). Free; click here for details.

CHO U TO CHALLENGE FOR MEIJIN: With a decisive 7-1 record in the Meijin League, Cho U 9P (l), current Gosei, has won the right to challenge Takao Shinji 9P for his Meijin title. Yamada Kimio 9P came in second with a score of 5-3. Sakai Hideyuki 7P, the popular former WAGC winner and member of the Kansai Kiin, had a good start with a 4-1 record, but lost his last three games to end up 4-4, as did Yoda Norimoto 9P. The most surprising performance was by Yamashita Keigo 9P and current Kisei. He only won one game, ending with a 1-7 record, which means he has failed to earn a place in next year's League. The three players with the worst records are dropped each year from the League to be replaced by the winners of a complicated series of tournaments the next year. The other two demoted this year are Hikosaka Naoto 9P and Mimura Tomoyasu 9P, with 3-5 and 4-4 records respectively. Sakai and Yoda, with 4-4 records, got to stay because they were ranked higher in the League on the basis of prior performances. Ko Iso 7P, who also was 4-4, was ranked lower than Mimura, but won a playoff game against the latter to decide who would be the third man out. Takao took the Meijin title from Cho last year, spoiling Cho's effort to threepeat.

LEE CHANGHO WINS ZHONGHUAN CUP: Lee Changho 9P (r) defeated Park Jungsang 9P on Friday, August 17th, to win the international Zhonghuan Cup for Korea, maintaining Korea's exclusive hold on this relatively new tournament in its third edition. Lee won all four of his games in this tournament by resignation. In fact the only game in the entire tournament that was not decided by resignation was the semifinal game between Park Jungsang and fellow Korean Park Yeonghun 9P, which was decided by a half point. The tournament includes players from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea and is played in Taipei, Taiwan. China refuses to participate in this event. reports that the players have two and a half hours of basic time with 5 periods of one minute for byoyomi. All four rounds are played over a six day period.

GO PHOTOS: The Go Relay (l), in which whichever team is faster plays more stones, at this year’s Youth Go Camp East. Photo courtesy Karen Jordan

GO QUIZ: He Should Know
Terry Benson leads those of you who answered this week's quiz correctly - 15 states have hosted US Go Congresses so far – and Terry must be right – he’s been to them all! 14 was an equally popular choice (5/14) with many thinking the trick was that the Washington D.C. Congress did not count, since the District of Columbia is not a state. Sagely, quiz leader Phillip Waldron's only comment, along with his correct answer, anticipated the error -"The 10th (Washington D.C.) Congress was held at Marymount University, in Virginia" Sadly, Kim Salamony was amongst the victims, and Ramon Mercado's perfect record was marred. Congrats to Richard Hayes, this week's winner!
THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: The great Kitani Minoru (r) was one of the great players of the last century - but the legacy of his excellent play was surpassed by his legacy as a teacher. The famous Kitani Dojo produced many, many famous pros who dominated Japanese go. According to the Go Player's almanac, Kitani disciples won 80% of Japan's open titles from 1970 to spring 1992. Our question this week: which 9 dan - Kato Masao, Miyazawa Goro, Cho Chikun or Kobayashi Koichi -- was the last to become a live-in disciple at the Kitani Dojo? Click here to submit your answer.
- Quizmaster Keith Arnold, HKA; photo courtesy of the Argentina Go Association website.


PLAYERS WANTED: Birmingham, AL: The Birmingham Go Association is looking for players of all ages and ranks. We meet 2 nights a week on Sundays 3pm to 6pm at the Riverchase Galleria in the food court in front of Nord's games and on Thursdays 7pm to 11pm at the Books-A-Million on Lakeshore Pkwy in the cafe area. Be sure to check out for the meeting times and directions and register on the site to receive the weekly meeting Announcement. For more info please contact Louis at 12059030688 or (8/20)

PLAYERS WANTED: Hunter College: Members wanted to start go club in Hunter College NY; please contact Boris Bernadsky; 646-821-5588 (8/13)

NEW CLUB FORMING: Barnesville, Georgia: Go club starting in the Fall '07 semester at Gordon College. If interested, please contact the club main advisor at The club will teach new and old players, and will have tournaments with other clubs either online or in person. Also, Gordon College Club will be appearing at Anime Weekend Atlanta for free go lessons on September 21-23 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Calleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: Syracuse, NY: The Syracuse Go Club has set up a second weekly go group on Thursday nights in a new location - the Recess Coffee House at 110 Harvard Place in the Syracuse University neighborhood. 7-10pm. This new alternate location is more convenient for SU students and city residents. The Monday night meetings at Dewitt Wegmans will continue as our home base. (8/2)

PLAYERS WANTED: New Port Richey, Florida: Looking for someone to play with or maybe a go club I'm not aware of. I'm AGA 5k. Email (8/1)

NEW GO WEBSITE: Relatively new website Ichi Ni San Go! is up, please post feedback or suggestions on forums or e-mail (8/1)

PLAYERS WANTED: Detroit, MI: Players of all strengths & ages and/or willing to do teaching games and teach others how to play. (8/1)

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