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September 24, 2007; Volume 8, #67

U.S. GO: Guo, Zhang & Shih Heading To Hangzhou; Four-Way In Philly; Jie Li To Lecture In DC; Liu & Kaz In Big Apple Double-Header; Internet Pair Go Deadline Looms
CALENDAR: 6 Events, Tacoma to Israel
WORLD GO: Cho U Evens Score In Meijin; Yamashita To Challenge For Tengen; Ding-Kong Battle Set For Mingren Challenge; Teen Iyama Wins Second Japanese Title; Jaeup Kim Wins British Swindon
PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING: Yoon Youngsun 5P on Marriage and Go
GO PHOTOS: Artistic Go Boards
GO QUIZ: Go Greatest
MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: New E-Journal contributor Rob van Zeijst – the long-time Tokyo-based go writer – kicks off his new EJ series with an incisive and detailed commentary on the 11th round game between Cho U and Takao Shinji in the 15th Ryusei. “64 top players play in the Ryusei Tournament to vie for a first prize of 6 million yen,” van Zeijst says. “Last year, Cho U won the title by beating Yuki Satoshi in the final. As last year's winner, Cho has a tremendous psychological advantage and bears witness to his incredible strength in speed games. On the other hand, Takao Shinji simultaneously holds the Meijin and Honinbo as the 6th player in history. On top of that, he is one of the few players who has a positive score against Cho U. Don't be fooled by the 'blitz' aspect of this tournament - you will get all the reading depth you want in this explosive environment.” Today’s bonus files are this month’s endgame problems – an easy and a hard one -- from Yilun Yang 7P. Non-members: all this great content is just a click away!

GUO, ZHANG & SHIH HEADING TO HANGZHOU: Jimmy Guo 6d, Lionel Zhang 5d and Jack Shih 5d will represent the United States at the upcoming Hangzhou International City Go Tournament. The U.S. team will be one of 30 from all over the world and China participating in the tournament, part of the 2007 West Lake Exposition, a large Chinese cultural event that runs Thursday, October 25 through Monday, October 29.

FOUR-WAY IN PHILLY: The top prize at last weekend’s Philadelphia Fall Open top prize was split four ways when ZhaoNian Chen, Jie Liang, Yuan Zhou and Kevin Huang all posted 4-1 records in the open section. The $1,500 Open Section prize pot was split evenly amongst the four winners, with $375 in cash awarded to each player. Forty-three players attended the 3rd annual event September 22-23, which was directed by Peter Nassar and paired by Paul Matthews. In the handicap section, Wei Mao took top honors with five straight wins; Andrew Huang took 2nd, also posting a 5-0 record, while EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock placed third with a 4-1 record and Alexander Foti took 4th, also with a 4-1 record. Photos at left and top right by Chris Garlock

JIE LI TO LECTURE IN DC: Jie Li 9d, the top-rated U.S. amateur who recently relocated to the metro Washington DC area to attend law school, will present a lecture on one of his recent games this Friday night at the Greater Washington Go Club. The event is free; Li’s last lecture in DC attracted a standing-room-only crowd. The event will take place at GWGC, in the basement (opposite room 15) of Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, 9601 Cedar Lane, on Sept. 28th at 8P.

LIU AND KAZ IN BIG APPLE DOUBLE-HEADER: 2006 US Open winner Andy Liu lectures at the New York Go Center this Friday at 7P, and Get Strong at Joseki co-author – and E-Journal columnist -- Kazunari Furuyama 7D lectures at the Center Sunday at 3P. Click here for details.

INTERNET PAIR GO DEADLINE LOOMS: The registration deadline for the Internet Pair Go Tournament is midnight on September 30. The first U.S. national internet Pair Go tournament will be held online this October and November. There are no entry fees and no prizes. Click here for more details and registration info.

CALENDAR: 6 Events, Tacoma to Israel
September 28: New York, NY: Fridays With Andy: Learn From A Champion
2006 US Open winner Andy Liu 8d (r), one of America's top ten players, plays and teaches

Roy Laird 212.223.0342
September 29-30: Cary, NC: Triangle Memorial
Two Days, $400 first prize in top section
Paul Celmer 919.610.0927
September 29: Boulder, CO: Rocky Mountain Fall Go Tournament
David Weiss 720.904.3524
September 29: Middlebury, VT: Last Dango in Vermont
Peter Schumer 802.388.3934
September 29: Tacoma, WA: Back-To-School Fall Tournament
Gordon Castanza 253.853.4831
September 30 - October 4: Ashkelon, Israel: Succot (Tabernacles) Go Camp
Mind Go Club and European Go Campus teachers give workshops and training. Daily workshops and evening activities; accommodation and food on site.
Shavit Fragman info@go-mindDOTcom +972.54.4500.453

CHO U EVENS SCORE IN MEIJIN: Cho U 9P (l) defeated Japanese Meijin Takao Shinji 9P by resignation on September 19-20 to even up their title match 1-1. Takao, who also holds the Honinbo title, took the title from Cho last year, blocking a threepeat by Cho, who first won the title in 2004. Cho seems on the verge of returning to a more dominant role in Japanese go. He has won his section of the current Kisei League to determine the challenger, is in the finals of the winners' bracket of the Judan, made it to the finals of the Oza where he lost to Imamura Toshiya 9P, and in August retained his Gosei title by defeating Yokota Shigeaki 9P 3-0. Cho also is in the finals for the Agon Cup , which he won last year, and in the semifinals of the Ryusei , which he also won last year. He is currently number one on the list of pros winning the most games this year with a 39-14 record for a 74% winning rate and topped the list last year with 49 wins and the same winning percentage.

YAMASHITA TO CHALLENGE FOR TENGEN: Yamashita Keigo 9P (r) defeated teen Iyama Yuta 7P by 1.5 points with White on Thursday, September 20th, to gain the opportunity to challenge Kono Rin 9P for his Tengen title. Kono took this title from Yamashita in 2005 and is hoping for a threepeat. Interestingly, Yamashita was also the challenger in 2006, so for the third year in a row the Tengen title match is between the same two players. The Tengen is the only title Kono has won so far; he is in his twenties. Yamashita, who will be thirty next year, has won several titles and currently holds the number one Japanese title, the Kisei, as well as another of the top seven, the Oza. Kono holds a slight edge over Yamashita in their previous meetings, having won nine of their sixteen games against each other.

DING-KONG BATTLE SET FOR MINGREN CHALLENGE: Ding Wei 9P (l) and Kong Jie 7P (r) will battle it out in a best-of-three match to challenge Gu Li for the Mingren tournament title. One of the older and more prestigious Chinese national events, the Mingen (Meijin, in Japanese) was completely dominated by Ma Xiaochun 9P for more than a decade when he held the title from 1989 through 2001. Gu Li 9P is the current Mingren and has held the title for the last three years. Ding, who is in his upper twenties, was the National Go Individual champion in 1997 and has won only one other title so far, the CCTV Cup in 2000. Kong, who is three years younger, has won several titles, including the 2007 Chang-Ki Cup, named in honor of the founder of the Ing Foundation and the Chinese national tournament with the largest prize fund. Kong has also had some good results in international events, taking third place in the international Chunlan Cup in 2001.

TEEN IYAMA WINS SECOND JAPANESE TITLE: Teen Iyama Yuta 7P (l) has defeated Mochizuki Kenichi 6P by a score of 2-0 to win Shinji-O (New Stars) tournament. Iyama, who set the record for the youngest pro ever to win a title in Japan when he won the Agon Cup in 2005 at the age of sixteen, was the runner-up last year and continues to show every sign of becoming a top player. He is playing in the current Kisei League to determine the challenger and is playing in the finals of the Tengen against Yamashita Keigo 9P. He won his first game before losing out in the current Oza and has won his first game in the current NHK Cup.

JAEUP KIM WINS BRITISH SWINDON: Jaeup Kim, a Korean 5d who lives in Reading, won the 11th Swindon Tournament on Sunday, September 23rd, in England. This was a one-day, three-round event with 45 participants. Kim won all three of his games, defeating the only 4d, Alistair Wall of Wanstead, and two of the three 3d players present, Paul Christie of Bath and William Brakes of Milton Keynes. Three other players won all three games: Alexander Bell 2d of Oxford City, Jim Clare 2d or Reading, and Helen Harvey 3k of Manchester. Fred Holroyd 6k of Milton Keynes had two wins and a forfeit.

PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING: Yoon Youngsun 5P on Marriage and Go
Yoon Youngsun 5P (r), who took the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Women's K
uksu, as well as the 1st Haojue Cup -- and who did some EJ commentaries at the 2007 European Go Congress last August -- will wed Rasmus Buchmann 2d (l) of Germany this month. Interviewed last week in GoAma #69 by Alexander Dinerchtein, Yoon confided that even though many people think she plays and teaches her fiancé, “It is not true. I play with him very rarely; I'm sorry about it.” She also revealed that while her favorite actor used to be Brad Pitt, that’s no longer the case, and she does play on KGS, “but only teaching games.” Dinchertein noted that “If you stay in Germany, you will not be able to play in pro tournaments often. Will you try to keep yourself in good shape and how?” “I know,” Yoon acknowledged. “But when I came here I already gave up the game. I want to teach a lot of children who have talent. Sometimes I study pro games. (They are) really interesting!” Asked her thoughts on the current system of Female World Go Championships -- Dinerchtein pointed out that usually only Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are invited, even though “Feng Yun can play for USA, you can play for Germany, Guo Juan for Holland, Svetlana Shikshina for Russia.” – Yoon said that “Actually I didn't think about it. If I can play, it would be nice, but I would like to give them a chance.” Yoon’s playing style is very aggressive – click here for an example – and Dinerchtein wondered “Will it become softer after marriage?” Yoon demurred, saying “Well, I don’t think so...I like to fight. It is more fun and interesting.” Yoon has two books out Think Like a Pro Haengma and Think Like a Pro Pae and has recently finished her third book. “It is called ‘100 Tips for Amateur Players’. I think people don’t need difficult or complicated things. Basic is the most important.” Click here to read the full original interview. Photo courtesy GoAma.

GO PHOTOS: Artistic Go Boards
Dutch artist Brigitte Cloosterman’s “De Naakte Waarheid en Zo” (“The Naked Truth and Alike”) exhibit opened the first weekend of September in gallery in Eindhoven, Holland. A painter and go-player whose four children also play, Cloosterman’s game-tables are cube-shaped, with the board on top and decorative painting on the sides. The sides of one of the two go-tables are painted to look as though it has book-shelves underneath and there are also cubes for chess, backgammon and the game of goose. Oldest daughter Kirsten and son Tommy have done well on the go board. Kirsten, 3k, a pair-go champion of Holland with her partner Filip Vanderstappen 5d, took part in the Pair Go Championships in Japan in 2003 and Tommy, 1k, won several Dutch Youth championships and once took the silver medal in the European Ing-Cup for under 12. All four kids are a bit famous in both Holland and Japan, because they were twice invited to attend the opening moves of the opening game of a Japanese top-title match featuring Cho Chikun. Father Henk Hollmann 3d and Kirsten recently visited the United States and dropped by the New York Go Center for a few games. Cloosterman’s exhibit – which features the game boards as well as nudes painted after a long recovery from an injury -- runs through October 28. Phone: (0031) 40 252 00 46. Address: Zeelsterstraat 147, NL 5652 EE Eindhoven.
- Report and photo by Peter Dijkema, Dutch correspondent for the American Go E-Journal.

GO QUIZ: Go Greatest
By any name, Go Seigen (Wu Qingyuan) (r) was the convincing winner of last week’s greatest go player poll. Go’s 23 votes swamped Shusaku’s 9, while Dosaku and Lee Chang Ho pulled just 3 each and Huang Longshi and Cho Chikun only 2 apiece. The following impressive list received only one vote each: Sansa, Feng Yun, Kitani, Takemiya, Cho U, Kobayashi Koichi, Fujisawa Shuko, and Sakata. Surprisingly, Hikaru Shindo also got just one vote, while Jowa, Shuwa, Shuei, Nie Weiping and Cho Hun-hyeon were chosen by no one. Demonstrating an impressive hubris, one amateur kyu player ignored all of the above and voted for himself.
    Amidst the ever-tougher competition of the last century, Go essentially forced the rest of the go world to a one stone handicap - and still had a winning record. As Jing Wei Lim noted, "it’s not just (Go’s) dominance as an active player that is hard to top, his contributions to modern go, his innovation and commitment to the game are all unique...IF there is any doubt, just play out his games, even the ones he lost, and the brilliance of every move is apparent." Shusaku’s 19 straight castle game victories are unique, and as Laura Kolb points out "Many people still learn a lot from his games played 150 years ago" Perhaps a longer life might have given him a chance to make his claim even stronger. The case for Dosaku seems hard to argue against. "Dosaku was the last player to be nearly two stones stronger than all of his opponents, Meijin by immediate unanimous consent...developed many joseki and fuseki ideas along with a host of tesuji. He also invented tewari analysis" offers Peter Shotwell. To me, the superiority of Go Seigen's competition gives him the nod, but who knows? Lee Chang Ho and Cho Chikun are, of course, contemporary strong players. Lannie Carter points out that Lee Chang Ho has an impressive 72% win-loss record! Lihu Ben-Ezri Ravin offers - "If Cho Chikun lives life the way he plays go, he will never die." Perhaps many of you have not heard of the 17th-century Chinese master Huang Longshi, and that alone might suggest he does not deserve his two votes, or even a place on the list. Go Seigen himself not only says that Longshi “was at least as strong as Dosaku," but that if he was alive today, he would be 13 dan!
    THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE? Ok, now we know who you think is the greatest, but who’s your favorite go player? Many of you suggested that you had favorite players that were different than your choice as greatest. Click here to tell us who’s your favorite player and why, and lets see if that 1 kyu votes for himself again.
- Quizmaster Keith Arnold, HKA.
Photo credit: Sensei's Library

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