January 17, 2008; Volume 9, #3

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January 17, 2008; Volume 9, #3

N.A. OZA TURNOUT APPROACHING 400: With less than 48 hours to go to this weekend’s North American Oza Go Tournament, last-minute registrations are soaring. As of presstime Thursday night, 191 are signed up to play in Baltimore and 151 in Los Angeles. The dual-event tournament -- one of the premiere go tournaments in the North American go calendar -- provides a fun and challenging six-round AGA-rated, Swiss-McMahon tournament for players of all strengths and selects two champions to represent North America in the World Toyota/Denso Oza Championship in Japan. There’s still time to register for either event, and pre-registration is highly recommended, as there will be a $10 penalty to register at the door and same day registrants who arrive after 9A will not play in the first round. Check-in is from 8-9:15A Saturday and Round 1 will be at 9:30A sharp; click here for the complete schedule of events.

TOP BOARD BATTLES: With a $25,000 prize pool, major battles on the top boards are shaping up on both coasts. In Baltimore, Jie Liang 8D, Minshan Shou 8D and Yuan Zhou 8D top the list of competitors, while in LA, Korean insei Bi Jang – undefeated thus far in U.S. tournaments – will face challenges from Jennie Shen 2P, Dae Hyuk Ko 8d and Joey Hung 8d, fresh from his recent Jujo Cup win in San Francisco. Prizes will be awarded in all bands.

FRIDAY NIGHT FUN: Oza festivities kick off with receptions Friday nights. “A reception in Baltimore Friday night at 7P will be followed by a 3-round Lightning tournament,” reports organizer Keith Arnold. “The playing room will be open late into the evening.” In Los Angeles the reception is 6-8P, and “go boards will be set up for impromptu games and an informal jazz band playing,” reports organizer Andy Okun.

THE “TERMINATOR” WELCOMES OZA: “While I haven’t played much go in my day, I am an avid chess player, and I know the intense mental concentration it takes to compete in these challenging games,” says California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an official letter of welcome to the North American Oza. “I applaud the many players who have gathered to demonstrate their great enthusiasm for go… It’s my hope that all the players will be able to put their skills and talents to great use and play to the very best of their abilities.” The Los Angeles City Council also unanimously passed a resolution welcoming the Oza to L.A.

VIRTUAL OZA ONLINE: Live coverage – including broadcast of top boards on KGS from both locations, with commentary by Tadashi Sasaki 8P and Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P – will be provided by teams from the American Go E-Journal; watch the website for photos, reports and more.

OZA SPONSORS: The bi-annual event is sponsored by Toyota and Denso, organized by the American Go Association and the Nihon Kiin and hosted by the Gilbert W. Rosenthal Memorial Baltimore Go Club, the University of Maryland Baltimore County Go Club, the Santa Monica Go Club and the Hopkins Go Club. Click here for a complete list of all the sponsors, including GoGoD, Yellow Mountain Imports and Kiseido Digital.

SPITZ WINS MASS TOURNEY: David Spitz, 6k took first place in the January 13 Winter Handicap Tournament in Somerville, MA. Details Monday.
CONGRESS UPDATE: U.S. Go Congress organizer Akane Negishi reports that she recently met with the Nihon Kiin in Tokyo to discuss which Japanese pros will attend this year’s Congress in Portland, OR. More details Monday.
ING TEAM DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Ing Team deadline has been extended to February 22. Teams can be formed by any school with at least three go players, and also by home-schooled kids who want to play together. Substantial prizes will be awarded in every bracket. The competition will begin March 1 and all games will be played on KGS. The tournament is being run by the American Go Honor Society, in conjunction with the AGA. Click here http://usgo.org/teamchamp.html for more information and to register.
PARK JIUEN DEFEATS RUI NAIWEI IN YUANYANG CUP: Park Jieun 8P defeated Rui Naiwei 2-1 on January 17 to win the Yuanyang Cup, a new international women's tournament.

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