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MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: If you missed our live coverage of last weekend’s North American Oza, today’s attached game commentaries will give you a thrilling taste of the excitement on the top boards. In the first commentary, Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P takes a detailed look at the 3rd-round Oza East battle royale between Feng Yun 9P and Jie Li 9d, while in the second the Nihon Kiin’s Tadashi Sasaki 8P comments on the final round in the Oza West between Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Dae Hyuk Ko 8d. And there’s plenty more where that came from: 32 Oza game records are posted online, including 10 game commentaries by Sasaki and Dinerchtein. Non-members: join the American Go Association and get all this great content with every EJ! It’s all just a click away!



January 21, 2008; Volume 9, #5

MINGJIU JIANG & JIE LI SWEEP N.A. OZA: Mingjiu Jiang 7P (l) and Jie Li 9d (r) swept the 2008 North American Oza last weekend in Los Angeles and Baltimore, winning the right to represent the continent at the World Oza in Japan later this year. The two title-winners were undefeated atop two very tough fields crowded with many of the best players in North America – four professionals competed in the Oza West -- providing thrilling games that were broadcast worldwide. Jiang showed “tremendous resolve,” according to guest commentator Tadashi Sasaki 8P of the Nihon Kiin, who said that seeing a game like the 6th-round battle between Jiang and Dae Hyuk Ko 8d – which involved a huge sacrifice by Jiang -- “is one of the pleasures of playing go.” Although Li, who’s won a number of national titles, has not been as active on the American go tournament scene lately – he’s currently studying law at George Mason University – he was in fine form at the Oza, defeating many of his opponents by resignation (including Feng Yun 9P) as well as narrowly besting Korean insei Hong Suk Song in an extremely hard-fought and complicated 1.5-point game. The 2008 North American Oza Tournament was sponsored by Toyota/Denso, run by the American Go Association in partnership with the Nihon Ki-in, and hosted in Baltimore by the Gilbert W. Rosenthal Memorial Baltimore Go Club and in Los Angeles by the Santa Monica Go Club. Click here for a downloadable full-color copy of the ’08 Oza guide, which includes a commentary on a World Oza game by Alexandr Dinerchtein and a special Oza puzzle by Yilun Yang 7P.
Oza East Winner Report: Open section: 1st: Jie Li 9d; 2nd: Hong Suk Song 7d; 3rd: Jie Liang 8d; 4th: Eric Lui 8d; 5th: Feng Yun 9P; 6th: Carson Tu 7d; 7th: Changlong Wu 7d.
Oza West Winner Report: Open section: 1st: Ming Jiu Jiang 7P; 2nd: Xuefen Lin 1P, 3rd: Joey Hung 8d; 4th: Jang Bi 8d; 5th: Dae Hyuk Ko 8d; 6th: Lu Wang 8d; other money winners: Huiren Yang 1P, Jenny Shen 2P.
The complete winners’ report for all bands in both events will be posted online. photos: Mingjiu Jiang (l) by Mike Sun; Jie Li by John Pinkerton

OZA TURN-OUT SETS RECORD: The combined turnout of 350 players -- 187 in Baltimore and 163 in Los Angeles – made this year’s Fourth North American Oza the biggest yet in the event’s history. Though turnout declined in the Oza East (over 200 turned out in each of the previous editions in New York City), the ’08 Oza West finally broke into triple digit turn-out. The fields were also strong across the board as the big-money event – over $30,000 in prizes was awarded – attracted players of all strengths. photo of L.A. playing area courtesy Andy Okun

BI-COASTAL OZA BROADCAST MAKES HISTORY: While live broadcasting of top boards at major U.S. go tournaments has become routine in the last few years, this was the first simultaneous bi-coastal broadcast in AGA history. Teams in both Los Angeles and Baltimore brought the excitement of one of the year’s biggest events to audiences on KGS that often exceeded 400. Two teams trained and coordinated by E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock – who managed the Baltimore team while Oza West organizer Andy Okun managed the LA team – broadcast nearly three dozen top board games, with live online pro game commentary provided for ten of the games by either Mr. Tadashi Sasaki 8 Dan professional from the Nihon Ki-in (LA games) or Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P of Russia (Baltimore and some LA games). All game records are posted online
photo: EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock broadcasts the end of the 1.5-point Round 3 game between Jie Li (r) and Hong Suk Song. Photo by John Pinkerton.

THE FOLKS WHO BROUGHT YOU THE ’08 OZA: N.A. Oza Director: Roy Laird; Oza East: Keith Arnold, Organizer; Chuck Robbins, TD; Jonathan Bresler, Registrar; Todd Blatt, Ken Koester, Allan Abramson, Todd Heidenreich, Sam Zimmerman, Arnold Eudell, Volunteers. Oza West: Andrew Okun, Organizer/Registrar; Chris Kirschner, TD; Chris Hayashida, Assistant TD; Robert Terry, Terry McIntyre, Lawrence Gross, Bob Myers, Yixian Zhou, Janet Klawe, Volunteers. Oza EJ broadcasting teams: East (Baltimore): Chris Garlock (EJ Team Manager, Board 1 recorder), John Pinkerton (Board 2 recorder, photographer), Carrie Lapidus (Board 3 recorder, rounds 4 & 5), Phil Straus (photographer); IT support: Steve Colburn. West (LA): Andy Okun (EJ Team West Manager); Recording/broadcasting: Richard Dolen, Joe Cepiel, Ed Lee, Mike Sun; IT support: Chris Hayashida; KGS support: Akane Negishi and Elvire Scheibling. photo of Oza East TD room by John Pinkerton

ING TEAM DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Ing Team deadline has been extended to February 22. The first 100 teams to register will receive a free go set. Teams can be formed by any school with at least three go players, by home-schooled kids who want to play together, and youth go clubs in alternative schools or part time schools are also allowed, as are teams from youth at public library clubs. Substantial prizes will be awarded in every bracket. The competition will begin March 1 and all games will be played on KGS. The tournament is being run by the American Go Honor Society, in conjunction with the AGA. Click here for more information and to register.

’08 U.S. GO CONGRESS ALREADY SHAPING UP: U.S. Go Congress organizer Akane Negishi reports that she recently met with the Nihon Kiin in Tokyo to discuss which Japanese pros will attend this year’s Congress in Portland, OR. “I had a very productive meeting with officials at the Nihon Kiin and the Kansai Kiin,” Negishi tells the EJ. Maeda Ryo 6P of the Kansai Kiin has been confirmed for the Congress, and Negishi expects further updates on other Japanese pros soon. Popular E-Journal columnist Kazunari Furuyama is also likely to attend, she says. “I attended the Nihon Kiin's New Year's Go Ceremony on behalf of the US Go Congress co-directors on January 5th, and got to play in the annual Pro-Ama Rengo game,” Negishi adds. “My opponent was Suzuki Ayumi, the 'strongest female' title holder.” Negishi also reports that she “Got some souvenirs for the Congress attendees from the title holders.” Last but not least, Negishi tells the EJ “I visited Innoshima, Shusaku's birth place, and prayed for the success of this years Congress!” photo at Innoshima (r) by Akane Negishi

PARK JIUEN DEFEATS RUI NAIWEI IN YUANYANG CUP: Park Jieun 8P defeated Rui Naiwei 2-1 on January 17 to win the Yuanyang Cup, a new international women's tournament. Although it is sponsored by a Chinese company and played in Baejing, China, the finals in this first edition of the Yuanyang Cup were both Korean representatives, Rui Naiwei and Park Jieun 8P. Rui won the first of the best-of-three-game title match by a half point, but Park, who is twenty years younger than Rui, took the next two by resignation to claim the title. A Japanese player, Yashiro Kumiko 5P, and a Chinese representative, Zhang Xiang 8P, made it to the semifinals, but the two Koreans prevailed. Park won another new international women's tournament last year, the Dali Cup, defeating Kim Hyeoimin in the finals.

EURO PROS WIN PROMOTION: In a watershed achievement for Russian go, two Russian professionals - Alexander Dinerchtein and Svetlana Shikshina (r) were promoted from 1-dan to 3-dan by the Korean Baduk Association on January 4. Diana Koszegi from Hungary also received 1-dan pro status on the same day.

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