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MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: Cho U 9P of Japan plays Lee Changho 9P of Korea in last year’s 20th Fujitsu Cup Semifinals in today’s game commentary. Ishida Yoshio 9P provides the commentary, translated by John Power from the Yomiuri Newspaper and taken from Go World #113 (Winter 2007-08), published by Kiseido. Today’s bonus file is the latest installment of Haruyama Isamu 9P’s Questions from Actual Play. Non-members: join the American Go Association and get all this great content with every EJ! It’s all just a click away!



February 11, 2008; Volume 9, #8

HOMESCHOOLERS WIN SCHOOL TEAM TOURNAMENT: The Homeschoolers won the 6th Annual Iwamoto School Team Tournament at the Seattle Go Center on February 10. First board was played by Devin Crowley, second board by Alex Engelberg, and third board by Molly Engelberg. Stevens Elementary placed second with Lewis Cable, Hal Vogel, and Isabel Anderson. Hamilton International Middle School also played well, but they did not have a girl on their team, so they were not in the official competition. A team combined from several schools also played. The Tournament Director was Jon Boley, with help from Brian Allen, Scott Arnold and Dan Cooper.
Report/photo by Brian Allen
Photo: A friendly game between rounds of the School Team Tournament at the Seattle Go Center.

HONG-SUK SONG TOPS NOVA CHINESE LUNAR TOURNEY: Korean insei Hong-Suk Song 8d took top honors in the Chinese Lunar New Year Tournament on Saturday, February 2 at George Mason University in Arlington, VA. Over 70 players took part in the second annual event, which once again drew participation from many members of the local Chinese community, “Thanks largely to the hard work of Ching-Sung Chin, Hank Chao and Yeena Liu, who represented UBS, our principal sponsor,” reports Allan Abramson. The event featured three simultaneous tournaments: a 4-round handicap, a pair go, and a beginner’s lightning tournament. Three pairs played in the pair go event, and in two rounds each finished 1-1, tied for both first and last. The pair teams of Andrew Jackson 4d - Gwyn Whieldon 22k, and Scott Waldron 4d – Quynh Vo 3k, “each took home a bottle of wine to console themselves,” Abramson reports. The team of Keiju and Yukino Takehara, “being minors, took home a bottle of apple cider.” Julian Li 35k, took the honors in the lightning tournament, with a perfect 4-0 record. In the main handicap tournament, everyone who had a perfect 4-0 result took home a trophy, a prize and $20. Mr. Song, as the top band winner, took home $40. The winners were: First Place: Hong-Suk Song, 8d (Korean Insei), 4-0; Yi Jin Chen 3d, 4-0; Ji Li, 2s, 4-0; Jiwei Fan 1d, 4-0; Wei Guo, 2k, 3-1; Jian Deng, 5k, 3-1; Baifu Li 6k, 4-0; Kevin Chin 9k, 4-0; Winston Ou 12k, 3-1; Ben Wang 15k, 3-1; Joey Phoon 25k, 4-0; and Melody Chao 30k, 4-0. Second Place: Yuan Zhou 8d and Renjie Wang 6d (tied), 2-2; Li Wang 3d, 2-2; Jinglu Qiao 2d, 3-1; Todd Blatt 1k, 2-2; Xiaoling Du 3k, 2-2; Jerry Chen 6k, and Kabe Chin 6k (tied), 3-1; Louise Ingram 8k, 3-1; Garrett Smith 12k, 3-1; Gurujeet Khalsa 19k, 3-1; Justin Hsu 27k, 2-2; and Kenny Hyunh 32k, 2-2.

ALL THE CLUES FIT TO PRINT: “If one of the way you know you've ‘made it’ is seeing your name in the New York Times crossword, our favorite game made it last Sunday,” reports Upper West Side denizen Roy Laird. The clue for 93 across is "comeback of a Japanese game" and the theme of the crossword was "opposites," such as "leftsrights" (what liberals inalienably possess). “Can a regular go column in the Times be far behind?” Laird wonders. The crossword answer, by the way, is "gosreturn"

NEW KID’S GO WEBSITE LAUNCHED: Tigersmouth -- a new go website targeted at kids and teens -- has just been launched by the American Go Foundation. The site features an original comic strip starring two young kids learning to play, a feline go master, a giant panda, and of course black and white ninjas. Along with an easy-to-follow section on the rules, the site includes a forum for discussions, a directory of AGF youth clubs across the country, and information on tournaments as well as links to important go sites. "My initial idea was to provide a fun website for kids that would get them interested in starting go clubs at their school," reports AGF VP and webmaster Paul Barchilon, who’s also the EJ’s Youth Editor. "Once kids learn how easy it is to get free equipment from us, we hope that they will apply for a starter kit and teach their friends to play." Volunteers Michael Su, who did the initial CMS set up, and cartoonist Pao Siangliue, helped Barchilon to create the site, which has been in the works for the past year. "We plan to run the comic strip in installments and are shooting for a new strip every two weeks," adds Barchilon.
Tiger's Mouth stars Dosaku (l) and Wu (r) face off in a bamboo grove. Characters created by Pao Siangliue, montage by Paul Barchilon.

ING TO FUND PRO WORKSHOPS FOR AGA CHAPTERS: Financial support for organizing pro workshops is now available to chapters of the American Go Association (AGA), thanks to a new grant from the Ing Wei-chi Education Foundation. "We want to encourage chapters to organize workshops, to realize they can do it," said AGA President Michael Lash in announcing the Ing ProTeach Program. "This is a partnership, not a cash giveaway,” Lash added. “We'll match funds that local organizers come up with, giving preference to chapters that have never been visited by a pro.” Up to $6,000 will be available to AGA chapters over the next year; those interested should send a general outline of your idea to For further information and to download an application form, click here. To learn more about certified professionals who live and teach in the US, click here.

ORANGE COUNTY HOSTS 2 PROS: The Orange County Go Club hosted two pros Saturday night, 16-year-old Li Zhe 6P (standing) and Xufen Lin 1P (seated, in light blue shirt). The buzz about two professionals playing simultaneous games at the club drew players and observers from throughout the area, including neighboring Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Li Zhe 6P is currently ranked 15th by the Chinese Wei Chi Association and has scored wins in international competition against top pros, including Lee Sedol of Korea. Li Zhe, visiting from China, started by simultaneously playing the club’s two strongest children, Calvin Sun 6d and Cherry Shen 5d, giving them each two stones. Mr. Li also played seven players simultaneously, while Xuefen Lin, San Diego County's resident Chinese pro, played a 3-on-1 simul with kyu-level players. After the games club organizers Kevin Chao and Jack Shih hosted a Chinese banquet for Mr. Li and his parents, Ms. Lin, and some of the participants in the simultaneous games.
- report by David Matson; photo by Andy Okun

LEE CHANGHO UNDEFEATED IN ‘08: After Lee Changho 9P (r) only won three titles in 2007 – one international and two national -- doubts about whether he’s still number one in Korea began to arise. Things are looking a little different in 2008. Just over a month into the year, Lee has won 13 tournament games without a single loss and has captured two national titles, the Siptan and the KBS Cup. Meanwhile, Lee Sedol – who had a much better year in 2007 -- is 3-1, though he has won the international Samsung Cup, which is a significant achievement. Lee Changho only won one international title last year, the Zhonghuan Cup, and two national titles, the Wangwi and the KBS Cup. Lee Sedol 9P had a more impressive record in 2007, with two international titles, the Toyota Denso World Oza and the Asian TV Cup, and four national titles, the Kuksu, the Myeongin, the Prices Information Cup, and the Maxim Cup.

TAKAO TO CHALLENGE CHO FOR JUDAN: Takao Shinji 9P (r) defeated Cho U 9P in the finals of the challenger's tournament for the 46th Judan on February 7th. This event is one that has a loser's bracket so it is a double elimination tournament, rather than the more common single elimination. In this case, Cho U defeated Takao when they first met in the third round, which put Cho into the finals. Takao then beat Kono Rin 9P to get into the finals from the losers' bracket and defeated Cho U by 6.5 points in his second try. Cho Chikun 9P has held this top-seven title for the past three years, which is quite impressive these days for a player in his fifties. Cho Chikun is also the current holder of the NHK Cup.

MUKAI CHIAKI TO CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN'S KISEI: Mukai Chiaki 2P (l) -- who just turned 20 -- defeated Kato Keiko 5P, current Women's Meijin, on February 7th to gain the opportunity to challenge Umezawa Yukari 5P for her Japanese Women's Kisei title in a best-of-three-game match. Umezawa won this title last year and it's her only title win so far, while this is Mukai's first shot at a title. Mukai lost to Kato last year in the semifinals of the 1st Daiwa Women's Cup.

CONGRESS UPDATES: Five months before a single stone has been played at the 2008 European Go Congress – this year being held in Leksand, Sweden from July 26th - August 9th – more than 400 go players from 27 countries have registered. This year the EGC includes a symposium on go history and on go in art and literature. Register before March 15th, when fees go up. Meanwhile, plans for the US Go Congress in Portland, Oregon August 2-9 are well underway. Register here and click here for details on info on Congress events and activities.

GIVING TO GO: Supporters of American go have already donated over $13,000 to the American Go Foundation (AGF) this year to support the go charity’s educational projects. "This is wonderful confirmation of work we do in promoting go education in schools, community programs, and libraries around the country,” said AGF President Terry Benson, “as well as our support of the Summer Go Camp and the US Youth Go Championship." Support for the tax-deductible charity which promotes American go has more than quadrupled since 2003. "Along with our reliable supporters, we also had a record number of first-time donors. We even picked up a couple of new 'angels' {$1000+ donors}. The AGF helps a wide variety of go programs, but our focus on children strikes a real chord that many players responded to with their checkbooks this year," Benson added. Recently the AGF has begun helping more independent earmarked projects, as organizers discover that they can offer local supporters a tax break through the AGF for go-related community projects. Recently AGF projects include helping Berkeley math professor Elwyn Berlekamp present a major demonstration of his "Coupon Go" approach to measuring the value of moves; forming a fund for donors to support the US World Mind Sport Games Go Team; helping chapters and clubs in the San Francisco Bay area to develop a regional consortium, the Bay Area Go Players Association. "If someone's got a good idea - especially relating to kids - and a source for money, write to us at," Benson said. "Go is uniquely suited for the 21st Century. The more that generous players and supporters can give, the more we can do to build the American go-playing community."

GO CALENDAR: Palo Alto, Boulder & Ames
February 16: Palo Alto, CA: Bay Area Go Players Association Monthly AGA Ratings Tournament
Steve Burrall 916.688.2858
February 16: Boulder, CO: Rocky Mountain Winter Go Tournament
David Weiss 303.328.4728
February 16: Ames, IA: Advanced Go Workshop
Ramon Mercado 787.410.1977
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