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August 9, 2008; Volume 9, #42 Special U.S. Go Congress Edition

NOTE: Click here for latest results in the U.S. Open and North American Ing Cup, including game records and photos. Watch for complete Congress tourney results Monday.

MYUNGWAN KIM WINS U.S. OPEN: Myungwan Kim 8P (l) has won the 2008 U.S. Open, beating Mingjiu Jiang 7P by just 1.5 points in a grueling 4-hour final match Saturday at the U.S. Go Congress in Portland, Oregon. Kim, a 30-year-old Korean pro now living and teaching in Los Angeles, is from Seoul, South Korea, became a pro in 1994 and took second place in the 12th BC Card Cup.

FENG YUN WINS ’08 ING MASTERS: Feng Yun 9P (center) defeated Yilun Yang 7P (l) won the 2008 North American Ing Masters (NAIM) tournament Friday night in a thrilling game watched live by well over 600 people as Takemiya Masaki 9P (r) provided commentary, assisted by Maeda Ryo 6P. The game – played at the U.S. Go Congress in Portland, OR -- was simulcast to over 300 Congress attendees in the main playing area, as well as online on KGS to a worldwide audience of hundreds more. The 191-move game quickly turned into a knife-edged “yamijiai” or “fight in the dark” where both players threw their best punches right up until the final move.
- report by Chris Garlock; photo by Steve Colburn

’08 U.S. OPEN MARKS MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT: In addition to being the largest U.S. Go Congress ever, with 507 registered, the 2008 Congress marked another major achievement when the U.S. Open – the largest field of the year with nearly 400 players – started on time every round, with no delays for late arrivals, re-pairings or software glitches. Many players wondered how Tournament Directors Chris Sira and Jeff Shaevel managed this seemingly impossible feat; the accompanying photo (l) may help explain the secret of their success. Rumors that the two are being recruited to assist major airlines with improving their on-time departures and arrivals could not be verified at presstime.
- photo by Chris Garlock

CONGRESS EDITION STAFF: Managing Editor: Chris Garlock; Game Recorders: Todd Heidenreich (Game Recorder Coordinator), Dennis Wheeler, Richard Dolen, Tom Hodges, Casey Alexander, Brian Leahy, Terry Fung, Josh Gum, Paul Hardin, Huck Bennett, Dave Weimer, Gordon Castanza, Brady Daniels, Calvin Lee (Youth), Cherry Shen (Youth), Troy Wahl. Reporters: Bill Cobb, Lee Hunyh, Laura Kolb (Tournaments); Paul Barchilon (Youth Editor). Photographers: Brian Allen, Phil Straus. IT: Steve Colburn. photo by Phil Straus

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