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MEMBER'S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: In this week’s game commentary, E-Journal contributor Alexandre Dinerchtein 1P – a top European player and editor of the go journal Goama – analyzes his last-round European Go Congress game against Park Jongwook 7d.
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August 18, 2008; Volume 9, #44

CONGRESS UPDATES: Okun Wins Board Auction: Newly-elected Western AGA Board member Andy Okun (holding board) topped a fierce bidding war on the final Friday of this year's U.S. Go Congress, winning the auction with his $600 bid for a 2-inch table board signed by 2008 North American Ing Masters finalists Feng Yun 9P (2nd from r) and Yilun Yang 7P (far l), as well as by visiting pro Takemiya Masaki 9P (far r). “Signatures from Feng Yun, Yilun Yang and Takemiya Masaki on a nice board are pretty special,” Okun told the E-Journal, “but on top of that I’ve been taking lessons from Mr. Yang for a few years now and was excited to see him in the final, so there was a personal angle there too. I wanted to tip my hat.” Ing TD Jeff Shaevel conducted the auction. The money raised will go to the American Go Foundation to support their educational programs. At Friday's auction, photo by Chris Garlock Kaz Blogs!: Fans of Kazunari "Kaz" Furuyama - the Tokyo-based former insei and E-Journal contributor shown here (below, right) lecturing at this year's U.S. Go Congress -- will be interested to learn that he has a new blog offering go lessons and advice. photo by Brian Allen Virtual Congress: Check out online '08 U.S. Go Congress photo albums by EJ photographers Phil Straus and Brian Allen.

REVISED INT'L TOURNEY SELECTION REGS DRAFTED: Revised procedures for selecting representatives to international tournaments have been drafted, reports American Go Association Board Chair Roy Schmidt. "After a series of problems arising from the application of procedures for selecting players to represent the AGA in international tournaments, the Board of Directors made some significant revisions to the procedure," Schmidt tells the E-Journal. The proposal includes clearly-defined competitive procedures, back-up procedures and a minimum number of rated games against stronger players (for amateur players). "Before formal adoption of the new version, the Board would like to
hear comments from the members, and especially from those most likely to be eligible for opportunities to compete internationally," says Schmidt. Click here to review the proposal; to make comments on the draft, email

5 MINUTES WITH: Feng Yun 9P, 2008 N.A.I.M Champion
Sometimes, the teacher becomes the student. “In the second round of the North American Ing Masters, I played a young Korean,” Feng Yun 9P (l) told the E-Journal. “I’d been studying a game from the 1930’s for a workshop I'm giving, and it turned out that the same position came up in the game so I was able to apply what I’d learned.” Feng said that “I think maybe this was the best Congress I ever had. I played much better than the games I played earlier in the year at the N.A. Toyota Oza, when I missed a basic life-and-death problem. I played better this time and that makes me happy.” Although Feng said she felt she played well at the 2007 Ing – when she narrowly lost in the final to Mingjiu Jiang 7P – “I had more confidence this year. Maybe,” she said, smiling, “I learned something from the Takemiya lecture. There were some beautiful moves (in the final against Yilun Yang 7P) that I was really proud to have played.” As 2008 NAIM Champion, Feng Yun won the $3,000 top prize. “I’m also pleased to see so many of my students doing well,” she added proudly, “and it was wonderful to be able to bring my own children to the Congress this year, where they played in the U.S. Open.” Feng is preparing for a busy fall this year, with even more students expected at her popular go school in New Jersey, as well as her coaching duties for the World Mind Sports Games team from the United States. - interview by Chris Garlock; photo by Phil Straus

GO CALENDAR: Tucson & New York City
August 20: Tucson, AZ: Tucson Go Club August Rating Tournament
n Lebl 520.850.9213
August 24: New York, NY: NYGC Big Tournament-5
Boris Bernadsky 646.438.1338

TEEN IYAMA YUTA TAKES LEAD IN KISEI LEAGUES: Teen phenom Iyama Yuta (r) 8P leads the contest to determine the challenger for the Kisei with a 3-0 record. The Kisei, currently held by Yamashita Keigo 9P, is a double round robin league, with six players in each group. The winners of each group then play a single game to determine the challenger. With League play about half over, no one else in either league is undefeated and no one else has three wins. Iyama still has to play Cho Chikun 9P, who is 1-1, and O Rissei 9P, 2-1, so it's not over yet, but the 19-year-old Iyama continues to be the one to watch.

CHO VS KO IN TENGEN PLAYOFFS: Ko Iso (l) 7P will face Cho U (below right) 9P in the Tengen playoffs. The winner will take on current Tengen Kono Rin 8P. Cho U defeated Cho Chikun 9P by 1.5 points
back in July to reach the finals of the Tengen, and his opponent was determined last week when Ko Iso 7P defeated Hane Naoki 9P, the current Honinbo. At the age of twenty, Ko Iso 7P is not as well-known and has yet to win a title, though he has played in the last three Meijin Leagues, is tied for fifth place on the list of Japanese pros who have won the most games so far this year, and ended up in fourth place on that list last year. Tengen title-holder Cho U holds more titles at the moment than any other Japanese pro.

GO QUIZ: Miraculous Fightbacks
Congratulations to Hane Naoki, Honinbo (r, in photo below), who came back from 0-3 to survive four straig
ht kadobans and claim the Honinbo title 4-3. Cho Chikun is famous for this type of comeback - winning 4 straight after being behind 0-3, which the Japanese call a "miraculous fightback". Who was the first player to achieve this feat in a Japanese top three title (Kisei, Meijin and Honinbo)? Was it Sakata Eio, Rin Kaiho, Ishida Yoshio or Cho Chikun? Click here to vote.
- Keith Arnold, Quizmaster

The Co-Directors of the 2008 US Go Congress would like to thank all the people who helped make this Congress a success.
- The wonderful local organizing crew of volunteers who worked their heads off without complaining, many of whom put in 18 hour days for 8 days. Cynthia Gaty, John Howard, Doug Cable, Richard Mann, Chris Shelley, Doug Haning, Ellen Mann, Bob O Malley, Bill Shubert, Mark Jefferys, Peter Drake, Josh Gum, Gordon Marsh, Glenn Peters Yung-Ping Chen, Eddie Kim, Owen Chen, Ralph Chen, Phil Britt, Casey Alexander, Kim Hodges, Tom Hodges, Gail O Malley, Gordon Costanza, Jim Levenick, Kevin Altis and Linden Jeffries. People like Jayme Fosa who just pitched in. To those we missed, please forgive us. The national staff, particularly Chris Kirschner for his unflagging support and advice, and the E-Journal team who fired the shots seen round the world. All the pros, and especially Takemiya Masaki 9P, without whose instruction we will wither on the vine. Paul Barchilon and his assistant, Fritz Balwit, nurturing the next generation of American go players. All the tournament directors, with a special thanks to Jeff Shaevel and Chris Sira, who set a new standard by starting all rounds of the US Open on time. The players in the US Open...over 50 of whom called to let us know of their travel status, a major contributor to starting the US Open on time. Frank Fukuda, Yoshi Sawada, and our intrepid team of translators. The AGA and Mike Lash, who 'gave us our head', facilitating our ability to self-organize and manage.
If we had it to do again, we'd do many things differently and have already begun a conversation about developing a new paradigm for the Congress, which has grown to a size requiring more standardization and long term organization - beyond the capacity of a local group that has never done a Congress before. It's time to move to a new level. The Congress can continue to grow and be a major factor in the development of go in the US, so long as we develop the proper infrastructure to support it.
- Peter Freedman & Akane Negishi, Co-Directors, US Go Congress 2008; photo by Steve Colburn

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