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October 27, 2008; Volume 9, #55

MEIJIN GAME 6 ON IGS: Game 6 of the Meijin title match between Cho U 9P (l) and Iyama Yuta 8P will be carried live on IGS starting at 7 PM EDT on Wednesday and Thursday, October 29th and 30th. Cho now leads 3-2 in his effort to retain the title he took from Takao Shinji 9P last year.
- Bill Cobb

6 TO CONTEST N.A. STUDENT OZA: A field of six players led by Jie Li (AGA 9.5) (r) and Jang Bi (AGA 9.2) are slated to contest the North American Student Oza tournament next weekend, reports Tournaments Coordinator Phil Waldron. “The tournament is the continent's de facto university championship, with the tournament winner selected as the North America representative to the World Student Oza championship,” Waldron tells the EJ.  Spectators are invited to watch what should be some exciting games, which are being played on KGS in the AGA Tournaments Room starting at noon Pacific time on November 1.

NUTZMAN TOPS MGA HANDICAP: Philip Nutzman 7k took first place in the October 19 Fall Handicap Tournament at the Massachusetts Go Association. Complete results: 1st Place: Philip Nutzman 7k; 2nd Place: Marty Spector 1d; 3-way tie for third:  Victor Liang, 8k, Pete Schumer 2k, Yuanliang Chu 4d.

UPDATES: NY Tourney Blog & Photo Album: For complete results and photos of the October 11 NY Go Club tournament (Andy Liu Wins NY Tourney, 10/20 EJ), see Boris Bernadsky's Tournament Director's blog and Carrie Lapidus' Online Photo Album
Abronson at WMSG: Louis Abronson, who played the 5th board on the WMSG U.S Men’s team in Beijing was inadvertently omitted from last week’s report (WMSG U.S. Team Update 10/20 EJ). photo by Carrie Lapidus

KOREAN GO SCHOOLS REACH OUT: Serious go students have some exciting learning opportunities in South Korea, home of many of the world's strongest players. The King's Baduk Academy has asked the AGA to nominate a promising candidate between the ages of ten and 25 for a 3-7-year course of study. The successful candidate will join a class of fifty other promising young players from around the world for a rigorous course of study starting in March 2009. Nominations are due by December 31; the Korean Baduk Association and King's Field Inc. will announce the selectees next January 10. Further details of the selection process will be announced shortly. Contact the AGA's VP of International Affairs, Thomas Hsiang at for more information. For a shorter, more flexible course of study, check out the International Baduk Academy (l). Founder Lee Ki-bong 7d, who has traveled to Europe several times, opened his school earlier this year and more than twenty foreign students have already studied there. Apply directly to the school for admission; scholarships are available in exchange for teaching English.
- reported by Roy Laird

YODA TO CHALLENGE FOR KISEI: Yoda Norimoto 9P (r) defeated Iyama Yuta 8P in their playoff game to become the challenger for the Kisei title currently held by Yamashita Keigo 9P. So Iyama will not be immediately challenging for another of the big three titles (he is down 2-3 against Cho U 9P in the Meijin title match). The first game of the Kisei title match is scheduled for January 14-15. Yoda, who has never held the Kisei, was also the challenger against Cho Chikun 9P in 1998. Yamashita has held this title for the last two years as well as in 2003.
CHINESE TEEN SWEEPS NONGSHIM FIRST STAGE: Seventeen year old Tuo Jiaxi 3P (l) was the first man to step up for the Chinese team in the Nongshim Cup, the international win and continue team tournament. Heo Yeongho 6P of Korea was his first opponent and Tuo prevailed by resignation. Then he set down Japan's Yamashita Keigo 9P by 4.5 points, defeated another Korean, Yun Junsang 7P, by 4.5 points, and finished out Stage 1 by defeating Kono Rin 9P, another of Japan's top players, by 4.5 points yet again. As a result, the Second Stage will start sometime in November with the Chinese team still at full strength with five players, while the Japanese and the Koreans are both down to only three. Tuo will still be up for China, of course. Some formidable players are left on all three teams, but the odds certainly favor China now. The Chinese won this event last year and the Japanese two years ago. The Koreans have triumphed the other seven times the Nongship has been held.
ZOU JIN WINS BRUSSELS PANDANET: An undefeated Zou Jin 6D took first place in the October 25-26 Pandanet Go European Cup in Brussels, Belgium. Ondrej Silt 6D of Czechia edged out Li Yue 6D to take second place. Yue (at left in photo), who was making her debut on the European tournament scene, told the E-Journal that she "looks forward for many more tournaments in Europe in the year to come," and indeed next week she'll take part in the Zürich tournament. Ninety-nine players participated in the Brussels tourney, which has been held in the same venue – which has large windows overlooking a park -- each year since 1991.
- Peter Dijkema, Dutch EJ Correspondent

CALENDAR: Student Oza, Tempe & Seattle
- November 1-2: KGS Go Server: North American Student Oza Playoffs
Phil Waldron
- November 1: Tempe, AZ: Arizona Go Rating Tournament
Bill Gundberg 480.429.0300
- November 2: Seattle, WA: Monthly Ratings Tournament
Seattle Go Center; Brian Allen 206.545.1424

GO PHOTO: At the Dublin Go Club (above right). The club meets Monday and Wednesday nights at Larry Murphy's pub on Baggot St, though organizer Noel Mitchell (l) is happy to pull together local players on other occasions when visitors drop by, as EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock (r) did on a recent Sunday afternoon. Watching soccer is optional; Guinness is not. Email Mitchell at

GO QUIZ: 7-11
    Most of you correctly chose 7 as the number of times the Netherlands will have hosted the European Go Congress, including next summer's 53rd in Groningen. Jonathan Huber detailed the rest of the list - "1994 Maastricht, 1985 Terschilling, 1977 Rijswijk, 1972 Enschede, 1964 Schevingen, 1960 Oud Poelgeest."  My reliable source was Sensei's Library, but I received confirmation from Tony Atkins, who runs the European Go Federation website, and from Martin Finke, one of the '09 Congress organizers, who also thanked me for the advertising the event.  Congrats to Justin Cheng, this week's winner, chosen at random from those answering correctly.
THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: Eleven will be the impressive – and record -- number of Congresses hosted by Germany (or West Germany previously) once they host as scheduled in 2012. The Netherlands’ 7 will tie what other nation for second place in most European Congresses held?  Is it Austria, France, Italy or Poland?  Click here to send us your answer.
- Keith Arnold

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GO PLAYERS WANTED: Montgomery County, PA: We meet Sunday's at Borders in Airport Square, Routes 309 and 202, North Wales, PA. Neil Zod (9/29)

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