Standard AGA Tournament Protocols

Swiss McMahon tournaments have been used within the AGA for several decades. While this has been successful in the past, the lack of written documentation presents problems for first-time tournament directors who find themselves without instructional resources. Programmers wishing to create computer pairing programs are unclear on the algorithm required to implement such a system.

To fill this gap, the AGA now presents two documents. The first, the AGA Swiss McMahon: Pairing Protocol Standards, describe how a Swiss McMahon tournament is to be paired in AGA events. The second document, AGA Swiss McMahon: Program Interface and Reporting Requirements, lays out minimal user interface standards for an AGA compliant pairing program. The AGA is prepared to certify programs that meet the combined pairing and interface/reporting standards as "AGA compliant" in a vendor-neutral fashion. Contact the AGA's tournament coordinator for details on program certification.

Pairing Protocol Standards The definition of how to pair an AGA tournament according to the Swiss McMahon system.
Program Interface and Reporting Requirements For programmers: interface standards for an AGA-compliant pairing program.
XML Schema For programmers: XML Schema for recording tournaments results.
Schema Summary in Open Document format or Excel format For programmers: Spreadsheet describing XML Schema.
Tournament Demo 1
Tournament Demo 2
Tournament Demo 3
Tournament Demo 4
For programmers: demonstration XML tournament reports written against the standard Schema.