Covid-19 Recommendations

AGA Recommendations for Running Tournaments Safely with Respect to Covid-19 Issues

In early 2020, the AGA called on all to simply stop face-to-face tournament play. A lot has happened since, and clubs and chapters are now seeking to start up again. We now want to acknowledge people’s desire to get competing again. Our recommendations here are our assessment that with a little inconvenience and some patience, it should be possible to compete with reasonable safety.

While the CDC does not have specific guidelines for Go or other game tournaments, our recommendations seek to interpret the CDC’s more general guidelines. Noting that two people sitting across from each other for an hour in a closed room is exactly the circumstance in which COVID is most likely to spread, we are strongly recommending masks. However, given the CDC’s identification of touch transmission as a very low risk, we are not suggesting requiring stones to be cleaned after every game. Nonetheless, we are recommending that sanitizer, gloves and spare masks be made readily available to all, and the AGA is willing to provide supplemental funding to offset the costs of providing that support. Please email with a copy of your announcement and your tournament rating report to get reimbursement for those costs.

It is important to remember that the “prudent response” to COVID is a moving target. We will be reviewing the current status of CDC and other guidelines weekly and will adjust our recommendations according to new information. It is also important to follow local news and government guidance, since the pandemic affects different areas differently.

Please write to with any questions.