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Go Classified: Go World collections; plus books, board, stones & bowls

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Complete set of Go World Mags For Sale: Unique Xmas opportunity to get all Go World Magazines (#1 – #129) including the rare early Ishi Press issues in fine condition for $850 (as a set only, excl. shipping). Email: niwrexy@yahoo.de

Go Books, Board, Stones & Bowls For Sale: “I am interested in selling a boxful of go books (including first editions signed by Naiwei Rui and Michael Redmond), a footed 4-1/2” thick wooden board, and shell and slate stones in hand-carved Japanese wooden bowls.  Interested buyers can contact: jean@dougandjean.com

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“Play Games. Heal Kids.”

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Every Friday night at around 7pm EST, Skatmaker invites some friends from the local go community to his apartment to 2016.12.06_Extra Life  Play Games. Heal Kids.stream on a real board to Twitch.tv. The recurring cast on stream includes Skatmaker (40k), Devin Fraze (1D), and Thomas Cummings (~15k).

As of November, Skatmaker has been a participant in a charity event known as Extra-Life, which aims to bring together people and their love of games in order to raise money to help children facing life-threatening illnesses. “With the proceeds benefiting Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, these kids can get the medical care and attention they need at little to no cost to their families,” says Skatmaker.

Skatmaker and company have raised nearly $300 so far. The charity streams will continue throughout December, until Extra-Life 2016 ends.

Skatmaker’s Twitch channel Skatmaker’s Extra-Life page

photo from the Extra Life “Play Games. Heal Kids.” video


Ke Jie 9P Evens Score Against Tuo Jiaxi 9P in Samsung Final; Game 3 Decider Wednesday at 8p PST

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Ke Jie 9P evened the score in the Samsung Cup final Tuesday, defeating Tuo Jiaxi 9p to take the match to a Game 3 decider Wednesday night. Stephanie Yin 1P will be commenting the game, starting at 8p PST on the AGA’s YouTube and 2016.12.07_samsung-game2Twitch channels. Myungwan Kim 9p’s AGA YouTube commentary on Game 2 has been posted.

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Drake Hands Schmidt the Reins for Portland Tournament

Tuesday December 6, 2016

After running the annual Portland, Oregon tournament for more than ten years, Peter Drake has retired as tournament 2016.12.06_portland-group_photo4director, and AGA Treasurer Roy Schmidt has agreed to take over the reins.

Drake, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Lewis & Clark College, researched computer go since arriving in 2002. With the success of AlphaGo, he is moving on to other topics. “It would have been nice if I had had a paper on the cover of Nature,” he joked, “but at least I was cited, so I’ve made some contribution to the downfall of humanity.” He said that he will certainly continue playing, but now it’s purely for enjoyment and not directly part of his work.
This year’s tournament, held October 15-16 at the scenic college, involved 23 players from around the Pacific Northwest. Stormy weather outside echoed the intense battles on the boards.
2016.12.06_portland-kidsShohei Jinno 6D won the top division, winning all five of his rounds. The next three bands were won respectively by Eugene Zhang 2D, Gordon Castanza 9k, and Olin Waxler 28k. With a 5-0 record, Waxler also won the prize for best youth player. April Hersey 11k, a former president of the Lewis & Clark Go Club, won the prize for best female player.
Thanks to generous donations, there were enough prizes that everyone could take home something. The first prizes snapped up were a hardbound copy of Relentless: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li and a nice pair of wooden bowls.

photos: (top right) group photo; (bottom left) Olin Waxler vs April Hersey
Editor’s note: we apologize for the delay in posting this report; Peter Drake sent it in promptly in October but we somehow overlooked it.  

Mason Go Club Hosts Second Tourney on Thanksgiving Weekend

Tuesday December 6, 2016

The Mason Go Club of Ohio hosted its second annual go tournament on November 26. This year, in order to encourage 2016.12.06_Mason Go Club-tourneyparticipation, adults and youth were rewarded separately in each of the three divisions.  In Division A, John Davis (5D) of Louisville, Kentucky won adult first place and visiting student Binyun Wang (5D) from China won youth first place.  Winners in other divisions include Jerry Qiu (youth Division B), Chris Martin (adult division B), Yeming You (youth division C) and George Meng (adult division C).

The event reached its climax when younger players from the local school go class joined the tournament in the afternoon, playing some fun mini games. Those younger kids weren’t quite ready for a full tournament, but they were encouraged to participate in the event. The youngest player was 5 years old, Zach Li.
The event was generously sponsored by the Confucius Institute of Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. The 2017 event is tentatively scheduled for August of next year, according to event organizer Frank Luo.
photos/collage by Frank Luo

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