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National Go Center opens “a very good place to play go”

Friday April 28, 2017

The new National Go Center opened Friday in Washington DC with an afternoon event featuring a ribbon-cutting and speeches by 2017.04.28_ngc-ribbondignitaries from as far away as Japan and as near as Northwest DC. Festivities continue today with a tournament starting at 9a (be there by 8:30 to register; follow the Board 1 action live on KGS) and then at 7p tonight a Member’s Access event that includes pianist Haskell Small and another pianist performing Small’s “A Game of Go,” an original composition inspired by a famous game by the legendary Shusaku. Michael Redmond and Chris Garlock will then do a commentary on one of the new games by Master/AlphaGo reprising their roles as commentators on the historic AlphaGo match a year ago. 

Center Executive Director Gurujeet Khalsa welcomed the assemblage and American Go Association president Andy Okun called the opening — attended by a full house — “very heartening” and said that “it’s clear that DC has risen to the challenge of building a community and a sustainable institution.” The Go Center, Okun declared, “is going to be e very good place to play go.”

American Go Foundation — and former AGA president — Terry Benson reminded the attentive audience of the long history of Japanese support for American go, noting that “JAL sponsored our first US Championship,” and that Japan’s Go Review was the primary source of go news and instruction in the 1960′s. He also pointed out that “the first U.S. Go Congress was held not far from here and was 2017.04.28_ngc-scrollorganized by some of the same folks who have now helped found this National Go Center.” Benson showed a go fan autographed with “strong heart” by Kajiwara and, choking up slightly, said that “go is not just a game for us, it’s something that can be so much more. The Go Center will be a crossroads for the world and that’s just what Iwamoto would have wanted.”

Nihon Ki-in chairman Hiroaki Dan (right, in photo at left, with Khalsa) — who flew in from Japan just for the opening — and Iwamoto North American Foundation Executive Director Thomas Hsiang (via recorded message) offered their hearty congratulations on the Center’s opening and wished the organizers well. Mr Dan noted that the Nihon Ki-In “is over 90 years old but go has been played in Japan for over 1,000 years and our goal is to help spread it throughout the world.” Also speaking were Mark Hitzig, Executive Director of the Japan-American Society of Washington and the Japan’s Deputy Chief of Mission Atsuyuki Oike, who said that “The go board is a universe of the entire world.”

After officially opening the Center with a ribbon-cutting, everyone headed up to the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre in Silver Spring for a special private screening of the brand-new documentary “AlphaGo,” fresh from its world premiere last Friday at the Tribeca Film festival in New York City, after which many of the players, energized by the epic 2016 Lee Sedol-AlphaGo match, headed back to the NGC to play go.
- report/photos by Chris Garlock



A few spots left for 2017 International Collegiate Go Tournament

Friday April 28, 2017

The Ing Foundation is hosting the 2017 International Collegiate Go Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand from July 7th through 13th, writes Michael Fodera. The event is open to any current, future, or recently graduated college student attending school sometime in 2017. Room, board, tours, and travel costs incurred during the event will be covered by the Ing foundation. The student is responsible for getting to and from the tournament site, and is expected to cover any personal expenses.
Full tournament schedule and registration can be found here.
There are still a few spots open for the event, but the registration deadline is quickly approaching.
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Shogi meets go in Mexico City

Monday April 24, 2017

The Shogi and Go Meeting was held on March 25 in collaboration with Shogi Mexico, the Mexican Go Association and the 2017.04.24_mexico-shogiJapanese Embassy-located at one of the main avenues in Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma. The Japanese ambassador to Mexico, Akira Yamada, happens to be a passionate Shogi player, board member of the International Shogi Popularization Society and a go player too, and his support made this successful event possible.Mr. Yamada gave a presentation on “Shogi and Go in the Japanese Culture,” which was attended by more than 100 people followed by a beginner go workshop  given by Siddhartha Avila, the current Youth Coordinator for the MGA. The event also included a Shogi workshop for beginners by José Martínez, President of Shogi Mexico and a talk about Shogi and Anime by Yrvinn Campos, a Shogi Mexico organizer, there was a group of instructors2017.04.24_mexico-go of both disciplines who arranged free games for the newcomers, while existing players played simultaneous games and reviewed games.

“It was really great to see people from all ages at the meeting,” said Amaury Olivo, Shogi Mexico organizer. “The biggest impact we had was with the kids. I’d be really happy if among them we have a strong Shogi player in the future.”

Encouraged by the success of this event, the participating organizations  are ready to start a new collaboration between Mexico and Japan to promote go, Shogi and both cultures, with the support of the Nihon Kiin and the Nihon Shogi Renmei. There is a brief report and gallery in Spanish here. There’s an album of photos here.
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Young players invited to kids’ Baduk Festival in Korea

Monday April 24, 2017

Young American go players are invited to participate in the 4th Kuksu Mountains International Children Baduk (Go) Festival,2017.04.15_korea-kids which will be held from July 28 to August 1 in Korea. Some 400 kids are expected at the the 2017.04.15_korea-kids2festival, which is hosted by the Korea Baduk Association (KBA), which covers room and board costs. Contact Jubae Lee at the KBA overseas department for details if interested: lcs8431@daum.net

The Festival includes a friendship match with Korean children, three tournaments, side events and sight-seeing. There will also be opportunities to meet professional go players, including Lee Sedol 9P.

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Upcoming Go Events: Washington DC, Seattle, Stony Brook

Monday April 24, 2017

April 29: Washington, DC
National Go Center – Cherry Blossom
Gary Smith gary@novagoclub.org 703-254-6429

May 7: Seattle, WA
Spring Tournament
Brian Allen manager@seattlego.org 206-632-1122 or 206-545-1424

May 7: Stony Brook, NY
Stony Brook Sakura Matsuri 2017
Manan Singh manan.singh@stonybrook.edu 631-944-0173
Joy Abasolo joy.abasolo@stonybrook.edu

Get the latest go events information.

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