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Adan Wins UK Go Challenge

Sunday July 3, 2011

Adan Mordcovich from London was the new champion of the UK Go Challenge, held June 26 in Aston. He also won the Under-18 Boys section forcing Aston’s Mazhar Warraich to take second in the section and overall. Hamzah Reta, also from Aston, was third overall and Under-16 Boys Champion. Aston also won the schools trophy and their Ibraheem Mustafa won Under-12 Boys. Thomas Meehan from Solihull won the Under-14 Boys. Milton School players cleaned up in the younger age groups and won the Junior School Cup. Roella Smith was Top Girl winning Under-12 and her sister Kelda won Under-8. Their brother Edmund, aged 6, won the Boys Under-8 and Mark Slatter won the Boys Under-10. There were prizes too to many others for good results or solving puzzles. A special award of UK Go Challenge Meijin Organiser was given to Mr Mike Lynn for supporting the event from its start up to his forthcoming retirement. Click here for results.
- Tony Atkins

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