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Never Too Much Go in Bay Area

Saturday August 20, 2011

A diverse playing field ranging from 7 dan to 26 kyu gathered in Palo Alto, CA on August 13 for the Bay Area Go Players Association monthly AGA ratings tournament. “I was worried that most of our regular players would still be recovering from the US Go Congress and wouldn’t make it,” admits tournament organizer Roger Schrag. But 29 kids and adults played in the tournament, more than half of them having just returned from the US Go Congress less than a week earlier. “Perhaps the Congress energized these players and reminded them how rewarding face to face go play can be,” Schrag suggests. Tony Xie 5d (playing White on the middle board in the photo) swept the dan division with an impressive 4-0 record. In the kyu division, Raymond Feng 6k and Bryan Tan 13k led with four wins and one loss each. The next monthly AGA ratings tournament in the San Francisco Bay Area will be held September 10 in Palo Alto. Photo by Lisa Schrag; click here for more photos.

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