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AGA 2012 Annual Report Released

Saturday July 28, 2012

Although much of his vision remains to be realized, outgoing American Go Association President Allan Abramson remains bullish on the future of the AGA. As outlined in 2008 when he was appointed President, Abramson’s vision included more than 5,000 AGA members (current membership stands at 2,141), and operating budget of over $250,000 per year (the FY 2013 budget is under $60,000, a national schools tournament system (getting there but still not in place) and U.S. professionals being paid to provide instructional and training services to AGA clubs and strong players (still a hit or miss proposition). Still, as Abramson hands off the reins of leadership to income president Andy Okun, “It remains my vision for the AGA to reach and go beyond 10,000 members. This is the critical mass we need to ensure enough volunteers to make all your good ideas reality,” Abramson says in his 2012 Annual Report. “The good news is that my vision of a new generation of AGA leaders is happening,” Abramson notes, along with other exciting developments, like the ongoing hotly-contested Board election, and “new volunteers have taken key positions, more schools are forming clubs, our systems infrastructure has been updated, and the internet promises greater community awareness and involvement.” The new U.S. pro certification system is off to a good start, “thanks to Kim Myungwan and our sponsor, Tygem,” a go documentary now in production “promises to significantly increase public awareness of go,” Winston Jen’s contribution of Hikaru no Go volumes “is infiltrating libraries across the country,” the AGA fielded a large World Mind Sports team and the upcoming International Symposium on Go “will be fantastic.” The 2012 Annual Report includes Abramson’s complete report, as well as reports on international activities, North America’s First International Go Symposium, AGA Development Activities, Communications, Youth Activities, Marketing and Development Committee and Treasurer’s Report. Click here for the Fiscal Year 2012 Balance Sheet and the Budget/Actual report for the year.
Correction: Seattle’s Chris Kirscher was the AGA’s first West Coast President.


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