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EuroGoTV Updates: October 26-November 13

Sunday November 18, 2012

Three Peaks 2012 (11/13): The Three Peaks, played from 11/10-11 in Lake District, United Kingdom, was won by Matthew Cock 5d, in second was Andrew Simons 3d and third was Richard Hunter 3d… Kani 6 2012 (11/13): The Kani 6 (Rabbity Six), played in Tampere, Finland, on 11/10-11 was won by Juuso Nyyssonen 4d (r), in second was Oiva Moisio 3d and third was Juri Kuronen 5d… November Tournament (11/12): The 17th November Tournament, played in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 11/10-11 was won by Lukas Podpera 5d, in second was Pavol Lisy 6d and third was Jan Simara 6d… Il Gladiatore (11/12): The Il Gladiatore, played in Rome, Italy, on 11/10-11 was won by Alessandro Pace 2d, in second came Andrea Mori 3k and third was Andriy Zakharzhevskyy 2d… Rahlstedter Tengen 2012 B (11/12): The Rahlstedter Tengen B, in Hamburg, Germany, on 11/10-11 was won by Manuel Jacobsen 6k, in second was Veronika Lyssenko 7k and third was Patrick Brunner 6k… Rahlstedter Tengen A (11/12): The Rahlstedter Tengen A, played in Hamburg, Germany, on 11/10-11 was won by Ji Lu 4d, in second was Bernd Lewerenz 3d and third was Yang Liu 4d (photo Michael Steffensen 8k, 14th)… Winterhurer Herbst- / Samstagsturnier (11/12): The Winterthurer Herbst- / Samstagsturnier, played in Winterthur, Switzerland, on 10/11 was won by Jonas Jermann 3d, in second was Ciaran Pearson 3d and third was Rick Wertenbroek 2k… Deutsche Go-Einzelmeisterschaft (11/12): The Deutsche Go-Einzelmeisterschaft, played in Hamburd, Germany, on 11/08-11 was won by Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d (r), in second was Johannes Obenaus 5d and third was Jun Tarumi 5d… Autumn Tournament (11/09): The Autumn Tournament, played in Kosice, Slovakia, on 10/27-28 was won by Adrian Lacko 12k, in second was Michal Kralik 5k and third was Zuzana Kralikova 11k… 5th Nam-Ban Cup (11/09): The 5th Nam-Ban Cup, played in Madrid, Spain, on 10/26-27 was won by Kiichi Matsumoto 1k, in second was Fernando Holgado 3k and third was Diego Alonso 2k.
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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