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AGA Launches Pair Go Page

Sunday February 10, 2013

The AGA has just launched its Pair Go Facebook page. Calling it “a work in progress,” Rachel Small is collecting Pair Go photos from over the years to include on the page, and encourages others to share their photos as well. She also plans to stream photos live from Pair Go events. “Like” it to get Pair Go news, and post on the wall to let others know if you’re looking for a partner. This is the first time that the AGA has made use of online social networking to promote go, and Small notes that it’s appropriate that Pair Go is leading the way, “as it is an inherently social variation of the game.” Photo: Rachel Small with her Panda Net staffer partner at the Pair Go Friendship Match at the Tokyo Metropolitan Edmont Hotel in November 2012; photo by Steve Colburn.

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