American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Lessons with Kaz: Attach-and-Extend Joseki

Tuesday May 14, 2013


Published in the May 14, 2013 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

This lesson gives important insights into the attach-and-extend joseki, which is often written incorrectly in some or many of the joseki books published in Japan.  The lesson also contrasts such josekis starting with a star point vs. a 3-4 point.  Kaz warns, “I can’t explain everything today,” so be prepared for follow up lessons.

The target audience is 18 kyu – 4 dan.  Kyu players finding some parts difficult should ignore that part and learn only things they can understand.

A longtime contributor to the American Go E-Journal, former insei Kazunari Furuyama has returned with his popular EJ column, now in sgf files and re-named “Lessons with Kaz”.  Kaz co-authored Kiseido’s “Get Strong at Joseki”, volumes 2 and 3 and is now teaching on KGS Plus.  For more material and information, e.g., what a $30 mistake is, see Kaz’s website.