American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Lessons with Kaz: Peeps IV

Tuesday December 24, 2013


Published in the December 24, 2013 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

This lesson continues with peeps.  First I’d like to state that this lesson should have come out first, because the content should be much easier to understand than the previous three peep lessons.  I’m sorry that I didn’t present this at the very beginning.

In this lesson I’m going to talk about the following:  “A peep, followed by an opponent answering with a connection, should not be saved.”  It’s a $40 common adult mistake to save a peeping stone, which is one of the most important peep lessons.

A longtime contributor to the American Go E-Journal, former insei Kazunari Furuyama has returned with his popular EJ column, now in sgf files and re-named “Lessons with Kaz”.  Kaz co-authored Kiseido’s “Get Strong at Joseki”, volumes 2 and 3 and is now teaching on KGS Plus.  For more material and information, e.g., what a $30 mistake is, see Kaz’s website at