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Minieri Tops In Italian Championships Report

Monday December 8, 2008

2008.12.08 Italian Tourney Davide Minieri 3D took 1st place at the 29th annual Italian Open Championships (pictured), held at the 11th Italian Go Congress, which ran November 28-30 in Milan, Italy. The field of 87 included a large group of participants from Kiev in the Western Ukraine. Four players finished on top with 4 wins each: Minieri (Padova), Vasyl Skochko 4D (Kiev), Giordano D’Obici 1D (Rome) and local strongman Francesco Marigo 4D. Dmytro Korolov 7K and Mykola Antonov 20K from Kiev were the only other undefeated players. Roman Korolov 2K of Kiev topped the 9×9 Tournament, Borys Baydenko 4K took 2nd and Carlo Metta 2K was the 9×9 Italian Champ, finishing 3rd (the highest-placing Italian player wins the championship title). Vasyl Skochko of Kiev took first place in the Lightning Championships, ahead of his countryman Roman Ruzhanskyy 1K, while Davide Minieri placed 3rd to win the Italian title, ahead of Gionata Soletti 2K, the main organizer of the 1996 and 2006 European Go Congresses in Italy. – reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent

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European Go News: Oh Chi-Min Sweeps Berlin Tourneys; French Autumn Go Report

Monday December 1, 2008

OH CHI-MIN SWEEPS BERLIN TOURNEYS: Oh Chi-Min 7D has swept two German tournaments back-to-back. After winning the Go-to-Innovation tournament in Berlin on November 21-23, Oh won the ‘Crane’ there a week later. Hong Seul-ki 7D finished 2nd and Zou Jin 6D took 3rd prize in the Innovation and Zou Jin moved up to 2nd in the Crane while Hong took 3rd there. The Innovation tournament is scored with Hahn-rules, which yield better scores for large and consecutive wins, while games with reduced handicaps are possible. These rules enabled some two-digit-kyus to take top places, like Pavel Salom 13k, who placed 5th with 7 wins. Next were Radek Nechanicky 6D, Lukas Podpera 2D and his younger brother Milos Podpera 11k, all Czech players. There were 61 participants; the top board was broadcast by EuroGoTV. In the Crane – where EuroGo TV again broadcast the top board — 171 people took part, and only local youngster August Damm 25k also won all 5 rounds.
- reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent; photo: Oh (l) plays Bernd Schütze 4D in the final round of the Crane. Photo by Sabine Wohnig. Click here for a complete album of tourney photos.

FRENCH AUTUMN GO REPORT: The big go news in France was Fred Donzet 5D’s 8th-place finish in the recent Korean Prime Minister Cup (Europeans Perform Well At Korean PM Cup 11/17 EJ). Look for a mini profile on Donzet and his most successful student Thomas Debarre (see below) in a future EJ. The National Youth Congress took place during France’s Autumn School Holiday during the last week of October, with teachers Fan Hui 2P and Noguchi Motoki 7D instructing 45 young students. Fan, one of Europe’s top players, is well-known to EJ readers for his game commentaries, while Noguchi is not only a strong player and teacher, but ALSO a scholar on go and art, “During the Congress’ Youth Championships, Mélissa Héaulmé won Primary Title, the first girl to win a Youth Title in 20 years, while Thomas Debarre won the College Title and Michel Papin won ‘Lycée’ ahead of Julie Antigny, who took silver,” Noguchi reported on French Go Association’s website. Two weeks later, Fan and Noguchi confirmed their top-player status at the “2e Mondial des Yeux de l’ Esprit,” – the French version of ‘Minds Games’ — held November 13-19 in Aix-les-Bains. In Aix, Fan won, handing Noguchi his only loss in a strong field that included Dai Junfu 7D, Li Yue 6D from Barcelona, Zhang Yanqi 5D of China and Peter Brouwer of Amsterdam. Games were broadcast on KGS and EuroGoTV. Also undefeated in the 60-player field were Paul Bivon 2k, Maxime Pages 5k and Frédérik Wilthölter 10k. And finally, in the middle of the Mondial tournament, the finals of the French Team Championships were held in Rennes, with the team from Tours winning the title for the first time. The Team Championships title is called the ‘Maitre Lim Coupe’, or Master Lim Cup, named after the go teacher who’s trained strong Paris go players for over 30 years. As a scholar, Master Lim has contributed to Paris-based go mags like ‘Noir et Blanc’ (black and white) with erudite and creative essays on the history and culture of go. In one, Master Lim imagined go rankings as animal characters, in which a strong kyu might be nothing more than a weasel, but 5D’s were real tigers.
- reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent; photo: Nobuchi Motoki 7d (l) vs Peter Brouwer 4D

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Europeans Perform Well At Korean PM Cup

Monday November 17, 2008

As noted above (Chinese Taipei Secures Status As Go Superpower), Ondrej Silt of Czechia was the top European at the Korean Prime Minister Cup, placing 5th. Silt only lost to China and Hongkong and finished one SOS-point ahead of Thomas Hsiang from the US. Frédéric Donzet of Paris, France was the best 5D at 8th place and only lost to Japan and Hungary. Among the five-pointers there were many of the usual 6D suspects from Europe, like Dmytri Bogackyj (Ukraine), Csaba Mero (Hungary), Alexey Lazarev (Russia) on places 13-15 and Merlijn Kuin (17th, Holland). Also two 5D’s did well: Vesa Laatikainen (Finland, 18th) – he defeated a Canadian 7D in the last round – and Lucian Corlan (Rumania, 20th). Surprisingly strong was the performance of Lothar Spiegl (Austria) at 12th place he was the best 4D and lost only to China, Czechia and the Ukraine. Janez Janza (Slovenia) at place 19 was the best 3D. Also two shodans from Europe won five games: Ngoc Cuong Nguyen (Luxembourg, 22) and Dmitris Regginos (Cyprus, 24). Other notable European performances came from Martin Reindl 2D of Slovakia who placed 29th and started with a win against 5D from Rumania, and Francois Gonze 1D (Belgium) placed 31stwhile Pablo Morales (Spain) was 32nd. Also noteworth was EJ friend and fellow go editor Mehmet Barsbey 1D of Turkey, who defeated 3-dans from both Argentina and Brazil. results: Click here for results.
- reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent; photo of an unknown PM Cup player by Cuong

Berlin To Host Major Tourney

Monday November 17, 2008

The 29th annual Berliner Kranich tournament will be held November 28-30 in Berlin, Germany. The international go tournament one of the largest and oldest in Germany and features seminars, go vendors, food, calligraphy and more. Many top players are expected, including Oh ChiMin 7D and Hong Seul KI 7D of Korea, Ang Li 3P from China and many strong European players. Top games will be presented live online by EuroGoTV and Yoon YoungSan — the Korean professional now living in Hamburg to promote go in Europe — will comment the final game of the Berlin championship on Friday evening, just before the Kranich. Details (in German) are available on the Berlin Go association website.

German Tourney Updates

Monday November 17, 2008

Hong Seul-ki (left) 7D swept the recent Hamburg Tengen, played in the Hamburg suburb of Rahlstedt November 8-9. Hong was 5-0 in the A group at the 26th annual Tengen, ahead of Michael Budahn 3D (both of Berlin) and Floris Barthel 4D (from Utrecht in the Netherlands). Only local Lukas Scholz 5k was also undefeated. Micha Eggen 6k won B-group 7-0; about fifty players participated in each group. In the C group, 14 youngsters played, with young Fréderic Claasen 17k winning, while his even younger sister Alina 24k finished at 3-3. Fréderic Claasen first laid claim to fame at the 2008 European Go Congress in Sweden, where he did well in both the kids championships and as the partner of Yoon Young-sun 5P in Pair Go, where they reached the final knock-out stage. In last week’s report on the German Pair Championships in St. Augustin, we neglected to mention that almost one hundred people played in the open tourney there. In the top group no one was without a loss: Matthias Terwey (4-1), Tobias Berben (3-2) and Hai Lin (2-2 and a jigo) – all 4D – took top places, while Malte Weiss (5-0) and Christina Amhof (4-1) were 1k’s who are likely to win their way into the dan rankings. Up-and-coming youngsters to watch are Jonas Sorgalla 9k, Nils Brakmann 20k and Lena Knauer 25k all won their five games in the main tourney; Knauer is not only perhaps the youngest winner, but is also from Cologne, which will host the European Championships in 2012.
- reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent

Euro Tourney Updates; Amsterdam Youth Tourney

Monday November 3, 2008

Manja MarzEURO TOURNEY UPDATES: Hong Seul-ki 7D won the November 1-2 Groningen tournament in The Netherlands. Rudi Verhagen 5D took second place. The new venue featured several adjacent small bars in the old center of town and ’09 Euro Congress co-organiser Réné Goedhart 3D smilingly acknowledged that “It was my idea to test these pubs as a possible venue for unofficial evening lightning tourneys during next year’s European Championship. It worked very well. We can easily have a hundred people here for an exciting side event in town.” In other recent European tournaments, Rudi Verhagen 5D (NL) won the mid-October ‘Bamboo’ tourney in Bochum, Germany, besting Matthias Verwey 4D, while Mark Ostendorf 8K was the only other player to remain undefeated. A week later, Jin Zou 6D won in his hometown Leipzig 5-0 ahead of countryman Yi Zhang 4D, also of Leipzig. Only Andreas Melzer 15K won all his games as well. Both tourneys attracted some 50 participants. Another weekend later, in Berlin with 68 players, Bernd Schütze 5D took home the 3rd Japanese Ambassadors Cup with a clean slate, ahead of Manja Marz (left, in purple) 4D from Leipzig. The latter did not lose in Berlin, though she did not play all rounds. She also did well in the German Pair Go Championship: In St. Augustin ten pairs took part and three of them tied for the podium with 4-1. Opponent’s points decided the final outcome: 1st: Olga Silber 1K – Benjamin Teuber 6D (Hamburg); 2nd: Manuela Marz 4D – German Go Federation President Michael Marz 3D (Leipzig); 3rd: Judith Conradi 2D – Michael Budahn 3D. Click here for full reports (in German). - reported by Peter Dijkema, European E-Journal CorrespondenAmsterdam Youth 2

AMSTERDAM YOUTH TOURNEY: The Autumn Kids Championship of Amsterdam took place on October 31, with twelve kids under 12 participating, many of them pairs of brothers or sisters. In the first kids tourney, held last Spring, identical twins Nelson and Mozes van der Kar, now 10, had done well, as had Simone Admiraal, 11. After four games at the Autumn event, Nelson looked likely to Amsterdam Youth 1repeat his Spring success, with a come-from-behind victory against his twin brother in the 4th. However, he then lost to 7-year-old Yuki de Groot, who with his 5-year-old sister Aya were the only participants from outside Amsterdam, all the way from Rijswijk, some 40 miles way. “Yuki started to play only six months ago”, explained his proud father Ger. That left three players leading with 4-1. Of the leaders, only Simone and Yuki hadn’t met yet, but their play-off didn’t clarify the lead and in the end, TD Leo Dorst declared the three as equal winners. With only one winner’s cup available, Dorst awarded it to Yuki, as “the youngest of the winners; also he traveled the farthest, so he can take this cup home, while Simone and Nelson will receive their copies later.” All the kids got prizes for taking part and had a happy Halloween kick-off. - report/photos by Peter Dijkema

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