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Xihan Zhang 2d Tops Skip Ascheim Memorial Tourney

Thursday July 19, 2012

Xihan Zhang 2d topped a field of 28 at the July 15 Skip Ascheim Memorial Tournament in Somerville MA. In second was Jason McGibbon 4k and Makio Ogawa 5k took third place. Eva Casey directed.
photo (l-r): Makio Ogawa, Xihan Zhang & Jason McGibbon; photo courtesy Eva Casey 
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Big Tuesdays a Tradition at the Seattle Go Center

Thursday July 19, 2012

Over 50 players visited the Seattle Go Center on Tuesday, July 17. They ranged from complete beginners to 4 dan players.  Tuesdays are always well-attended at the Go Center.  “Even on slow weeks we will have 25 players.  Our priority is teaching beginners and intermediates, but everybody can find a game.” reports manager Brian Allen.  Members also shared fresh bread baked by Chris Kirschner, caught up with old friends, and made new ones.  Visiting AGA members are encouraged to come by on Tuesdays.  “It’s a tradition that makes Seattle special.”   Photo: 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night in April.  Report and composite photo by Brian Allen.  More info:

Your Move/Readers Write: Searching Members

Tuesday July 17, 2012

“The AGA website provided a search capability of members in your state under ‘Ratings’,” writes Sid Kobashigawa. “Is this capability available somewhere else now on the website? I want to be able to find if any new members in my state (Hawaii) join AGA.”
While we haven’t added that capability to the new ratings page, those interested in finding out, say who the members of the XYZ go club are, or who’s rated between 4k and 2k, can download the TDListA file, open it in Excel, and then search and filter from there.

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Last Chance for Mind Games; 5 Slots Left

Monday July 16, 2012

American go players interested in playing in the upcoming Mind Games in France have one last opportunity to represent the US. “We have four open slots for players in the Men’s Individual and one slot in the Women’s Individual competition at World Mind Sports Games,” reports Chris Kirschner. The Games run August 13-16 in Lille, France. Players are responsible for all costs, estimated at $2,500 – $3,000. The AGA requires that applicants be an AGA member for at least the last year, and WMSG requires US citizenship. Slots will go first to anyone with WMSG qualification points (in point order).  After that, it is first come, first on the list. Email; deadline is midnight PDT this Thursday, July 19. Those accepted must promptly provide their name as on passport, passport #, date of birth, name of accompanying adult (if under 18), tee shirt size, a short bio of your go life, digital head shot picture (similar to passport size).

Frank Luo 7D Wins Emory Tourney, Youth Players Shine

Monday July 16, 2012

Frank Luo 7D won the second Emory University Chinese Student & Scholar Union Go Tournament, held at Emory University on July 7. Nearly 30 players with rankings from 9 kyu to 7 dan participated in the tournament, which was organized by the Atlanta Go Club, Atlanta Chinese Go Association, and Korean Oriental Chess Club. In the high Dan division, Feijun (Frank) Luo 7D won the championship and Ge (Johnny) Wang 6D and Yongming (Michael) Zhuang 5D were the 2nd- and 3rd-place winners, respectively.  In the combined Dan and Kyu Division, Dalan Robertson and Zhou Li shared championship and Alexandros Salazar, Matt McCawley, and Alex Little tied in the second place.

“Youth players shone once again in this tournament,” reports organizer Jeffery Kerlagon. “Both 14-year-old Peiyu Tang 4D and 9-year-old Brandon Zhou 3D voluntarily played in the high-dan division and although they didn’t win a prize, their courage and go skills impressed all other players. Seven-year-old Calvin Tian has learned go for just one year and now has a rank of  near 1-dan, while Jonathan Zhang, a student in a beginning go class in the spring of 2012, played hard in his first go tournament and plan to attend more tournaments in the future.”

photo (l-r): 3rd place winner Yongming (Michael) Zhuang 5D, 1st place Feijun (Frank) Luo 7D, 2nd place Ge (Johnny) Wang 6D ; photo courtesy Jeffery Kerlagon

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“Youthful” U.S. WMSG Team Announced

Sunday July 15, 2012

The roster for the “youthful” U.S. World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) team has been released. “Nine of the team’s 17 players are under the age of 18” reports coordinator Chris Kirschner. The team also features strong go families, with a father son combination, Guongzhang and Vincent Zhuang, a sister/brother pair, Cherry and Jerry Shen, and Feng Yun’s daughters, Amy and Gabriella Su. And despite the multiple Zhangs, none of the three are related. The team will compete in six events in Lille, France from August 13-23. The WMSG actually starts August 9, but the go competition was scheduled to avoid conflict with the US Go Congress. “Considering the high costs of travel, room and board, which the players have to shoulder, the team is to be congratulated for its commitment to representing us at the mind games,” said AGA Presient Allan Abramson. “We are proud of all of you!” The team, with the events they’ll play in: Matthew Burrall (Team), Wan Chen (Pairgo), Philip London (Team), Andrew Lu (Youth), Kellin Pelrine (Youth), Jerry Shen (Team), Cherry Shen (Team), Amy Su (Pairgo), Gabriella Su (Youth), Justin Teng (Youth), Yinli Wang (Individual), Jasmine Yan (Individual), Hugh Zhang (Individual), Li Zhang (Team), Lionel Zhang (Pairgo), Tina Zhang (Individual ), Guozhong Zhuang (Team), Vincent Zhuang (Youth). 7/19 update: Jasmine Yan has had to withdraw

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Gordon Castanza, Citing Health, Resigns from AGA Board

Saturday July 14, 2012

Gordon Castanza, a Western Region representative on the American Go Association Board of Directors, announced his resignation from the Board on July 13, effective immediately. Castanza (l) said that his diabetes condition has worsened recently, necessitating his resignation “on the advice of my doctor and for medical reasons.” Regretfully accepting the resignation, AGA Board Chair Andy Okun thanked Castanza “for your years of work on the board, especially your focus on our financial issues, your careful attention to the interests of the West Coast chapters and the incredible work you did on systematizing our documents” and wished him “the best on your health.” Castanza does expect to be able to attend the upcoming U.S. Go Congress as both a player and a valued member of the EJ broadcasting team, as in previous years. Castanza’s resignation opens a vacancy on the Board, as Steven Burrall, Jeff Horn and Chris Kirschner are already running in the ongoing Board election for the Western Region seat held by Andy Okun, who was recently appointed President. The Board will appoint someone to complete Castanza’s term, which runs through 2013. photo: Castanza at the 2010 U.S. Go Congress; photo by Chris Garlock

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7 Win AGA-Tygem Online Pro Prelim; Finalists Set for Pro Qualification Tournament

Sunday July 8, 2012

The winners in the recent AGA-Tygem Online Pro Prelim were Soo-il Kim, Matthew Burrall, Eric Lui, Daniel Chou, Bill Lin, Will Gan and Juyong Koh. With the final qualifier over, invitations have now been sent out for the first AGA-TygemGo Pro Qualification Tournament, which will be held the week prior to the upcoming U.S. Go Congress. In addition to the Online Prelim winners, Cotsen winners Calvin Sun and Curtis Tang, Maryland Open winner Andy Liu and Seattle prelim winner Edward Kim have also been invited to compete in the Final. The Canadian Go Association selected Gansheng Shi and Jing Yang to receive invitations and the AGA picked Jie Li, ZhaoNian Chen and Danny Ko from its active high-ranked players. Curtis Tang, Calvin Sun, Gansheng Shi, Bill Lin and Jing Yang have already indicated they will play; stay tuned for updates.

“Surrounding Game” Documentary in Final Days to Reach Funding Goal

Thursday July 5, 2012

With less than two days to go, The Surrounding Game go documentary is within $4,000 of their fundraising goal. “We’re in the final stretch,” filmmaker Will Lockhart tells the E-Journal. The project, which is raising funding through Kickstarter, quickly achieved its initial goal (Go Documentary Expands Goals, Outreach 6/21 EJ) and with nearly 400 backers pledging over $21,000, is now tantalizingly close to the overall goal of $25,000, facing a deadline of 5:04 pm (EDT) this Saturday, July 7. “Thanks so much to everyone who’s stepped up to help out,” Lockhart adds, “With this final push we’re confident the go community will put us over the top!”

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AGA Board Candidates on “Why I’m Running”

Wednesday July 4, 2012

Ultimate authority at the American Go Association resides with an elected Board of Directors, who select the President. Four of the AGA’s seven directors are up for election this year for two year terms. Ten candidates are running, Gurujeet Khalsa (top row, far left) and Feng Yun (top row, second from left) in the Eastern region, Bob Barber (top row, middle) and Lisa Scott (top row, second from right) in the Central region, Steven Burrall (top row, far right), Jeff Horn (bottom row, far left) and Chris Kirschner (bottom row, second from left) in the Western region and Jie Li (bottom row, middle), Chuck Robbins (bottom row, second from right) and Zhiyuan Zhang (bottom row, far right) for the At Large seat (Note: Thomas Hsiang has withdrawn his candidacy for the At-Large seat).

The E-Journal asked all candidates to explain “Why I’m running for the AGA Board” in 140 characters (the length of a tweet); the results are below. Complete candidate statements are posted on the AGA website. We hope to do follow-up questions later in July.

All AGA chapters with two or more members can vote for the director in their region in this election. Chapters with 2-4 members get one vote; 5-9 members gain an additional vote; and larger chapters get an additional vote for each ten additional members. Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters in early July, the results will be tallied and announced at the US Go Congress in Black Mountain, NC, during the first week of August. All full AGA members may vote for the At-Large Director. All ballots must be received by August 3.

 “Why I’m running for the AGA Board”:

Eastern Region
Gurujeet Khalsa: AGA membership is shrinking. I want to see go as a premier US mind sports game. My top priority is growth by removing the barriers to entry.
Feng Yun: “I have a wealth of experience worldwide, and will serve to promote go in this country for everyone, not just an AGA privileged few.”

Bob Barber: Since I no longer make it to every Go Congress, serving on the Board will keep me in the loop while helping the AGA.
Lisa Scott

Steven Burrall
Jeff Horn
Chris Kirschner

Jie Li: My goal is to make the AGA an open, strong, and professional organization for go players.
Chuck Robbins
Zhiyuan Zhang: I want to ensure that the AGA Board benefits everyone, not just strong players, & bring my financial expertise to help ensure a viable AGA.





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