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4th South Central Go Tournament set for Feb 16-17

Sunday January 20, 2019

The fourth running of the South Central Go Tournament will be held Presidents’ Day weekend — February 16 and 17 — in Dallas2019.01.20-2017-south-central Texas. There will be Open and Handicap Sections. Prior events have drawn around 40 players and from several states. Prizes will be awarded in both the Open and Handicap Sections, and the Texas resident who finishes best in the Open Section will become the 2019 Texas State Champion.

Players can register for the tournament on-line; updated information  is available on Facebook, where there’s also a registration button. Send questions about the Texas State Championship to Bart Jacob at Send general questions about the tournament to
photo: at the 2017 tournament



Joseph Chaves wins MGA Winter Handicap

Wednesday January 16, 2019

Eight kyu Joseph Chaves went 4-0 to win the Massachusetts Go Association’s annual Winter Hand2019.01.06_Joseph_Chaves_and_Benjamin_Gunby_both_3_and_0_facing_off_in_game_4icap Tournament on January 6. A total of 18 players ranging from 6 dan to 13 kyu competed in the tournament at the Boylston Chess Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chaves earned $50 for his first-place finish; tied for second place the following 3-1 players won $10 apiece: YiLin Xu 6d, Benjamin Gunby 3k, Eric Reid 4k, Josh Greene 12k and Albert Brox 13k.
- report/photo by Eva Casey, Tournament Director and Tournament Coordinator of the Massachusetts Go Association. Click here  to see more photos. 
photo: Joseph Chaves and Benjamin Gundy, both 3-0, face off in Round 4


Registration Open for the 6th North American Kyu Championships

Saturday January 5, 2019

Crystal-trophy“You may have just made your resolutions for the new year, but young kyu players under the age of 18 from North America will not have to wait long to vie for glory in the 6th North American Kyu Championships (NAKC) on February 2nd,” says Youth Coordinator Justin Teng. “This one-day, four-round tournament will be hosted on KGS, where the top Junior (under 13) and Senior (under 18) players in each of 5 divisions can win a marvelous crystal trophy engraved with his or her name.” The champions of the top division will also be granted entry into this year’s Redmond Cup, a tournament traditionally open only to dan-level players. In addition, courtesy of the American Go Foundation, players who participate in all rounds of the tournament are eligible for a $200 scholarship to the 2019 US Go Congress in Madison, Wisconsin. Register for the NAKC by January 27th, and read more about the rules and format here. - Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor


Seattle hosts 6th annual Pair Go tourney

Thursday January 3, 2019

The Seattle Go Center hosted its 6th annual Pair Go Tournament on December 8, 2018. Thirty go players teamed up in pairs, and2018.12.08_T1-R1-LeeHajin-NickSibicky each table had four teams, with Round 1 winners facing each other in Round 2 to determine the table winner.

Between rounds, the players enjoyed punch and gourmet desserts — cakes from a local bakery, with berries and hand-whipped cream. Pair Go stalwart Bill Thompson organized and officiated, and Ann Thompson once again used her doll collection and the Go Center’s miniature floor goban to create an arresting poster to publicize the event.

Lee Hajin, professional 4 dan, and her partner Dan Maas defeated 2018.12.08_Fun-PairGopopular Go Center lecturer Nick Sibicky and his partner Sonny Cho, in Round 1 (right). Sibicky reviewed the game during a subsequent DDK lecture at the Go Center.  Lee and Maas lost to Seattle Go Center Board of Directors members Lee Anne Bowie and Bill Chiles in Round 2.

Final results:
Table 1 – Lee Anne Bowie, 4k and Bill Chiles, 3k
Table 2 – Xiangnan Chen, 3k and Brian Dai, 7k
Table 3 – Monique Nickerson, 15k and Rick Campbell, 14k
Table 4 – Ann Thompson, 18k and Bill Thompson, 13k

Photos by Catherine Ozols Photography


Steve Burrall 3d wins Davis/Sacramento Winter Quarterly

Friday December 28, 2018

The Davis/Sacramento Go Club held its Winter Quarterly on December 15th at the Arden-Dimick Library in Sacramento. There 2018.12.15_Steve Burrallwas a field of 12 players including one who flew in from Southern California. Division I was 2018.12.15_Barry Beckerwon by Steve Burrall 3d (left), with a 3-1 result. Barry Becker 6k (right), won Division II on tie breaks over David Barren 7k. Both had 4-0 records.
- Willard Haynes
Correction: Steve Burrall’s rank is 3d, not 6d as we had in the original headline.

Justin Teng 6D wins NGC Winter Warmer

Friday December 28, 2018

A field of 20 came in out of the cold to compete in the Winter Warmer tournament at the National Go Center on December 8. 2018.12.08_DC-Winter WarmerJustin Teng 6D was the overall winner with a 3-1 record. All 4-0 and 3-1 winners received the coveted US Go Congress mug with a colonial design from this year’s Congress in Williamsburg, VA. Other winners were: Shane Tellier 1D, Nathan Epstein 1D, Anderson Barreal 7K, John Christensen(4-0!) 10K, Jonathon Barlow 10K, Janus Chidester 14K.
- Gurujeet Khalsa


Annual Syracuse self-pair tourney has “best-ever” turn-out

Wednesday December 12, 2018

The Syracuse Go Club’s annual self-pair tournament on December 1 had 32 players, “its best turnout ever,” reports organizer 2018.12.12 Syracuse self-pair tournament
Richard Moseson. Twenty students participated, ranging in strength from beginner (eight students from the CNY Chinese School who played their first rated games), to quite strong (local high school senior Zhengbokang “Tony” Tang 8d and two 5d Cornell University students). Out of town players came from all directions (Ithaca, Utica, Rochester, and Oswego).

“Wonderful refreshments were furnished by many of the local players, allowing those who came for the whole day to play on without needing to run out for lunch, and at the end of the day everyone was able to select a new go book or other go-related-prize to take home,” says Moseson.


Historic Mexico-Korea baduk match set for Dec. 8

Friday December 7, 2018

Encuentro de Baduk México-Corea 2018,  a cross cultural baduk (go in Korean) tournament is set for December 8th in Mexico 2018.12.07_Mexico-Korea baduk matchCity.  The match will be held in honor of  South Korea’s ambassador to Mexico, the event will take place at the Korean Cultural Center and the opening ceremony will feature its Director, Mr. Kijin Song. The format is a fast-paced, round robin match consisting of 5 team members, on one side Mexican nationals and on the other Korean residents and/or Korean descendants born in Mexico. Philipp Neubert, a german student from Myongji University who is doing  field research for his Ph.D thesis about go in Latin America is invited as an international observer.

The Korean Cultural Center and a Korean newspaper “El Coreano,” both with established headquarters in Mexico City, are organizing the event. “For many years there have been active Korean players with a limited interaction in their own community,” reports organizer Sid Avila,  “perhaps only Kim Chang-Ha,  a gentle friend and strong player has showed up and participated at the successful Mexican Go Congresses organized so far.”

“Since the  Korean Cultural Center opened their baduk workshop two years ago, there has been a steady increase in public interest for go. There have been two Baduk Festivals, workshops at universities, exhibitions and even international events like the recent Pan-american Baduk Championship 2018 where Aaron Ye, from the US claimed the title.  The Korean community seems to be welcoming the exciting idea that there are strong Mexican players who can compete with them. They are also surprised that baduk is taught at elementary schools, and played at universities, and that there are quite well organized events by the Mexican Go Association,” adds Avila. -Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor.



Go in the News: Game Enthusiasts Gather Weekly in Brentwood to Play Ancient Board Game; Baduk Drives Success of Nongshim Noodles in China

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Game Enthusiasts Gather Weekly in Brentwood to Play Ancient Board Game: Every weekend, you’ll find a group of people playing an ancient board game called Go at Fulin’s in Brentwood. Shawn Ray, of the Middle TN Go Club, spoke with us about the game and how the Middle TN Go Club came to be. The Club plays at Fulin’s in Brentwood every Saturday from 12p-4p and Sunday 5p-9p. Read more here.

Baduk Drives Success of Nongshim Noodles in China: Instant noodle giant Nongshim has capitalized on the popularity of go to drive sales of $280 million in China this year. In cooperation with the Korea Baduk Association, Nongshim founded a world championship known as the Nongshim Cup when it entered the country in 1999. Nongshim chairman Shin Chun-ho is a go enthusiast and wanted to link local fever for the game to the brand. When the tournament is held in China (the 20th edition was held there last month), fans gather in front of the venue or at large outdoor televisions to watch the match, which further promotes the brand. Read more here and here.


Calvin Sun 1p wins inaugural California State Go Championship

Monday December 3, 2018

An undefeated Calvin Sun 1p topped a field of 45 players to win the first annual California State Go Championship on 2018.12.03_CA-state-IMG_5605November 24-25. The two-day, 5-round event was sponsored by the San Diego Go Club and held amid the beautiful surroundings of the San Diego Chess Club in Balboa Park. Players came from as far as the San Francisco Bay area to compete for the title.

Sun not only won the title of 2018 California Go Champion and collected a cash award and an individual trophy but will be the first to have his name engraved on a permanent state go champion plaque. Following him in the Open Section were Yi Wang (6-dan 2018 San Diego Champion) and Yufei Jin 6-dan.

“It was a special treat when American Go Association President Andy Okun, was present to help award the prizes to the winners,” reports organizer Ted Terpstra, president of the San Diego Go Club.

2018.12.03_CA-state-DSCN5583Other Section winners were:

Dan Section: 1st Dan Alvira 3-dan; 2nd Zhihong He 3.3-dan; 3rd Seowoo Wang 2.6-dan
Single-Digit Kyu Section: 1st Paul Margetts 2.4-kyu; 2nd Warren T Andrews 6.7-kyu; 3rd Kevin Charles Yang 7-kyu
Double-Digit Kyu Section: 1st Lucia Moscola 17.9-kyu; 2nd Wade Michael Smith 10.5-kyu; 3rd Alexander Niema Moshiri 11.5 Kyu

In conjunction with the California State Go Championship, a 5-round, 13×13 California Go Championship was held on Sunday, also at the SD 2018.12.03_CA-state-13x13-PlayersChess Club. Competing were 32 players many of whom were from the Hai Li Go School. All players earned a playing certificate with their rating as well as a medal with the logo of the San Diego Go Club on one side and the logo of the California Go Association on the other. Hai Li, a Chinese pro who has recently moved to Southern California, was the tournament director for the 13×13 tournament. He is also the president of the California Go Association which rated the 13×13 tournament.

2018 Girl’s State California Go Champion: Angelina Zhao (4-1)
2018 Boy’s California State Go Champion: Kai Yi; who was the only 5-0 player.

“With almost 80 go players competing, the 2018 California Go Championship was a huge success,” said Terpstra. To encourage participation, the San Diego Go Club paid all entry fees and cash prizes out of the profits from the 2017 U.S. Go Congress, which it hosted.

photos: (top right, l-r): Okun, Sun and Terpstra; (bottom right) 13×13 players; photos by Bochen Li and Henry You

Correction: Calvin Sun’s rank has been updated to 1p; the AGA’s top amateur rank is 7d.