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Go Spotting: Go Gangnam Style

Monday October 8, 2012

Go seems to make an appearance in the “Gangnam Style” video, which has racked up over 28 million hits on YouTube since its release last summer, inspiring parody clips from all corners of the globe. At .52 in the video there’s a 2-second glimpse of two game players behind South Korean singer and rapper PSY; several EJ readers have suggested that it’s go but it’s hard to tell for sure, even on close inspection. However, given go’s huge popularity in Korea, and PSY’s (born Park Jae-sang) attendance at  Boston University and Berklee College of Music in Boston – home to a longtime go club – the appearance of the game is probably not that far-fetched.


Great Turnout, Exciting Game at Yang Shuang 2P DC Exhibition

Sunday October 7, 2012

The Greater Washington Go Club hosted “great turnout and an exciting game” on October 5 when Chinese professional Yang Shuang 2P played a 3-stone exhibition game with Josh Lee. “Josh was leading for most of the game, but then faltered in the endgame when a ko and seki developed, and lost on time,” reports GWGC President Haskell Small. “As it turns out, he would have won by a few points even with the seki. Jie Li 7D also attended the event, joining Ms. Yang in the analysis. “In the analysis, Jie commented that Ms. Yang’s play was too slow, not harsh enough, but Ms. Yang stated she was consciously playing as if it was an even game, not trying too hard,” says Small. Click here for a couple of video clips.
- photos by Edward Zhang; collage by Chris Garlock

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GO Photo: Vintage Go

Friday October 5, 2012

The 2012 Vintage Go event lived up to its name, with participants enjoying plenty of wine along with their crackers and tesujis. The LLNL Go Club organized the festivities September 22 in Livermore, CA.
photo by Bruce Bailey

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Yang Shuang 2P Returns to DC for Free Exhibition Game Friday

Thursday October 4, 2012

Chinese professional Yang Shuang 2P is paying a surprise visit to the metro Washington area Friday, October 5. Ms. Yang – who played a simul in DC earlier this year (Yang Shuang 2P Visits DC-Area Go Clubs 4/24/2012) – will play an exhibition game with Josh Lee, one of the Greater Washington Go Club’s strongest members, followed by analysis of the game. There will be no charge for the event, which will start about 8:30p at the GWGC, Cedar Lane Unitarian Church [downstairs room 15], 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda MD. A dinner will be held at the Aji Nippon restaurant in Bethesda starting at 7p; RSVP with Haskell Small by noon on Friday:

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Free BadukTV Trial Sub Offer

Monday October 1, 2012

This month only, join or rejoin the American Go Association in October and get a free one-month trial subscription to BadukTV, a $50 value. BadukTV is the new online video service from GoGameGuru (GGG), featuring a live 24-video feed from BadukTV in Korea and a growing archive of English translations.  “Why are Asian players so good?” asks GGG founder David Ormerod. “Access to better quality information. In Asia, people can watch go 24 hours a day. We want to bring that experience to the English-speaking world. ” This valuable offer is available for a limited time: you must renew or join the AGA in October to receive your free one-month trial subscription. One trial per customer (sorry, not available to current BadukTV subscribers). AGA members also get the Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal, which includes game commentaries. Click here  to find out more about AGA membership or BadukTV. GGGBadukTV works fine on most mobile devices too; note that the BadukTV iTunes app, a completely separate product, only provides the live feed in Korean, not the English-language features, and is not associated with GGG BadukTV.

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Newmiller Tops Davis/Sacramento Go Club Fall Quarterly

Monday October 1, 2012

Eleven players — including Marek Gotkowski from Ireland — participated in the four-round Davis/Sacramento Go Club Fall Quarterly, held at the Arden Library in Sacramento, CA on September 29. Jeff Newmiller led the upper division with three wins; in the lower division there was a tie between Allen Louderback and Cameron Yu, both with three wins.
- Willard Haynes
photo (l-r): Cameron Yu, Jeff Newmiller, Allen Louderback

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Fox Chapel Elementary Tops First DC Metro Area School Go Tournament

Monday October 1, 2012

Fox Chapel Elementary School from Germantown, Maryland topped a field of three schools in the First DC Metropolitan Area School Go Tournament on September 29, winning 7 out of 8 games. The DC School Tournament, organized by American Go Honor Society (AGHS) President Justin Teng (back left) and Vice-President Julian Erville (back right), is a youth tournament that promotes strengthening the youth go community between local schools in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Gary Smith, organizer of the NOVA Go Club, hosted the tournament at George Mason University in Arlington, VA, and provided all of the equipment and pairings that made the tournament possible. Division winners of the tournament were Hank Chen 9k (1st) from Richard Montgomery High School and Ben Withbroe 4k (2nd) from Albert Einstein High School in the upper division, and Eric Zhang 24k (front right) 1st and Mulan Liu 22k (front left) 2nd, both from Fox Chapel Elementary School in the lower division. Player’s ages ranged from 8 to 17; Mulan Liu and Eric Zhang are in 3rd and 4th grade respectively, while Hank Chen and Ben Withbroe are in 11th and 12th grade respectively. “Plans are being made for the second DC Metropolitan Area School Go Tournament in spring 2013, so if you’re a student and in the area, get ready!” say organizers Justin Teng and Julian Erville. photo by Gary Smith

Sorenson Wins 3-Way Tiebreaker to Top First NM Chamisa Flower Go Tournament

Monday October 1, 2012

A gentle but temperate desert breeze ruffled the results slips as players from northern New Mexico vied for a place in the first Chamisa Flower Go Tournament. Held on Saturday September 22nd at the Aldea Community Center in Santa Fe the tournament brought in players from across northern New Mexico.  In the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos mountains where the chamisa (Ericameria nauseosa, left) blooms and the aspens are golden this time of year, the Santa Fe Go Club is working hard to build up the active go-playing community by holding such handicap tournaments and teaching beginners. After the second round, players repaired to the local Cafe Aldea for a hearty lunch. After four rounds, there was a three-way tie for the top places. Doug Sorensen 4d won on the first tiebreaker followed by Conrad Skinner 1k and Robert Cordingley 2k for second and third. “Interestingly, if head-to-head results had been relied on it could have been a problem, because while Sorensen beat Skinner who beat Cordingley, Cordingley beat Sorensen,” Cordingley reported. As well as award certificates and cash the top two winners enjoyed gift certificates generously underwritten by Slate and Shell.  Full details including the cross tab and final placings are available to all players and subscribers of GoClubsOnline  where the tournament was managed and rounds paired.

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Go Photo: The Flume Tesuji

Monday October 1, 2012

San Diego Go Club President Ted Terpstra sent along this photo “found by one our my club’s members, Fredd Broccard
from a theme park north of Boston.” If anyone has more info on the photo, please send it to us at

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Go Spotting: Jorge Luis Borges on “the astrological game of Go”

Monday October 1, 2012

Wayne Nelson has just sent us a translation of Jorge Luis Borges’ wonderful poem about go. We’ve run it before but it’s so lovely that, like all great poetry, it bears repetition. Other than this poem, we don’t know anything about Borges’ connection to go, e.g. where he learned, whether he attended a club, or if he mentions it in other writings; if anyone has information along these lines, please send it to us at

Today, the 9th of September 1978,
I had in the palm of my hand a small disk
of the 361 that are required
for the astrological game of Go,
that other chess of the Orient.
It is more ancient than the most ancient writing
and the board is a map of the universe.
Its black and white variations
exhaust time.
In it men can lose themselves
as in love and in the day.
Today, the 9th of September 1978,
I, who am ignorant of so many things,
know that I am ignorant of one more,
and I thank my Muses for
this revelation of a labyrinth
that never will be mine.
- by Jorge Luis Borges; translated by Wayne Nelson

El Go
Hoy, 9 de septiembre de 1978,
tuve en la palma de la mano un pequeño disco
de los trescientos sesenta y uno que se requieren
para el juego astrológico del go,
ese otro ajedrez del Oriente.
Es más antiguo que la más antigua escritura
y el tablero es un mapa del universo.
Sus variaciones negras y blancas
agotarán el tiempo.
En él pueden perderse los hombres
como en el amor y en el día.
Hoy, 9 de septiembre de 1978,
yo, que soy ignorante de tantas cosas,
sé que ignoro una más,
y agradezco a mis númenes.
esta revelación de un laberinto
que nunca será mío.
- photo by Martin Chrz