Who is the AGA?

Contact the AGA:

General Correspondence:
American Go Association
PO Box 4668 # 59898
New York, NY 10163-4668

Financial Correspondence (Donations, checks, etc.):
Roy Schmidt, AGA Treasurer
PO Box 231225
Tigard, OR 97281-1225

Email: aga@usgo.org

General Questions? Contact us!

NOTE: Any questions about membership should go to our Database Administrator
To update your chapter information, log into the Members Area or send the info to Database Administrator.

AGA Officers

President Andy Okun president@usgo.org
Executive Vice President Bob Gilman bobgilman.aga@gmail.com
Secretary Daniel Smith secretary@usgo.org
Treasurer Roy Schmidt treasurer@usgo.org
VP - Communications Chris Garlock communications@usgo.org
VP - International Thomas Hsiang igf@usgo.org
VP - Planning Chris Kirschner planning@usgo.org
VP - Ratings Jonathan Bresler ratings@usgo.org
VP - Operations Andrew Jackson operations@usgo.org

Services Coordinators

Chapter Services Coordinator Greg Smith chapterservices@usgo.org
Community Outreach Coordinator John Goon outreach@usgo.org
Congress Coordinator congress@usgo.org
Membership Services Coordinator membership@usgo.org
Pair Go Coordinator Susanna Pfeffer pairgo@usgo.org
Summer Go Camps Coordinator operations@usgo.org
Tournament Coordinator Cherry Shen tournaments@usgo.org
Youth Coordinator Paul Barchilon youth@usgo.org

Operations Coordinators

Archivist David Doshay archives@usgo.org
Membership Manager Charles Alden database@usgo.org
Elections Officer Arnold Eudell elections@usgo.org
Policy & Governance Chair Keith Arnold governance@usgo.org
Rank Certification Coordinator rank@usgo.org
Rules Coordinator Terry Benson rules@usgo.org
Volunteer & Recruitment Coordinator Lisa Scott volunteer@usgo.org

Board of Directors

Gurujeet Khalsa Eastern (even year) gurujeet@live.com
Paul Celmer Eastern pcelmer@earthlink.net
Bob Gilman Central (even year) bobgilman.aga@gmail.com
Martin Lebl Central martinlebl@gmail.com
Ted Terpstra Western (even year) ted.terpstra@gmail.com
Chris Kirschner Western chrisk.aga@comcast.net
Edward Zhang At large (even year) agatd1@gmail.com


E-Journal Editor Chris Garlock journal@usgo.org
Webmaster webmaster@usgo.org

AGA Marketing and Development Committee

Peter Freedman, Chairdevelopment@usgo.org
Thomas Hsiang
Paul Celmer
Andrew Okun
Lisa Scott
Jay (Jingwei) Zheng
Zhiyuan (Edward) Zhang

Additional Contributors

Site Theme Joshua Simmons joshua.simmons@emptypath.com
Problem of the Week Editor Myron Souris potw@usgo.org