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Redmond’s Reviews, Episode 31: Go Seigen vs. Hashimoto Utaro

Monday November 29, 2021

“Looking at the josekis in the upper left and lower left, you’d wonder if this is a modern AI – or at least a modern professional player – because these are very much like the professional joseki we play now,” says Michael Redmond 9P in his latest commentary, hosted by EJ editor Chris Garlock. “But they were actually innovations by Go Seigen, and they weren’t popular at the time. People said they were empty triangle shapes and they couldn’t be good for White (but) they were wrong.”
“This was the fourth game of their second jubango (10-game match),” says Redmond. “Hashimoto was Honinbo, and the Kansai Kiin was on the verge of splitting from the Nihon Kiin with Hashimoto as one of its founding members. From their previous Jubango, the handicap was Sen-Ai-Sen, no komi, which happened to match the 8P-9P rank difference. This game was a turning point that made it a very dangerous series for Hashimoto.”
Redmond also announced the release of a special calendar to celebrate passing the 10,000 subscriber mark on his YouTube channel. The 2022 calendar is hand-signed by Redmond and features go-themed paintings by Redmond’s daughter Emi.


Join the 10th Season of the Pandanet AGA City League

Monday November 29, 2021

Pandanet AGA City League Finals @ 2014 US Go Congress in New York City

Join more than 65 player across 18 teams for this year’s League. The top players across the US and Canada will compete for $14,000 in prizes and glory throughout 2022. Represent your city and show your might as you battle each team’s squad. Read through the rules on the Pandanet site to sign up! Contact the TD for any questions. Note: Webcams will be required to participate in the games.


MGF league’s 9th season launches Dec. 7th

Sunday November 28, 2021

The 9th season of the Massachusetts Go Foundation league is set to begin December 7th. As the league is completely online, it’s open to anyone who may be interested from 30kyu – 1kyu. The insei-inspired competition runs for five weeks, with games assigned Tuesday evenings, but participants are free to reschedule with their opponent. The next evening, games are reviewed by Dan-level instructors, including Mike Fodera 5d, Shawn Ray (Clossius) 4d, Dwyrin 4d, and Milan Mladenovic, and posted on YouTube. The 8th season had close to 50 participants, “so you’re sure to get in some good games.,” say organizers.

The MGF is also offering an 8-week beginner class, working mostly on the 9×9 board, and a 1-hour introductory workshop.

The main goals of the MGF are to integrate go into the school system, and to create an engaging and interesting environment for existing players. Learn more on their websiteFacebookMeetupYouTube, or Patreon.

  • Milan Mladenovic, MGF Education Director; editing by Derek McGuire

Go Spotting: The Economist

Friday November 26, 2021

In its November 13 issue, The Economist described last year’s flare-up in the decades-long Sino-Indian border dispute as though China and India were engaged in a match of go. These two powers have largely avoided direct conflict, for they “were focused on building their own core structures,” as go players in the early stages of a match might do as they peacefully lay claim to the corners and sides of the board. At times, India has sought to define its border with its neighbor. But China—as any go player would—resisted, knowing that the unsettled border is one that can be exploited for further advantage. Now, with these two powers entering the later stages of the game where “the board fills up and one player emerges dominant, there should be no surprise for [China] to push the advantage.”

You can read the piece here. The article is behind a paywall which may require either registering an account that will grant limited access for free, or becoming a paid subscriber.
– Paul Adamski, with thanks to Bart Lipofsky and Pete Schumer for flagging this.

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FAQ: How to submit stories to the AGA E-Journal

Friday November 26, 2021

The American go community is always eager for reports of local tournaments, mentions of go for our Go Spotting column, new tools or study resources, and any go-related news. Please submit all your stories to our E-Journal Article Submission form, which allows us to better manage your article submissions, improve our workflow and publishing turn-around time. You can still get in touch with us by email for any inquiries related to the E-Journal or your subscription at journal@usgo.org!
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