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Tuesday May 21, 2019

May 25-26: Baltimore, MD
46th Maryland Open
Keith Arnold hlime81@verizon.net 410-788-3520

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IMSA World Masters Championship report

Sunday May 19, 2019

The 2019 IMSA World Masters Championship was held in Hengshui, China, from May 13 to 18. The Championship included five sports, Go, Chess, Bridge, Draughts, and Xiangqi, which in total offered 99 medals in 17 disciplines, with 170 players from 47 countries participating.
In Go, Men’s team (round-robin), Women’s team (round-robin), and Pair Go (bracket-tournament) competitions took place. Players were invited from six regions – China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Europe, and North America. North America was represented by Ryan Li 1P, William Shi 1P, and Eric Lui 1P in Men’s, Shirley Lin 1P and Gabriella Su 6D in Women’s, and Eric Lui 1P and Shirley Lin 1P in Pair Go. 
The competition results are as follows:
Men’s Team
1st: China; 2nd: Korea; 3rd: Japan; 4th: Chinese Taipei; 5th: Europe; 6th: North America
Women’s Team: 1st: Korea; 2nd: China; 3rd: Japan; 4th: Chinese Taipei; 5th: North America; 6th: Europe
Pair Go (6 pairs from each region plus 2 wildcard pairs selected by drawing): 1st: Korea (Choi Jeong & Shin Jinseo); 2nd: Chinese Taipei – wildcard (Pai Hsin Hui & Lin Li Hsiang); 3rd: Chinese Taipei (Jiajia Missingham Joanne & Wang Yuan Jyun); 4th: Europe (Natalia Kovaleva & Ilya Shikshin); 5th: China (Yu Zhiying & Mi Yuting)6th: Europe – wildcard (Ariane Ougier & Pavol Lisy); 7th: Japan (Eiko Nyu & Daisuke Murakawa); 8th: North America (Shirley Lin & Eric Lui).
– Hajin Lee


Web server upgrade update

Wednesday May 15, 2019

This week the AGA IT team upgraded the web server for the organization. The migration went smoothly and has resolved many issues. We focused on tightening up some security and fixing some long broken issues. Members will now see that the Membership Manager will automatically accept your payments again. This is great news for players and tournament directors everywhere. If there are any issues please report them to webmaster@usgo.org so we can take care of them. 
– Steve Colburn


Seeking players for Samsung Fire & Marines Insurance World Masters Baduk Masters

Wednesday May 15, 2019

The 2019 Samsung Fire & Marines Insurance World Masters Baduk Masters tournament is inviting three players from North America to participate in their event, which will take place July 2nd through July 5th at the Korea Baduk Association. AGA-certified professionals and 6D+ amateur players are invited to apply. Sponsors will provide $1000 towards travel expenses. Please e-mail tournaments@usgo.org to apply (or ask for additional information) no later than Wednesday, May 22nd. In the event that we need to hold a qualifying event, please note that it will take place the weekend of May 25-26 and evenings of the week following, if necessary.
– Jeff Shaevel


Pandanet AGA City League Round 7 – This Sunday!

Tuesday May 14, 2019

2017.10.03_PANDANETThe final regular round of the Pandanet AGA City League takes place this Sunday. Starting at 3PM most teams will be seeing who will be winning their leagues. Watch for the two teams in the A league vie for the championship at the US Go Congress in Madison, Wisconsin. Root for your local teams this weekend!

A League – B League – C League


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