AGA Volunteer Positions

The AGA is always looking for new volunteers. There are many open positions within the organization for help. We've listed the following to help you find a way to help. If you are interested in these pleas email for more information. You can always check out GitHub account to add issues or update current code for our public projects.

Assistant Game Editor
Works with the Problem of the Week Editor, E-Journal Editor, and many professionals to help post problems each week. Problems are from various sources around the world. You will help to edit and post new problems and games with their help.

Drupal Developer Looking for someone to help with our drupal upgrade. Looking to take our install to v9 and make it more efficient. Help drive the look of the AGA's web presence. Knowledge of Drupal 7/8 needed, Helpful to have include PHP, Wordpress, Drupal 8 front end development.

AGAGD Developer
Looking for a developer to assist with AGAGD programming and upgrades. Software is written in Django and CSS. Needs to also know some PHP and MYSQL for integration. Knowledge of docker/containers helpful.

Community Outreach Coordinator
Work with players around the country to reach out to new players. Helps clubs and chapters to advertise and grow local operations.

Membership Services Coordinator
Works with various parts of the AGA and members to enhance various services.

Merchandizing Coordinator
Works with the AGA and Congress Coordinator to develop and sell AGA merchandise.

General Volunteer
The AGA is always looking for people. Let us know what youre interested in and we will find something to help with! Not all positions have openings but we will do our best to connect you with someone that fits.