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Registration Fees

Adult Member $500

Youth Member $300

Non-Participant $120

(These are Early Bird rates.  $50 will be added after May 7th.)

Housing (8 nights)

Per-person rates Weekly Rate Per Night Rate

Single room (private bath) $672 ($96/night) (SOLD OUT)
Single room (shared bath, quad suite) $632 ($90/night)

Single room (communal bath) $592 ($85/night)

Double room (private bath) $444 ($64/night) (SOLD OUT)

Double room (communal bath, bunk beds) $396  ($56/night)

Family rates

Double room (private bath) $888 ($126/night) (SOLD OUT)

Double room (communal bath) $792 ($112/night)

Quad room (shared bath) $2,064 ($294/night)

Linen pack

Optional linen pack per bed $45 (whole week)

(Includes 2 Twin XL sheets, light blanket, pillow, 2 towels, and 2 washcloths)

Housing Notes

1. For per-person rates, each registrant selects a housing option.

a. “Double” means 2 persons sleeping in a room, both must sign up for the same double option.

b. “Quad suite” means 4 individual bedrooms w/ shared living space and bathroom.
c. “Communal bath” means a group of lockable bathroom/shower pods.

2. For family rates, only one registrant in a family selects the housing option.

a. Families with 3 or more members may stay in a Double room if beds can be shared.

b. Families with 5 or more members may stay in a Quad room if beds can be shared.

3. All rates are for 8 nights, starting July 7/8 through July 7/15, leaving Sunday morning 7/16.

 4. There is an option during registration for longer stays. For shorter stays, please contact
      the Registrar.


Daily rate (3 meals per day) $30

Individual rate (per meal) $12.75

(Meal plans only apply to the cafeteria in the Student Center.  Other meal options nearby include a food court in the Student Center and several cafeterias in the residential halls.)



Adult with alcohol  (1 drink) $55

Adult or Youth older than 12 $45

Child, 12 and under $25

Parking Permit

One parking space for week $10



To help offset the cost for young people attending the Congress, the
American Go Foundation (AGF) provides scholarship funding.

Youth Scholarships
Youth who played in any of the main online events (Redmond Cup, North American Kyu Championship, AGA Girls Cup) can apply for a $200 Tournament Scholarship.


Youth may also apply for a separate $300 by writing an essay, for a total of $500 per person.  There are 20 scholarships allotted for the US, with 5 more for Canada and Mexico.  All scholarships are first-come first-serve.


Apply for either or both scholarships by filling out an application for youth scholarships.


College-Age Scholarships

Participants must be 26 or younger and actively enrolled in college.  Graduate and undergraduate students are both eligible for a $200 scholarship. All scholarships are first-come first-serve, with 20 allotted for the US and 5 allotted to be split between Canada and Mexico.

Apply for College-Age Scholarship  Note: choose the College option from the top menu to pull up the correct form.



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