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Membership Types

New members can get 50% off the first year by contacting their local chapter to get their chapter discount code!

Adult Full annual membership (age 23+): $30

Adult Full lifetime membership: (age 23+): $1000

Youth annual membership: $10

Tournament Pass (30 day membership): $10

Complimentary (non-residents who are members of a foreign national Go organization): $0

Chapter annual membership: $35

Common Issues and Questions

Please do not create a new account just because you can not get into your account. You rated game history is tied to your existing account. Maintaining that account is important to you and the AGA.

You can do password reset on your account if you know and have access to the linked email account. If you do not know your linked email address, then please email If you need to change your linked email account, then email

When you email please supply the exact spelling of your name in database and AGA number if known. If new, say that!

If you get time out when trying to pay after creating a new membership, email Your information may have been saved and we can give you temporary access so you can pay.

If you do not want to use credit card on website or use PayPal, then email

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