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Kevin Yang wins 2022 China – North America Youth Tournament

Published on 12/29/2022

Kevin Yang 1P won the 2022 China – North America Youth New Pro Tournament by defeating Alexander Qi 1P in the final round. The 2022 China – North America Youth New Pro Tournament was hosted and organized by the Chinese Weiqi Association as part of the 2022 Youth Weiqi Forum.

A total of four professional players under the age of 16 were invited to the tournament – Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi from North America, and Haozhe Yang 1P and Youjia Deng 1P from China. The players competed in a single-elimination tournament over five days between December 11 and 15, 2022. The matches were played online on Yike Go Server, with an online proctoring system.

Final results:
Winner: Kevin Yang 1P
Runner-up: Alexander Qi 1P
3rd place: Haozhe Yang 1P
4th place: Youjia Deng 1P

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