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Big turnout for 7th Zheng Cup Go Tournament

Chris Garlock | Published on 4/23/2023

Eighty players turned out for the 7th Zheng Cup Go Tournament, held April 15 - 16

In Irvine, California. “It's great to see players of all ages and skill levels competing and having fun,” said TD Kevin Chao.

It's impressive to see professional players like Han Han and Meng Yongmei participating in the Open Group,” Chao added, “and it's heartwarming to hear about Kevin Hong's return, a formal Korean insei, to the competition scene after taking a hiatus to raise his children.” Igasho Yin's performance in Group B “is amazing considering he's only 6 years old and already a 6-dan player on Fox Go server,” said Chao. “It's also great to see players like Enrique Garcia, who is the president of the San Diego club, participating and promoting the game.”

Chao congratulated Abigail Chen, Donovan Chen, Richard Xiang, and Charlotte Zhou “for their outstanding performance in their respective groups,” saying “It's wonderful to see young players like Donovan and Richard improving rapidly and having fun playing go.”
Yixian Zhou was the tournament organizer.

Below is a complete list of the section winners

Open Section

Champion:   Han Han Pro 5 dan  (6-0)
2'nd place:   Kevin Hong  7 dan  (5-1)

3'rd place:   Yongmei Meng  Pro 1 dan  (5-1)

4th place:      Xiaodi Huang  7 dan  (4-2)

5th place:     Kevin Huang   6 dan (4-2)

6th place:     Tyler Oyakawa  6 dan  (4-2)


Group A  (2D - 5D)

1'st place:  Dong Huang   5 dan  (5-1)

2'nd place: Xinran Gao  3 dan  (5-1)

3'rd place:  Eric Yang    3 dan  (4-2)


Group B (3K - 1D)

1'st place:  Igasho Yin  1 dan  (4-2)

2'nd place:  Henry Yuan  1 kyu  (4-2)

3'rd place:   Enrique Garcia  1 kyu  (4-2)


Group C (16K - 4K)

1'st place:  Abigail Chen 4 kyu  (6-0)

2'nd place: Donovan Chen 8 kyu (4-2)

3'rd place: Alex Loo  9 kyu (4-2)


Group D  (30k - 20K)

1'st place:  Richard Xiang  26 kyu (6-0)

2'nd place:  Henry Jin    20 kyu  (4-2)

3'rd place:  Charlotte Zhou   30 kyu  (4-2)

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