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Go Spotting: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Chris Garlock | Published on 5/17/2023

The novel Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin (Knopf, 2023) is about Sam and Sadie, two friends who are creative partners in video game design. Toward the end of the book, Sam designs a game within which the characters play go. It begins on page 348, when a character within the game says: “For some time, I’ve wanted to obtain a copy of the game Go.” On page 350, the character explains the game: “The rules are simple. Surround the other player’s stones with your own stones. Within this simplicity is a near infinite complexity, and that is why it’s a favorite with mathematicians and programmers.” The two characters in the game then play go, off and on, for several pages of the novel.
- Melanie Frances Manion

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