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AGA Prez Launches Member-To-Member Drive

Monday November 17, 2008

Believing that growth in membership and funding “are the keys to the future of the American Go Association,” new AGA President Allan Abramson in launching a member-to-member membership drive. “If each current AGA member pledged to bring in one new member each in the next year, we would quickly double our existing membership,” says Abramson. “Former Board member Gordon Costanza heard my call for this pledge at the Congress, and within one week had signed up five new members!” Others who have taken the pledge include Trevor Morris (Amherst, MA), Terry Schurter (Ewing, NJ), Mike Wallstedt (Taylorsville, UT), Mertin Lebl (Tucson, AZ), Chris Burg (Tucson, AZ), Tyson Williams (Ames, IA) and Larry Russ (Hoboken, NJ). Abramson notes that “More members equals a bigger budget and a bigger budget equals more go for us all,” and also urges “players who read the E-Journal but who are not yet AGA members to consider joining this year; increased membership will support our ability to expand EJ coverage.” Click here to take the Member-to-Member Pledge.

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