American Go E-Journal

Andy Liu Sweeps NYC Tourney

Monday November 17, 2008

Andy Liu (in green) 7d (AGA 9.03) won all four of his games in the Masters Open at the New York Go Center in New York City on November 9. “Although only twelve people played in the tournament, it was pretty intense having so many talented players in one room,” TD Boris Bernadsky tells the E-Journal. Four of the tournament entrants were past winners of the US Open, and all of the prize-winners were 7d or above. and David Saunders donated over $1,400 in prizes. TD Bernadsky adds that “It was a very enjoyable tournament to run. It was great to see old friends meeting.” Winners Report: 1st: Andy Liu 7d/AGA 9.03 (4-0), 2nd: Jong Moon Lee 7d/AGA 8.29 (3-1), 3rd: Tae Hwan Oh 7d (3-1), 4th: Xiliang Liu 7d (3-1). – Photo by Roy Laird