American Go E-Journal

GoClubsOnline Offers Help For Local Organizers

Monday December 15, 2008

Harried volunteer go club organizers worldwide will be delighted to hear that online software is now available to help run a club and local tournaments. “GoClubsOnline makes it easy for players to register for your tournaments online,” says Robert Cordingley, “as well as to export player lists to popular pairings programs, track club memberships, monitor club libraries, keep results of club games, submit rated club games to the AGA and take care of book-keeping.” The site is free for subscribers and club members and club organizers can open a Club Account for as little as $95 per year. Other features include email facilities to communicate with tournament attendees and club members, profit and loss reports for each tournament or the club as a whole, membership analysis and tournament registration trends. The system is an upgrade from HGC-Online, developed for Cordingley’s Houston Go Club, which has been in use since February “and has saved us tons of time,” he says. GoClubsOnline also includes a growing list of productivity tools including printing winners certificates and club membership cards. “The most important benefit though is that it saves club organizers and volunteers tons of time so that they can play more go!” For more information visit the GoClubsOnline website or email