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Jie Li Wins N.A. Fujitsu; Dennis Liang Tops in Chicago; Six Sweep in Norcal; Crowley Wins Iwamoto Youth 13X13

Monday December 1, 2008

JIE LI WINS N.A. FUJITSU: Jie Li 7D (AGA 9.53) won this year’s North American Fujitsu Cup against Canadian Gan Sheng Shi 7D in front of a crowd of over 400 watching live on KGS on Saturday. The game record is attached.

DENNIS LIANG TOPS IN CHICAGO: Dennis Jong-Rong Liang 6D topped the November 22 “He’s Dead But He Won’t Lie Down” tournament in Chicago, IL, named in honor of Hoagy Carmichael’s birthday. Tied for first place in the High Kyu Division were Laura Kolb 2k and HaoXuan (Henry) Li 4k, while Jesse Chen 17k took first in the Low Kyu. 29 players participated and Bob Barber was the TD. Photo (left): Kevin Zhou and Chang, Chien-Wei; photo by Bob Barber

SIX SWEEP IN NORCAL: Thirty-six go players ranging from seven to nearly 70 years old gathered in Palo Alto, CA the weekend before Thanksgiving to play in the monthly AGA ratings tournament organized by the Bay Area Go Players Association. “We had three fathers and their sons play in this tournament,” tournament organizer Roger Schrag tells the E-Journal. Wenyi Feng (right, in photo) 5d and Gilbert Feng (center) 16k were one such father and son. “Six players won all of their games,” reports TD Steve Burrall, “Four players in the dan division and two players in the kyu division.” The next monthly AGA ratings tournament is scheduled for December 20 in Menlo Park. Winners Report: Dan division: Hugh Zhang 6d (3-0), Wenyi Feng 5d (3-0), Jim Hlavka 2d (3-0), David Su 1d (3-0). Kyu division: Vincent Huang 11k (4-0), Tai-An Cha 5k (4-0). Photo by Lisa Schrag

CROWLEY WINS IWAMOTO YOUTH 13X13: Devin Crowley topped a field of 28 players from preschool to high school who came to the Seattle Go Center to play in the Iwamoto Youth 13×13 Tournament on Sunday, November 23. The handicapped four-round fun tournament had a “prizes for everybody, winners choose first” policy. Crowley was the overall winner, with a 4-0 record. Also undefeated were Jace Sherrill in the high school section, and Jim Do and Anthony Quinto-Tila in the middle school division. Winner of the elementary section was Elan Ma, with a 3-1 record. Two other elementary players had 3-1 records as well: Alexander Pfenning, and Rovel Obata. “These kids really want to play go,” tournament Director Brian Allen noted, “Right after we set up the first pairings, the room became perfectly quiet.” Photo by Brian Allen

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