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11/24/2009 World Go News: Cho U Evens Up Tengen Title Match; Cho U To Challenge For Kisei; Cho Hanseung Closing In On GS Caltex Cup; Korea Wins Pair Go Championships; U.S. Places 14th

Tuesday November 24, 2009

CHO U EVENS UP TENGEN TITLE MATCH: Cho U 9P (right) won the second game against challenger Yamashita Keigo 9P in the best-of-five-games defense of his Tengen title on November 19th to make the score 1-1. Cho, who holds “only” four titles now, after losing the Meijin to Iyama Yuta 9P, won this title last year for the first time, taking it from Kono Rin 9P who held it for three years. Kono took it from Yamashita in 2005, and Yamashita was unable to regain it despite being the challenger the next two years. Yamashita had held the title for only one year. The third game in the title match is scheduled for December 3rd. Cho is also currently engaged in defending his Oza title against challenger Yamada Kimio 9P. Cho won the first game of that match and the second of the best-of-five-games event will be on November 24th.
– Bill Cobb, from reports in Go News, GoGameWorld, & Sensei’s Library

CHO U TO CHALLENGE FOR KISEI: Cho U 9P defeated O Rissei 9P in the playoff game November 16th between the winners of the two leagues to decide who would get to challenge Yamashita Keigo 9P for the Kisei title. At the age of fifty, O is a member of the older generation now, but has had a remarkable career, doing well in international events and winning his most recent title in 2004, which involved defeating Cho U to retain the Judan title for the fourth consecutive year. The Kisei is the number one title in Japan with a winner’s prize of about $400,000 US. Yamashita has held this title five times, including the last four years. Yamashita first won it in 2003, when he defeated O who had held it for three years, having taken it from Cho Chikun 9P in 2000. This is Cho U’s first challenge for the Kisei. Cho U and Yamashita are currently engaged in the title match for Cho’s Tengen title; Yamashita has won the first game of that contest. The best-of-seven-games finals will begin next January 14th.
– Bill Cobb, from reports in Go News, GoGameWorld, & Haengma

CHO HANSEUNG CLOSING IN ON GS CALTEX CUP: Cho Hanseung 9P (right) won the second game of the GS Caltex Cup title match on November 17th against title holder Park Yeonghun 9P to make the score 2-0 in the best-of-five-games match. Cho, who is not as accomplished as Park, won his most recent title, the Chunwon, in 2006. Park won the international Fujitsu in both 2004 and 2007. The next game in the title match will occur on December 2nd. The GS Caltex Cup has the highest winner’s prize among Korean tournaments.
– Bill Cobb, from reports in Go News & GoGameWorld

KOREA WINS PAIR GO CHAMPIONSHIPS; U.S. PLACES 14TH: Korea won the 20th International Amateur Pair Go Championships, held November 14-15 in Tokyo. Thirty two pairs from 22 countries and territories competed. Japanese pairs took 2nd, 3rd and 5th, with a Chinese pair winning 4th place. From the West, only the Russian team managed to crack the top ten – and that just barely – with Elvina Karlsberg 4d and Evgeny Matveev 5d from Russia in 10th. The U.S. team of Yinlin Wang and Yuan Zhou placed 14th, with Canada in 15th. Other top-20 teams from Europe included Germany at 17th place, with the Czech Republic at 18th and the United Kingdom at 19th. Click here for full results.
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